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  1. Carby & 1 component cable paid for. S-Video & other component cable pending. Thanks, -Jason
  2. [ALL GONE] Free. Pick up in/near Irvine, CA, or pay for shipping: 1. Carby Component RGB Cable for GameCube, by Insurrection Industries. Fantastic product, rare no longer manufactured. I was getting ready to sell it, took a bunch of pictures, figured I'd give it one last quick test to be sure it was working, and...................it's not working. One of the colors is out--I forget it if it's R, G, or B. I tried troubleshooting: wiggling connector, reflowing solder, etc. Doesn't look like a trivial fix. Otherwise mint condition, with all the fancy packaging & stuff. 2. GameCube S-Video audio/video cable. Used lightly. Tested working. 3. GameCube composite cable. Pretty sure new. Untested. 4. GameCube composite cable. Pretty sure new. Untested. Pics: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/j63n3cpk659z73s/AABajR-yxmHJWF-7jAL6_Tqga?dl=0 Thanks, -Jason
  3. [Yes, this points to my eBay BIN listing, but check out the details over there & message me here to discuss a direct transaction if desired. Price here will track the price there, if & when I drop it.] CoreGrafx + Terraonion SSDS3 + SCART cable + 2 controllers + big microSD card = Merry X-Mas Gift to Yourself: https://www.ebay.com/itm/165149424721 (affiliate link) 10% off whatever my current eBay asking price is, plus free US shipping for forum members on a direct transaction. Thanks, -Jason
  4. FS on eBay: 1. Lot of 177 overlays, 100 manuals, 8 catalogs/documents. 2 of each overlay (except for a few where I have just 1 overlay for a game, & one instance where I have 3+ overlays for a game or two b/c one is a variant). No duplicates on manuals, except for a couple of sports playbooks that are supposed to come in a pair. https://www.ebay.com/itm/115030967266 2. 4 Intellivision/M-Network games signed by author. Cart only, w/ bonus beat-up boxes thrown in. https://www.ebay.com/itm/115033002791 3. Intellivoice, CIB, working. https://www.ebay.com/itm/115033024497 With any sale (1st dibs), I'll throw in a free custom (fashioned from a nail) triangle bit to remove INTV cart security screws & a free All-Star Major League Baseball cart (I had it b/c it was the only game that wouldn't work on a Cuttle Cart 3). Thanks, -Jason
  5. Prices below do not include shipping from 92620. Links are to full galleries. AA post shows only a few select images. All items tested good. 1. $125 Four Cartridges Signed by Author Ken Smith: NHL Hockey, NFL Football, Sea Battle, M-Network Super Challenge Football for 2600. Argh, somehow, my NBA Basketball box was missing the 5th & final game by Ken! Argh! $125 price includes 4 boxes (Hockey very rough), 6 overlays, 5 manuals. $110 for just the 4 cartridges. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bemenlxxctdfkot/AADOOoVBNv1c1KE_DvybYBKqa?dl=0 ***SOLD*** 2. $20 INTV Joystick Attachment https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ktvfwjr1tqh33c1/AADKkBBUvdRA5VHkd4J5zryma?dl=0 3. $21 Intellivoice, CIB https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qipbzg4xuma77am/AAANc4ruoPfB423h4MWTfg9Fa?dl=0 4. $5 All-Star Major League Baseball https://www.dropbox.com/sh/27xaoc6475qm77x/AABVgG3oje0l915uN73P34aEa?dl=0 5. $2 Triangle Security Screw Driver Tool (fashioned from a nail--grip it in pliers or a drill/driver chuck) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ovdo0mvs3raluw5/AADYpPe5Tnhr-5Pt3QMlLM_Za?dl=0 Thank you, -Jason
  6. Thanks for the replies, but please see the thread title: "Price Check." I don't records of what I paid or what they're currently worth. From what I can see, the Sears set was $75, & I probably bought that new in 2013. Looking for info to help price accordingly. Thank you, -Jason
  7. [***SOLD***] Howdy- I'm getting out of collecting & selling off the collection. I can't find much info on these. I have a vague memory of buying them but can't find details of when... 1. Psycho Stormtrooper's Orphan Overlays, 2004 Series II, Set #154. Box flaps have a couple light folds. Box opened, overlays never used. All 78 overlays + SN #154 overlay + manual 2. Super Video Arcade Overlay Set, 2013, 1 of not more than 100 sets made. New, sealed. Near mint. http://www.intellivisionrevolution.com/entries/intellivision-merchandise/the-sears-overlay-set-is-ready-to-purchase Thanks, -Jason
