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  1. Actually, since that came up twice today, I think I'm just going to close all support for a while. The answer for the next couple of months is "use MAME". It's not fair that I invest hundreds of hours debugging problems for everyone - half the time they turn out to be issues in the original software and not the emulator. Send your questions to Mizapf for a while.
  2. Wow, we're back on that again, and in the Classic99 thread, even. Thanks. With Classic99 configured with the TI disk controller, show me one piece of software that operates better in MAME than Classic99.
  3. NanoPEB/CF7+ aren't exactly modern solutions, but they do offer disk and 32k RAM in a simple package and are still manufactured. TIPI with the SAMS memory is probably the best modern approach since the expanded RAM is expected to have some nice upcoming software ArcadeShopper is your point man there.
  4. Classic99 doesn't care what the extension is, so you can happily use .TIDisk there. It might not show up by default if you browse, but you can change the type to All Files, or just type the path in manually. I think only Win994a cares, doesn't it?
  5. Hmmm... the PAB at >1000 MIGHT be an issue, but that's strange because you load the pattern table first, and it doesn't appear to be corrupt when you load the color table. Classic99 will also tell you the actual PABs in use in the log. The DSRLNK settings are for the subprogram call (instead of a file I/O call). The next step if the debug log offers no clues is to breakpoint after the load and see where it's stuck.
  6. Do they get corrupt in real life, or only Classic99? The two disk corruption bugs I recently fixed would definitely corrupt any disk that was writing two output files.
  7. You can check in the Classic99 debugger what the CALL FILES(1) sets the top of VDP RAM to -- if it's lower than >3800 then the disk buffers are being corrupted by the image load. Normally 1 is enough, but maybe Fortran does things differently. Classic99 tries to complain about situations like the disk buffers being corrupted, so it may give you a clue if that's it.
  8. If I'd actually any kind of skill, maybe my words would mean something. This is not aimed at you, just general grumbling. There is nothing about software development that should involve tricking the computer or the compiler. If you are trying to be more clever than your tools, then eventually, your tools won't be able to help you debug the crap your wrote... It's a bad attitude that too many people have, and I'm personally tired of always being called to fix it. Anyway, on to your issue, I don't have source code to PREditor nor do I use it, but a quick test shows that Classic99 can tell the difference between Q and Control-Q, so the issue probably lies in PREditor. The PC remap is no big deal, both keyboards have a control key, and control has no special meaning on the TI, so the map is pretty direct. In short, without deep diving into the assembly code, there's nothing I can do. Is there anyone still offering support on that editor?
  9. hehe, glad you got it working! I like watching TI Bitmap mode draw, but dang!
  10. I thought I hacked this for you years ago to work with DSK1 instead of DSK.MULTIWHATEVER, anyway? MultiplanDSK1G.zip
  11. Two limitations - One is that as shipped, it deliberately prevents you from programming that range for a variety of reasons. Two is that the address counter readback code is not in that version (I didn't have it working right at that point in time, although at some point I did), so you would still need at least one real GROM somewhere in the system to run. Mostly I was worried that when I released MPD, two TTL GROM replacements both fighting for the console address space would damage one or the other. The source code shows you what to change to enable the space, though.
  12. My first time playing. 8500. I had to use the Classic99 TV controls to tweak the hue and tell the red and the green/yellow apart... Really thought I was going to clear that stage till I accidentally rotated twice and blocked access on the left.. (Edit: started at level 1, slowest speed )
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