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  1. The header may have been used to add memory directly to the Z80 CP/M Board.
  2. @Nezgar I think that is close but not stated quite correctly... Although all three 1066 RAM cards could be set to "1064 MODE" the manual says not to do that; they would all be set to the base 64K memory address. The first card set to "1064 MODE" replaces the 600XL built in memory or upgrade, the other two cards are to be set to "BANK MODE" for an additional 124K; creating a total of 192K available memory. As you stated the banked cards could be accessed by poking 53758 (D1FE) with 0-3 for the first card, 16-19 for the 2nd card; there is no third set of numbers to poke for the third card because it isn't in "BANK" switching mode, but "1064 MODE". The second Bank Select RAM Card must be set to the Card 2 position by moving the jumper (between U16 & U17) on the 3rd RAM card to the "CARD 2" position. It would be a good idea to check the first Bank Select RAM Card to make sure its jumper is set to "CARD 1". Nothing attaches to the header. Does anyone have any for sale? PM me. It'd be nice to get the 80-column card too. @atari-passion Does yours have a lid?
  3. I haven't been on AA for quite awhile due to my own loss, but just got a FB Messenger text from his family, my condolences to his family and friends.
  4. The more tax laws the Fed & State have the more inconsistencies that are created. Some states have it set up to just default follow federal law to reduce rewriting tax code for every Federal change. I fully support removing as many taxes as possible. Keep as much money local. I would love to see a flat tax on sales and income, but so many incentives are built into Federal and State tax laws to encourage this or that.
  5. What box protectors are available for sealed Atari 8-bit series 400/800/XL/XE: I will include and update measurements of sealed boxes as I obtain them and the sources of box protectors. ~ means approximate and usually is from an unsealed or damaged box. The shapes of some boxes may be larger than what you have because I will take the larger measurement if I have more than one to compare. 2 Bit Systems - Atari Add-A-Pak - The Arcade Champ - Pac-Man Qix Joysticks - ? Same size??? Atari large black box - Atari large blue - Telelink I unsealed ~11.25x8.75x1.3125" Atari large silver box - Atari medium XEGS blue - sealed - ? Atari medium gray red - 8.59375x6x.9375" sealed - ? Atari small black box - 7.5625x5.5x.9375" slightly smaller than Atari small silver Atari small silver box - These fit the sealed and unsealed Atari small black and silver boxes well 50 Custom Atari Box Protectors Clear Plasitc Boxes Case for CIB Complete Sealed Seller keep_em_minty 0.3mm thick (12mil) Clear PET Plastic Boxes ?Size to fit most variations of Atari 26/52/7800 Games Atari small blue - Telelink I Same size??? Atari Light Pen 1 & 2 - Atari Robotron 2084 thick box - Atari Track & Field - Atari XE blue box - unsealed ~8.5625x6x.9375", please find a slightly taller one for sealed. They only fit boxes without cellophane (too short), if they are the same size they sold last year. They fit the sealed and unsealed Atari medium gray red boxes well -> Buzz and Bingos Moon Circus now sells real XEGS box protectors on ebay. Atari medium gray red - unsealed - Buzz and Bingos Moon Circus now sells real XEGS box protectors on ebay. Atari Mexico - Activision - Big Five - Br0derbund - CBS Software - Chalkboard - Dana - Dorsett - Eastern House - Elcomp - Epyx - Exidy/First Star - FANTASTIC GAME - Fisher Price - Fox Video - FTe - Gardner Computing Inc - Gebelli - GR8 - HES - HSU Software - ICD - IDSI - Imagic - same size as Atari small black and silver InHome - K-Byte - Koala - Koala Painter LJK - Micropulse - MPP - MultiSoft - Orion Micro Sys. - OSS - Some are 8-7/8"X5-7/8"X1-5/16" Parker Brothers - Pronto - Protronic - Ravensburger - Roklan - Romox - TigerVision - TG Software - Sar-an - Scarborough - MasterType more than one size? Sega - Sirius - Sirius/Fox Video - Sierra Online - Softmark - Spectravision - Gold Mine Spinnaker - Stimultech - Synapse - Thorn EMI/Creative Sparks - Video 61 - 8.75"x6.125"x1.0625" Walling - From the first post... Will this fit the Atari 8-bit series as well? "The Track and Field box that was packed with a controller will fit nicely with just a very small amount of wiggle room in the Super Smash Bros WiiU protector here: http://www.retroprotection.com/Super-Smash-Bros-Wii-U-Special-Edition-Box-Protector-280.htm This will also fit the Keyboard controllers box and the driving controllers box. However it is about 1/2" thicker than these 2, but looks very good