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  1. Same OS, but something other: "SDX446 with 1 of 3 "stacked" OSS cartriges" on atarimax.com http://www.atarimax.....php?f=4&t=1391
  2. Hi, It's possible to include Mac65, Action and BASIC XL onto one Atarimax spartados image. But without the spartados sources it will only be a hack. For instance try this: spartaBasicXL.tar.gz It's an Atarimax image (8mbit) with an integrated and modified "BASICXL" and a modified "CAR" command. !!!! I can't give you a guarantee of 100% correctness but it works.
  3. To late ? One for a PAL 800XL without a Freddie chip, please. Thank you. best regards Alexander
  4. try http://www.kemalsatariarchiv.gmxhome.de/kemalinfo.html or http://www.macyunsoft.de/ or write 2 [email protected]
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