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  1. Juste discover this picture. Loog Very great !!!!
  2. First of all a big thank you for all the people who showed interest in this game. I am very proud of the Lynx community ! I did not expect so much demand and I had not planned to make so many cartridges. alone at my home I could realize 10, 20 maybe 30 cartridges with box but not 50 or more. I would not have the time or the logistics to provide everyone with a good product. That's why I have propose to Der Lush to deal with the production and distribution of the game. The price will be a bit higher than what I had announced but there will be a real box, a poster and a manual, so a magnificent production. I hope no one will be disappointed with this change. My english is really not very good so if Der Lushs can explain more informations regarding this very nice production I would be grateful
  3. When I was young, it was very difficulte for me to finish the Lynx games. So some time ago with the help of Mednafen emulaor I started a series of videos about the end of Lynx games. What happens when you kill the last boss? What happens when you finish all levels? What happens when you make the maximum score? Today I have the answer to all these questions, I finished the 71 commercial games of the Lynx. So if you're wondering, How much level at Robotron 2084? What the prestoric men doe at the end of Dinolympic ? How many missions in Steel Talon ? .... The answers are here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBEL_ZOeukHvUCbbEyqH-VvnekLM6lehz PS: Do not ask more about Mrs Pac-Man and Super Asteroid/Missile Command. I do not like these games ! Mrs Pac-Man is again and again the same labyrhinte until you die and for SAMC it is the same, again and again the same levels, without any inovation in level design or in the enemies.
  4. Yes ! This year 2017 will be incredible, All my courage for your project and look forward to learning more !
  5. I have one list at my home and one other at my work. Not a good idea But your name is on my house list, all is ok mvirtuale.
  6. The updated list. I keep this list open for another two weeks. The pre-orders will be definitely closed the 01/03/2017. Rygar (x5) vectrexroli BadPricey im_reg TrekMD Jazzoff2000 Hyperboy bdoi - yA GadgetUK Jungsi lachoneus Trew Fei - yA LX.NET (x2) MrBland Vidiot1981 gambler172 Maddog Panamajoe djrodderz Thefred MacRorie Kurtori saffron1 DanJayU Ahl9 fab2053 davidcalgary29 (x2) STAR (x3) vicomte - yA odie_one - yA Marc Oberhäuser OBO - yA Lynxman Guitari Damdam - yA Sapicco Blany jori masematte
  7. Hello DanJayUK, no sorry I can not do that. If I make a special rom for you I must make for another and another and another...
  8. I am very happy to see so many people want this game. A small video made unsing mednafen : This is the list of people who want the game. I can add other names during next weeks if need. Rygar (x5) vectrexroli BadPricey im_reg TrekMD Jazzoff2000 Hyperboy bdoi - yA GadgetUK Jungsi lachoneus Trew Fei - yA LX.NET (x2) MrBland Vidiot1981 gambler172 Maddog Panamajoe djrodderz Thefred MacRorie Kurtori saffron1 DanJayUK
  9. Hello all, I want introduce a new Lynx game for 2017 It is a puzzle game named Hanoi and as his name suggests it is a Hanoi Towers game. I have made this game with my friend vince, he has made all the code and I have made the graphics and the musics. All work good, just need some little modifications but this can be done quickly. I think the game will be near in March or April at the latest. The next step is to make a box and burn cartridges. I have ask the help from Karri to made nice curvedlip cartridges and he is OK I have planed to make 5 cartridges for Vince and me. If someone want this game on cartridge please tell me. I would make cartridges according to the demands but I will made only one set of cartridges so do not miss it. The price will probably be between 15 or 20€ + shipping. If I have the time I send a video of the game this night.
  10. Finally ! Your explanation was on top Bernd !! Thanks again !
  11. I sent my message with really little hope of an answer. Nowadays, who plays at Crystal Mines II ?? Who is crazy enought to have played and finished all levels of CM II ??? Honestly I did not think find some help. I love the Lynx community ! And I love you Lynxman ! Your operating method is perfect, I could not dream better. I will study this today, make my firsts try this night, and may be this weekend posted the end of CM II. THANK YOU !!!!
  12. @Lynxman First congratulations for completing all levels of all versions this game is very fun but quickly very hard, it is a shooting game mixed with a puzzle game. I pluck my hair out with him ! Secondly it was very very nice if you can take some time to try to win again this level and explain me how you made !! I try since 6 months and really I am desabused. Like for other level I think I must take all the gems on my road but what is the good road ! This is THE question. I have made a map of the level, maybe good in order to understand your explainations.
  13. I have planed to finish all the Lynx games, actualy I have finish 63 of the 71 lynx games. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBEL_ZOeukHvUCbbEyqH-VvnekLM6lehz I have a big probleme to finish the game Crystal Mines II. This level 150 is absolutly horrible and I do not understant what I must doing for finish this level. Is there anyone who have finish this level ? I would greatly appreciate having some tips to finish this level.
  14. Juste receive my cartridge today. She is beautiful . Design work is sublime !! And in addition there is already a mini SD !! I am very happy !!! Can not wait to be at home to try it! Thank you Mr Saint T for make this dream real, thank you thank you !!!
  15. rygar

    aprils fool?

    every morning upon arriving at work I make a new level, very cool ! coor1 is too much difficulte for me but corr2 is done
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