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  1. It's so sad to hear that. Hopefully some of them may have survived. It was a nice collection of MSXs. I know someone who would have liked that Commodore SX-64 in their collection. Such a nice person to have shared his passion with the next generation. It is a loss but only a loss of things, the loss of life is more precious and more disheartening. I pray for their freedom and peace trough-out the world. We need to grow beyond physical conflict and learn to use our words and to understand even if the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, it isn't ours to take.
  2. Too bad one hasn’t shown up yet. I’d make room for it in my collection if someone finds one.
  3. The white carts with black text silver labels are bootlegs. They came in black boxes labeled in gold text “FANTASTIC GAME”. A small silver label with black text had the same name as the cartridge. The boxes note the 2600 system not XL nor XE so the bootleggers probably made more Atari 2600 bootlegs.
  4. Thank you for joining. What you have pictured are Review and Engineering copies. Without examining the contents, it is difficult to say which are the release versions. The engineering copies were sent to the chip manufacturer that made the PROM integrated circuit chips for the cartridges so I would guess they may be final versions. As mentioned above there is no telling with the Atariwriter unless its contents are examined. Review copies were usually release versions, but sometime prototypes sent to magazine writers and other reviewers. If they got bad feedback they would redo the game and send out a newer version. If you have different dates the earlier ones would be prototypes.
  5. Did I read that there plans to do the case to original specs too?
  6. Check with your local libraries. Some Libraries will accept them for their reading areas, or they have book sales.
  7. Wow! Awesome progress! Looking forward to some of these boards.
  8. I can't see any reason to reprimand nor ban someone in those comments. What do you see that you consider remotely political? The answer stated an opinion as to why people may retire in Florida. Comparing the economies, taxes, etc. of the states to say which is better based on statistics isn't political. In those cases the good or bad economies are affected by those who manage them. The managers are elected, is that the political point you are stretching to reach? I don't live in either place, who are the managers?
  9. Not as far as I remember. He still has some original ATR8000 CP/M disks that he can't read since he sold the drive they recommended.
  10. Another unique proof of the A8 community’s large pool of talented technicians and programmers. Thank you for providing this.
  11. Colletor’s Version 1. Lastic - BELGIUM 2. Spancho - GERMANY 3. Ndary - Israel 4. CAVOKER - FRANCE 5. Wilheim - Chile 6. CharlieChaplin - Germany - budget edition 7. atari-passion - FRANCE 8. Defender II - USA 9. Defender II - USA
  12. Can you please add the dimensions of the boxes that fit in them? That way if we have similarly sized boxes we’ll know which to buy. If you sort the list by box sizes, all we would need to do is measure our box then find a protector on the list that is closest and order from the recommended seller.
  13. There is a whole set of Computerized Perceptual Therapy cartridges (not Just the "Visual Search") that he developed.
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