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  1. Unfortunately the web host which previously hosted LabelMaker2600.com is closing down. I have moved the label maker to a new host and all seems well from my testing, However if you have any issues with site please leave a message here and I will try to sort them out ASAP.
  2. The Label Maker is back online at a new host and all features working in Internet Explorer. If there are any issues let me know and I'll try to sort them out.
  3. Getting the Label Maker back up and running is taking a bit longer than expected. I need to find a new web host and parts of the site don't work with IE 9 or above (which is proving more difficult to fix than expected). I hope to have the site back up and compatible with all major browsers by the end of the week.
  4. EDF 2017 is awesome, technically it's a bit of a disaster but it's massively entertaining. I have more hours in that game than almost anything else on the 360.
  5. Thanks Walter! That's very good news. I considered doing Pass the Pigs but stuck with this version to avoid cloning a copyrighted game. And also I don't think I could draw the Pigs in the small number playfield pixels available
  6. Updated version with these changes... I've changed the way dice rolls are determined to give a better distribution Fixed an issue where the game would sometimes use more than 262 scan lines. If anyone could try this on an actual NTSC 2600 I'd really appreciate it. Pig_v090.bin Pig_v090.bas
  7. I've been working on an Atari 2600 version of the Jeopardy dice game Pig. It's a simple game with the goal being the first player to reach 100 points. Pig is a game of luck and some strategy. I've included the full and short rules from Wikipedia at the bottom of this post. This version is one player vs the computer with five different levels of computer opponent available. Level 1 is plays very conservatively to it's own detriment while Level 5 plays quite strongly within a couple of percent of optimal Pig strategy. Hopefully the UI is self explanatory but if there are any issues please let me know. I'd welcome any feedback on the game, particularly on the chosen color schemes and whether the dice rolling sound effect is annoying. Known Issues No PAL Version ROM space is wasted in several areas particularly the title screen. Sound Effects and Music are quite sparse. I've attached the source as well. Pig_v080.bin Pig_v080.bas Pig_v090.bas Pig_v090.bin
  8. I'm running a bit late but the Hangman Editor is now back online in it's original location. You access it at http://videofringe.com/hangman/hangman.php If there are any issues please let me know.
  9. Author of the Hangman Editor here... I've covered a bit of this with Thomas by PM but I'll add this here in case anyone is curious. The editor uses a PHP backend for the ROM editing so pulling it off the Wayback machine won't work. On the weekend I'll locate a backup of the code and get the site back online, my former Web Host helpfully deleted the previous incarnation without warning Hopefully Nukey and Thomas will have sorted out a working ROM for Thomas by then but I'll put the site back online for anyone else who might be interested.
  10. The small labels fit correctly when printed at 150 DPI and the large labels at 360DPI. If your image software doesn't support setting the DPI for printing just set the printed width to 2.733 inches or 6.94 centimetres. If the software you are using doesn't support custom printed sizes the image viewer IrfanView is free and does. It's available at http://www.irfanview.com/
  11. 5200: Possibly 7800: Yes NES: No Wii: No Genesis: No To be a good candidate for use in the label maker there needs to be a large amount of static material on the label and a consistent style through multiple labels. Also the platform needs to be of some interest to me
  12. Yes it's still supported. In the last week I've added 2 variants of Silver labels in addition to the existing text labels. You can vote as to which label type you'd like to see done next using the poll on this post.
  13. I posted these earlier but it's a long thread. The small labels fit correctly when printed at 150 DPI and the large labels at 360DPI. If you're image software doesn't support setting the DPI for printing just set the printed width to 2.733 inches or 6.94 centimetres.
  14. Not specifically, only that Ergoe and Eras (as well as clones Ergo, Eric, Erie and Erlangen) may be used, in several weights (light, normal, demi, bold). It looks like Avant Garde is a little light for the vertical "2600"; perhaps a demi or bold weight would match better. You might also try clones like Auxin, Avante, Avian, a-Lancet, etc. Thanks for the additional info. I've settled on using Avant Garde with Photoshop Faux Bolding for the vertical 2600. Looking at the AtariAge silver label list it seems Atari used at least 3 different fonts or variants for the controller and copyright section of silver labels. Small rainbow with what looks like a Bold Ergoe Small rainbow with regular Ergoe Large rainbow with bold Avante Garde I really wish Atari had been a little more consistent with their labels
  15. It's working OK for me. Small rainbow mode doesn't include the title in the main label. Can you try large rainbow again and double check that you've entered a title
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