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  1. It's been a week - I'll check PMs towards the end of the day and see where we landed!
  2. Yeah, basically, 9938 applications that run 80 column mode in the first 16k of RAM and do not use any of the expanded RAM have a good chance of working on the F18A. We've hacked a couple of applications on the TI and a few have been written to work with both by just following that rule.
  3. It's also worth noting that Theirry Nouspikel did some tests and successfully operated the TI with no wait states to any RAM or ROM (although this did require static RAM) - only GROM required the wait states. http://www.unige.ch/medecine/nouspikel/ti99/wait.htm I did actually try part of this but I messed something up, I haven't had a chance to see what I did wrong yet.
  4. I played through 30+ levels in Classic99 (with lots of cheats on lives and bombs), with debugger breakpoints set to capture access to the 32k memory space. It never touches it, so that's why I don't think it's the 32k that causes the crashes. But as Save2600 notes, there are a number of people who say 32k is the only thing they have attached. I can't reproduce, so I don't know what to say. It may be something hardware-specific. Nobody seems to mind so I stopped spending time on it. I don't think I ever implied the F18A...
  5. 131,072K, actually. You can't do a DSR file system from the cartridge port unless you're okay with it only working with programs that search GROM (ie: that support cassette). The address pins are not routed to be able to detect accesses to the DSR space. You could do such a design that mounts internally or on the side port though. Or I had looked at attaching something to the back of the GROM port and just running one extra wire to detect DSR accesses, that's feasible (QI machines would also need to hook up the missing CRU bits).
  6. I've done some testing in Classic99, it doesn't make sense that it's the 32k, it doesn't touch that memory (plus it runs just fine under emulation that has it). It's got to be something else in there -- if we can figure out what, we can probably patch the ROM to fix it. Since the NanoPEB does it - maybe disk or serial/PIO. Has anyone tested with less-loaded PEBs?
  7. The cartridge port is a memory bus, not an I/O bus. The data lines are directly tied to the 8-bit data bus. The address lines specify 8k of address space, and select lines are available to indicate cartridge ROM or (any) GROM access. Non-QI machines also have the CRU interface lines. To pass a written byte out the cartridge port you'd need to decode the address and ROM select pins (or parse all GROM activity to detect GROM writes to an appropriate address), and if you wanted it to not interfere with the cartridge, you'd either need a cartridge that ignores writes (ie: no bank switching and no RAM), or you'd need a circuit in-between the TI and the cart to intercept the write and not let the cartridge see the select line.
  8. All right, I went ahead and tried the suggestion. It's in the Buy/Sell section:
  9. When I did the sales run, I promised I'd initial and sell off the beta cart, which I made before the final run to take up to a convention in San Jose and show off. Well, turns out EBay doesn't like betas, so it was suggested I try it here! What I've got here is the beta cartridge for the TI-99/4A, the original proof box, and I threw in the postcard and posters that all the final releases got as well. Pictures of the actual unit are below. There's only one and will only ever be one. We'll try silent auction. I've not done this before, but bear with me. Just DM me your best offer. I'll check back in a week (Sunday the 14th) and best bid gets it. (So... do you want to be notified if you're outbid? That's not very silent but seems more fair?) Please don't bid in this thread, that'll just get spammy for everyone. The cart: - It's rough, at least on the inside. The flash chip was soldered and desoldered multiple times. However, at the moment it runs! No long term promises, but if it does die on you I can probably resurrect it. - Shell is labelled "BETA" and initialed by me in gold sharpie. - Has the modern style label attached - Game does NOT support keyboard mode (both options are joystick, despite what the screen says - keyboard mode hadn't been coded yet), some scenes have timing differences and may have graphical errors. The Box: - Is much rougher. It was folded back and forth several times so I could see how well it worked - I folded it to the retro side to differentiate it from the shipped carts - At the winner's preference, I can replace it with a new box, since there's no real difference. One or the other, NOT BOTH. Postcard and posters: - one postcard, two of the same poster rolled opposite ways. - no difference from the shipped ones as they're from the same stock
  10. It didn't, at least not yet..
  11. This site has all the people that matter, but an auction seems like a pain in the butt. Unless this fancy new server has a module for that?
  12. I wasn't responding to a request - for the last twenty years I've responded to all requests for DELETE with "no, use Windows". There's no technical reason for it, I was just trying to keep Classic99's ability to destroy data to a necessary minimum. There's no technical challenge - it's a moral challenge. I was just starting to come around to the concept of temporary files - something I've never used on the TI. Why do you need to create files that need to be deleted? Could they just not be overwritten next time?
  13. Does delete make your system better? I could add an option to allow delete, I guess. I didn't envision such tools when I first created the file system code.
  14. If the word "beta" appears, Ebay blocks it. I'm not interested in trying to game their system. If they don't want it, they can't have it
  15. So, I went to list the beta cart on Ebay, figuring the holiday was a good time for it! But it turns out EBay doesn't like betas. (Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that. I can't fake it, the cart blatantly says 'beta' on it ). Anyway.. where are people selling betas these days?
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