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  1. Looks nice http://www.archonclassic.com/
  2. I did! I have various menus that run basic or not etc but can't get altira to work with the two basic menus I have on many existing ATRs etc. It is getting as far as the autorun.sys trying to run the menu Bob, could you post these menu's so I can have a play?
  3. Personally, I'm not a big fan of these filters, for me they look washed out, the only filters I like are blurring so they look like it did on an old TV under composite...
  4. You sure it's not a Northern word But thinking for a second it may be more Somerset...
  5. Phaeron already knows what I think of it, just such a pleasure to see an emulator being developed so well and the public getting to have their play and say... Mucho cheers from a nice but cold London (ish)
  6. It'sa lovely short film, loads of games in there and subtle references to lots of developers on the tube station billboards.
  7. I'd imagine in most cases especially for original music that someone did the composing and laid it out in a note form for the programmer to feed in, most of the soundtracks were basic notes with zero fx. Just my thought...
  8. No reply, guess this one's on the missing list for good....
  9. I've written directly to him asking if he will release it and I'm yet to get a reply. I think he set his sights a tad too high looking for a grand even if it it a worthwhile charity.
  10. I don't know if you guys remember a little while back a guy from the UK who had written a machine code shooter that looked real nice was offering to release it if people donated to a cancer(??) fund, but he wanted a hell of a lot of money at the time. Did he ever release it? Aha, sector wars
  11. Hey Jase, do you know whatever happened to Stavros / Sanxion man, last thing I saw from him was an Xmas game free on Format.
  12. Not really Atari 8bit directly but If you like the idea of possibly winning an Encom Tron badge or just have a little fun have a look here. I got about 20 in but then the brain froze. Basically the idea is to guess what game the scrolling page bits are referring to, be warn the mix is from arcade to home consoles old and new... Quite fun and frustrating http://www.arcadeaid.com/challengingstage/ And just incase you are wondering, it's viral stuff for the New Tron Legacy film out in July..
  13. Boy Jose, you really do have far too much time on your hands but I do love your passion towards this and you do a great job in general. How do you manage to have so much time unless it's too personal and what keeps the buzz to do screen after screen, don't you get bored at some point. All the same, thanks for the artwork..
  14. Welcome back and glad to hear you made it thru
  15. Hell, I feel so damn old now, the Atari has been part of my life from it's very beginning which must be 30yrs or more. It's been fun, paid the bills, given me some fantastic experiences and allowed me to meet and sell to some of the some of the Atari legends. Great times, shame I can't relive them time and time again
  16. And you think Atarimania will go for this?
  17. You're not getting the point are you? This isn't a competition If it's so easy to do, which we both know it is, where are all these games to download? Why not just give someone else your conversion routines and a lot of the beeb catalogue could be on A8 already. I'm done. Pete Sorry to hear Pete, I understand your frustration, I can never understand why people who are watching a person doing a project for themselves feel the need to 'pick' at it. Not only does it sidetrack a perfectly good thread but as can be seen from the rest of this thread it starts the turn of the thread into bickering and ill feeling. Also, can we check the 'machine' bickering at the door, fanboy status is s sorry sight indeed, I have a genuine love of quite a few machines I also have preferences ie I like the C64 for music and some shooters but I adore the Atari for jumpman, spelunker and Bruce lee ie I love both machines. Having snide comments about a persons preferences is just infantile and should have no place in here.
  18. Good man... I'd add a 130XE to your list of wanted machines, if you get past just using carts and go for disks etc you will find the extra mem dead handy, not my most favourite keyboard (can't beat the 800 keyboard) but a fine machine.
  19. Do you know if oppinions were any different in Europe in this regard? Well, i can't speak for all of Europe but from my recollection the VIC and CoCo (disguised as the Welsh-built Dragon 32 and 64) made an impression on the UK market and only the VIC had any longevity or software support; a lot of our software houses at the time were founded on VIC 20 games, early startups like Llamasoft, Interceptor, Rabbit, Anirog and even Software Projects and Ultimate who were both best known for their Spectrum games knocked out Perils of Willy and Jetpac respectively for it. There was also quite a bit of VIC support from budget bunnies Mastertronic straight out of the gate, mostly rebadged Mr. Chip games to start with but they soon found their feet. Dragon users were the butt of quite a few jokes... although now i think about it, despite high street retailers such as Boots (a national chain of chemists who bundled the computers and games into their photographic departments - i learnt to program on the machines at the local branch!) carried at least the Dragon 32 i've never met anybody who owned one! Ah, the good old VIC 20, loved that machine at the time. Spent most of my free time in the VIC Centre behind the BBC set building place off Western Avenue in Acton West London. The one person that was there all the time was Jeff Minter, always showing off his new code, the first thing I remember seeing from him was a submarine type game, sort of Wavy Navy but as a sub... There was also a software publisher very near there that I purchased a crazy balloon clone from written in basic...Was quite good actually.. As for the Dragon, even my lot, Maplin stayed clear of that, mind you they had been severely burnt in the computer market by that time through incredibly poor purchasing (not my doing), the nearest we got to a Dragon 32 was poor quality books about it and even then Maplin in their stupidity purchased thousands of really awful computer books that we could not give away.
  20. The trouble with the Atari palette is that it's very much personal to each user as no two machine were ever identical palette wise, close but not identical. I tend to like anything that that's mildly light blue for PAL and maybe a slightly darker blue for NTSC. If memory serves me right the two act files you mention are the ones I used on Atari800win as best guesses / memory. As for PAL composite and RF output...eek, take your pick of screen colour and contrast..
  21. Thanks guys got the gist of it..... I get the feeling I'll be playing more with DIS6502, it's nice but way more than I need..
  22. That's what I expected to see, I'm sure it's me and the GUI is quite daunting. Hopefully Wraith may have some pointers, it's not the end of the world, was just keen to see what was so hot about this all round reverse engineering tool (kind of answered myself there ) Normally I'd play with DIS6502, just wanted to see the pro in action
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