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  1. You will have a better chance of getting a curvelip cartridge if you buy a box that does not have the gray stripe on the front right side of the box.
  2. For the moment I'll finish the shipping of the boxes, then I'll have a clearer head to think. An idea that could be interesting too would be to release a color version of the first episode. It wouldn't take much work and the limited edition copy would still be unique. But whether it's this solution or another one I wouldn't do anything without the agreement of all the buyers of the boxes.
  3. I'm really sorry I didn't make more kits. But I did this alone at home and it took me a very long time and investment to make these 15 boxes. I understand that some people are disappointed not to be able to try the number 1, so I'll clarify one thing, at the beginning there was to be only one game, Protect the love, with a woman as a character, but as I had a lot of fun making this game I decided to make the second one with this time a man as a character, Save the love. Then I wanted to produce alone a small box with these games but the price was increasing a lot as I was adding stuffs in the box so to justify the price I decided to make another game in a little different style (black and white) whose purpose was to motivate people to buy the box and justify the price. There is no continuity in the story, each game is a complete game. Don't blame me for only making 15 copies, I understand now that it was a bad idea to limit the production of a game. But I really didn't imagine that more than 15 people would be interested. In the future if I do other actions like this I will only make small differences between the normal games and the limited versions.
  4. I am sorry but all the sets are now sold. I will replay to the last PM.
  5. Your name is on the list 😊 Please send me a PM with your postal address.
  6. Hi Bradockido, I add your name on the list, the price for the shipping to Spain seem to be 14€ and you can pay me with paypal. I will give you more detail in PM during next week when I will be ready to send the games.
  7. Today I present you not 1 not 2 but 3 Lynx games! The Viking Trilogy T.V.T. Vol I - Find the Love T.V.T. Vol II - Protect the Love T.V.T. Vol III - Save the Love These are platform games that I made with the Lynx game development tool created by Fadest. You can download the demos rom of the Vol II and Vol III and the map of the first level of the Vol. I TVT 01 - Find the Love - Map Level 1.bmp TVT 02 - Protect the Love - Demo.lnx TVT 03 - Save the Love - Demo.lnx The gameplay is very simplistic, walk, jump, avoid traps and enemies, find the items and reach the end of the level, Then repeat again and again until the last exit door. Vol. II and III will be sold by Fadest on his website Yastuna Games https://yastuna-games.com/fr/ and Vol. I will only be available in the limited edition I created for the occasion. I got excited about this project and the result is a little bit expensive, I would sell this box for 110€ and you have to add the shipping cost since France. 15 boxes are made and 11 are for sale. Here is the set: Everything you see on the pictures (except the big map of Iceland) will be in the box. A numbered wood and metal box The white booklet telling the story of the box and Iceland The three games of the Viking trilogy Three bags for cartridge Three game manuals A real Dimmuborgir stone A bag for the stone A Vegvisir pendant Four postcards of Iceland Five Viking Trilogy stickers A card of Grýla and Leppalúði's family A photo of Grýla and Leppalúði's child corresponding to the number of the box A ZONELYNX business card If you are interesting to buy one send me a message here and if I don't have them all sold within 1 month, I will put them on Ebay.
  8. Juste discover this picture. Loog Very great !!!!
  9. First of all a big thank you for all the people who showed interest in this game. I am very proud of the Lynx community ! I did not expect so much demand and I had not planned to make so many cartridges. alone at my home I could realize 10, 20 maybe 30 cartridges with box but not 50 or more. I would not have the time or the logistics to provide everyone with a good product. That's why I have propose to Der Lush to deal with the production and distribution of the game. The price will be a bit higher than what I had announced but there will be a real box, a poster and a manual, so a magnificent production. I hope no one will be disappointed with this change. My english is really not very good so if Der Lushs can explain more informations regarding this very nice production I would be grateful
  10. When I was young, it was very difficulte for me to finish the Lynx games. So some time ago with the help of Mednafen emulaor I started a series of videos about the end of Lynx games. What happens when you kill the last boss? What happens when you finish all levels? What happens when you make the maximum score? Today I have the answer to all these questions, I finished the 71 commercial games of the Lynx. So if you're wondering, How much level at Robotron 2084? What the prestoric men doe at the end of Dinolympic ? How many missions in Steel Talon ? .... The answers are here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBEL_ZOeukHvUCbbEyqH-VvnekLM6lehz PS: Do not ask more about Mrs Pac-Man and Super Asteroid/Missile Command. I do not like these games ! Mrs Pac-Man is again and again the same labyrhinte until you die and for SAMC it is the same, again and again the same levels, without any inovation in level design or in the enemies.
  11. Yes ! This year 2017 will be incredible, All my courage for your project and look forward to learning more !
  12. I have one list at my home and one other at my work. Not a good idea But your name is on my house list, all is ok mvirtuale.
  13. The updated list. I keep this list open for another two weeks. The pre-orders will be definitely closed the 01/03/2017. Rygar (x5) vectrexroli BadPricey im_reg TrekMD Jazzoff2000 Hyperboy bdoi - yA GadgetUK Jungsi lachoneus Trew Fei - yA LX.NET (x2) MrBland Vidiot1981 gambler172 Maddog Panamajoe djrodderz Thefred MacRorie Kurtori saffron1 DanJayU Ahl9 fab2053 davidcalgary29 (x2) STAR (x3) vicomte - yA odie_one - yA Marc Oberhäuser OBO - yA Lynxman Guitari Damdam - yA Sapicco Blany jori masematte
  14. Hello DanJayUK, no sorry I can not do that. If I make a special rom for you I must make for another and another and another...
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