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  1. If I remember correctly, and that's a BIG IF, when Computer Magic asked me about fixing the bug, I said "pay me". They wouldn't. Even for the few hours it would take to fix it. I've thought long and hard about this whole thing, and I can clearly recall FINISHING the 7800 version of the game. Either I was very lucky and none of the puzzle pieces wound up hidden in unsearchable terminals, or ... something happened that I reengineered the code to save RAM and introduced the bug. I need to go back and look at the C64 version and see how it does puzzle pieces. As for the Blundering Tramiels, well, I don't think it was so much the Tramiels. It was the people who worked at Atari not really giving a crap how they got something finished, just that it was. Which is probably the Tramiels' fault, ultimately, because everyone seemed to be running around like scared rabbits. It could be that the NTSC 7800's architecture is screwing with how the program code is executed.
  2. I have only seen B/W units. I didn't think there were any colour systems out in the wild. They are ALL color you just have to have a color tv hooked to the ch3!!!!.... PLUS that cement white chip looks to be valuable check the store on ebay and ask him about the serial # he would know weather its worth $200 or more and since my pong units have plastic black chips there not worth mutch I think all pong unints have the color burst crystal in them you must have hooked to color tv also you must adjust tv to recive color sometimes on newer tv's the adjustment is automatic aft TRY adjusting the tv or the brass screw in the pOng unit to get the color to work it should be rainbow like his picture!!>. GOOD luck.. my unit is orange cause its using an orange monitor!. The black stuff could be a black ceramic or epoxy capsule. White chips tend to be older revisions of devices. Look at 1st-gen KIM-1s, they had a white CERDIP with gold-plated pins. I just so happen to have another CERDIP in my possession; A 6567R56A VIC-II from December of 1982 with gold plated pins.
  3. Official Atari home pong was always color. The ubiquitous pong consoles from other vendors were mostly B&W. The Pong that I have is from Tele-Games.
  4. I have only seen B/W units. I didn't think there were any colour systems out in the wild.
  5. I need help determining if this Pong unit in my possession is rare or not. Here are a couple of pictures of the PCB
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