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  1. 5200 is still missing a good bowling game and pinball game.
  2. You said that the game work on one but not the other? Then open it up and check your RAM or swaping them out.
  3. Hi there, it's really up to you on how you want to replace..However I went for the gold reflex and gold firebuttons
  4. I wish they had more of theses Zelda games for the 5200!
  5. Think by now they release there Roms, I still can't get my Flip and Flop to work. There PCB are to thin!
  6. It would be great to see on the 5200!
  7. That great news for the 5200 if he does! Btw does your curling game work on flash cart?
  8. I'm sure someone will get it in. I would be happy just seeing if the 5200 can do it.
  9. Speaking about Pacman..I would like to see Baby Pacman for the 5200!
  10. Think someone posted one last year. Never did tell what games that you played? Probably alot of money while playing at a hotel.
  11. Found it http://atariage.com/forums/topic/274385-atari-5200-joystick-coupler/
  12. Think someone on here is remaking them. You can make one yourself like two blocks of wood and put the two joysticks in the middle then use duct tape.
  13. It's all on here http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/cx52_j.htm
  14. Good deal...……….Look like all 7 needs New Rubber Boots!
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