  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/164979813403 Lot: Sega Genesis-Mod for S-Video & Region Switch + Everdrive Flash Cart 32X + 2 Controllers + 1 Gun, All Cables-ALL TESTED GOOD SEGA GENESIS SYSTEM CONSOLE. US MODEL NO MK-1601-22. SERIAL NO 39X11717 Clean, with minor normal scratches & scuffs from handling & storage. Puts out RGB (from the factory, not a mod)--looks fantastic. Mod to output S-Video & left/right RCA audio--looks fantastic. Mod with toggle switch for Japan/USA (JP/US) region unlock. Mod with blue power indicator LED. SEGA 32X EXPANSION. US MODEL NO. MK-84000A. SERIAL NO 051029763 Clean, with minor normal scratches & scuffs from handling & storage. Includes adapter plate for use on a Genesis 2 (not necessary for the Genesis console included in this listing). MEGA EVERDRIVE FLASH CART Status: OS Version 32, Firmware Version 9, File System Fat16/FAT32, Console Region USA NTSC, Dir Size 512 (per on-screen menu) By Krikzz. Works great. Housed properly in a cartridge shell, with a classic-style label. Retail Genesis case with cover, minor modificaton to clear the installed SD card. Instruction manual (I think I printed this myself--simple B&W). 2GB SANDISK MICRO SD CARD & SD CARD ADAPTER (so, it's essentially an SD card!) Works with Everdrive. More than enough capacity to hold a trimmed, curated system library (add your own software). Formatted correctly to work w/ Everdrive. TWO (2) SEGA BRAND CONTROLLERS a) Sega 6-Button Arcade Pad (small), MK-1470 b) Sega 6-Button Control Pad (large), MK-1653 Very good condition. All buttons & functions tested good. KONAMI JUSTIFIER GUN CONTROLLER Blue, tested good, has jack to daisy chain second gun TWO (2) SEGA BRAND AC ADAPTER POWER SUPPLIES Model MK-1602 for Genesis console. Input: 120VAC 60Hz 18W, Output 9VDC 1.2A Model MK-2103 for 32X. Input: 120VAC 60Hz 15W, Output 10VDC 0.85A. Original power supplies, no hum, no issues. TWO (2) RGB SCART RGB + AUDIO CABLES One cable is used for Genesis-only gaming. One cable is used for Genesis+32X only gaming. It breaks out the left & right audio, so that the monitor is fed video from the 32X & audio from the Genesis. Professional quality cables, purchased from a cable shop. Provides exquisite video & audio for your RGB gaming monitor! S-VIDEO + AUDIO CABLE (BONUS--NOT PICTURED) Professional quality cable, purchased from a cable shop. Provides very nice S-Video & audio for your gaming TV or monitor! Thank you, -Jason
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/114897374509 Lot: Nintendo 64-Modded for SCART RGB + Everdrive Flash Cart 4 Controllers, 2 Memory Cards, All Cables-ALL TESTED GOOD NINTENDO 64 CONTROL DECK. US MODEL NUS-001(USA) Clean, with minor normal scratches & scuffs from handling & storage. Mod to use the existing Nintendo AV out port for SCART RGB--RGB looks fantastic. EVERDRIVE FLASH CART-STONGE AGE GAMER DELUXE EDITION By Krikzz. Works great. One of the first purchases: serial number 0045, purchased August 2011. Can hold the entire N64 library on a 32 GB SD Card. Housed properly in a cartridge shell, with a classic-style label. A current-version EverDrive alone costs $100+ new online! (see Amazon, Stone Age Gamer, or EverDrive.me). Rental-style case with cover. Instruction manual. 2 stickers. 2 vouchers for free firmware upgrades. "Voucher is transferable. Does not expire." 32GB SD CARD RESOLD BY STONE AGE GAMER Works with Everdrive. More than enough to hold the entire system library, & then some (add your own software--I'll put a few public domain demos on the card to get you started). Formatted correctly to work w/ Everdrive. 4 CONTROLLERS Very good condition. All functions tested good: all buttons, analog stick self-centers. AC ADAPTER POWER SUPPLY Nintendo Model NUS-002(USA). In: 120V 26W 60Hz, Out: 3.3VDC, 2.27A & 12VDC 0.8A. Original power supply, no hum, no issues. 2 MEMORY CARDS a) Performance Memory Card Plus. Model no. P-375A. 4 banks, selectable by switch. I put in a brand new CR2032 battery for this auction. b) Performance Memory Card. Model no. P-302. I checked the CR2032 battery for this auction--it's still over 3V, so it should be good for a while. RGB SCART + AUDIO CABLE Professional quality cable, purchased from a cable shop. Provides exquisite video & audio for your RGB gaming monitor! Thank you, -Jason
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