from the front view. *EDIT: I just found out today these are also an excellent fit for the Star Raiders big box set! *EDIT: I also found that the standard 2600 protectors from retroprotection will not quite fit the 20th Century Fox 2600 games. But the ones from videogameboxprotectors which are slightly larger will." Will these fit the Atari XEGS boxed that are sealed in cellophane? The ones I bought last year from them are too tight (too short) if the boxes are sealed in cellophane. "ATARI XEGS: No perfect protector for these, but they are almost the same size as the Vic 20 cart boxes and they will fit in the Vectrex protectors. Good on height and thickness but about 1/2" too wide. Available here: http://www.retroprotection.com/Vectrex_c71.htm *EDIT: (8-30-19) Buzz and Bingos Moon Circus now sells real XEGS box protectors on ebay. Available here: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F153240610668 They also will fit Vic 20 game boxes but are very tight on them." Please send me measurements and or links to box protectors if you have them. If you have the same brand cartridge boxes they often used the same size boxes for different game systems, so feel free to recommend what you use.
  6. It won't fit in my small mailbox, so Kylo Ren can stalk it for all I care. I'll have the camera's watching the mailbox for the delivery of the notice to pickup at USPS (Kylo Ren won't have my ID to claim my packages) and I'll have proof who took the slip to bring charges. If it's brought to my porch that camera will let me know it's not some cult and I'll quickly get the package itself from the mail-carrier's hands. I don't have any ill tempered sea bass or sharks with lasers but for protection maybe I could attach laser guided water pistols to the backs of the rabbits that roam my yard? Anyone have some they aren't using?
  7. I hope that I get my shipping notice soon. I'm going to set up cameras on my mailbox and porch, because I don't want someone intercepting THIS package!
  8. Bump! Does anyonwe have: WAM! cartridge or The Examiner or The Bytewriter? If so, please PM me. ANy information about these would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking for the items and software that came with these...
  9. I don't like all of these taxes either but that's how we pay for our government. International trade and interstate commerce are controlled federally so you do have representation. If your representatives don't vote the way you want, you can work to vote them out or run for office yourself (not an easy thing to do). You can refuse to do business in any state that collects sales tax or income tax when you don't live there.
  10. You're correct about needing to pay taxes on out of state purchases but to say no one paid their sales tax for online purchases is incorrect. I have and continue to do so, so I'm sure others have as well. Amazon, eBay, etc. collecting those taxes is eliminating my need to track and pay them myself, which us much easier for me. If a company is doing business in a country that country has a right to tax them. If a company is doing business in a state that state has a right to tax them. Income and/or sales. It's a part of why Americans fought and died for independence from being taxed without representation. The only thing I haven't checked yet is... If I return an item this year that I paid taxes on last year will they give back the taxes I paid? Has anyone experienced that? I like the schools, roads and other public services in my state which are paid for by my taxes. A portion of my sales tax in my state is for local sales tax, so it comes back to where I live. I've been to every state except Hawaii and lived in California and North Dakota for many years and seen the conditions where they didn't have the funds locally to build and maintain them. I don't think we should be paying sales tax on used items, but that's the law in my state. Once a sales tax is paid, I think that should be it unless the item has been significantly changed or improved. We can fight these taxes if we want. What's great about the USA is if we don't like something we have various ways to get them changed as mentioned before with lawsuits, but there's also protests, and voting. The best way is to vote for representatives that support our views, such as the elimination of sales taxes if your state has them.
  11. I'll take two of the cartridge Dungeon Hunt II – Boxed version. Are any cartridge Dungeon Hunt I – Boxed version available?
  12. What cartridges do you have? Can you please post pictures? Are any original boxes and packing included?
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