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  1. All you need to do is look at the board! If it says Atari on it, it is not one of the 25 boards I made for this unit. I actually only populated ONE board. The amazing thing is, it worked the FIRST time I turned the unit on. I could not believe it. I have NO idea where that one board is. There are 24 more floating around, not sure if anyone populated them. I did make a few changes on the board from the original, so I am not sure anyone else but me would know the correct parts to populate the board with. For those of you interested, below is a link to a full scan of an unpopulated board. http://www.sunmarkinc.com/temp/7800_board.jpg Thanks, Mark
  2. Don, I have *NO* idea what you are talking about. Can you please be more specific??? What did you order? How did you order it? How did you pay for it?? When did you order it?? AND PLEASE, CONTACT ME THOUGH EMAIL AND NOT THIS FORUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My email address is [email protected] I have NO record of your order......!!!!
  3. You know what they say, all good things must come to an end. I did the Atari stuff for almost 30 years. Time to hang it up. For all of you procrastinators that have been emailing me that wanted something, I will build what you need, but I will do so UNTIL December 1, 2007. After December 1, 2007 I will not make ANY MORE cartridges, PERIOD. So, if you want something, send me an email with your order and include your PayPal username and I will send you an invoice. If you don't remember what you want, you can go to http://www.sunmark.com/index1.html and see a listing. Do not try to order online, it will not work. Email me at [email protected]
  4. Hi Tom, The shipping price for International shipping is CLEARLY posted on the auction site. I get 250 emails a day with auction questions, and as a rule, I do not respond to questions that are CLEARLY answered in the eBay auction. Thanks for your interest. Mark You didn't answer my eBay question on shipping from Ohio to Ohio being $20 for some Commodore stuff. Who needs UPS Next Day for this kind of stuff anyways? Why force someone to such expensive shipping? That's just rude. For the lot I'm looking at, shipping should be no more than $5-7, and that's if you don't use Media Rate, which would be $3 tops. This lot isn't even worth $20 shipped. The only item I'm interested in that lot is that "I am the C64", and just to get the plastic case to replace one I have that's cracked. So, how is my question CLEARLY answered in the auction? Shipping is $20.00. I am not sending ANYTHING through the Post Office! Have you ever tried to file a claim with the Post Office? Or stood in line for an hour waiting for service? I would rather have needles stuck in my eye than have to deal with the Post Office and the time I will waste shipping your package through them. We have UPS pick up every day and that is how I am shipping it. If you are not happy with the terms of the auction, I suggest you do not bid. One other option is you can pick the items up, and then your shipping will be ZERO! Hopefully this is clear enough for you to understand. Thanks, Mark
  5. Hi Tom, The shipping price for International shipping is CLEARLY posted on the auction site. I get 250 emails a day with auction questions, and as a rule, I do not respond to questions that are CLEARLY answered in the eBay auction. Thanks for your interest. Mark
  6. Here is a sneak-peak at the Flashback2. I have to tell you, it is really an excellent product! I plugged it into a 1702 monitor and the colors are so vibrant! The colors are impeccable, sounds perfect and games play exactly like the originals. The menu system is easy to navigate and use. The joysticks are great!! Did you think you would ever see a NEW Atari joystick? They look the same, but the internal design is MUCH better than the old ones. Of course my first matter of business was voiding the warranty by taking it apart! Below is what I found!!
  7. Actually, I have been able to add one more address line Thomas. I got rid of the RF shield line. You do not need it since I switched to composite or S-Video. So, you have 8K unswitched if you use the adapter board. Also, doesn't the 6502 have a few more instructions....?? Mark
  8. The power, B/W and difficulty are switches in the top right hand corner. Below them are two push buttons for Select and Reset. There is a closeup pictured below. I removed all of the RF circuitry and designed a four layer board. The picture quality is unbelievable!! It has both composite video and S-Video outputs. It is hard to imagine you can get that kind of quality out of a 20+ year old design!! Also, I made an adapter board so you can use a 6502 processor instead of a 6507. With the 6502, the programmer has a few more options! Plus 6502's are easy to get your hands on. Trying to find a 6507 is a nightmare. The adapter board is pictured below. It just plugs in the 6507 socket. Mark
  9. The "blue thing" is an adjustable resistor to set the color. The power plug and composite output is on the back of the board. Mark
  10. Starting today, until November 28th any orders $50.00 or more will get a 30% discount! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! http://www.sunmark.com
  11. To answer are few questions, the overlays will be EXACT. The material will be EXACTLY the same. You will not be able to tell the difference. Anyone who has bought my controller decals knows how perfect those are. The overlays will be equally as perfect. Here are the controller decals: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=8114465004 They have actually been selling quite well!! The cutting die for the overlays is a bit high. But, once I get it made, it can be used for all the overlays. I do not have an exact cost for the overlays yet, but it will be less than $20.00. The overlays have a lot of different colors, and that gets into higher costs.... I am making Minestorm first, probably Star Castle second.... Mark
  12. I am planning on reproducing all of the Vectrex overlays. They will be EXACTLY like the originals. What I would like to know is what overlays should be reporduced first?? I would appreciate a list of let's say 4 overlays you would like to see reproduced on the first production run.... Mark
  13. Everything is 30% off today and tomorrow. Visit our site and get a deal both today and tomorrow!! http://www.sunmark.com Thanks, Mark
  14. Here are a few suggestions for everyone when this happens: 1. Try to send him an email through the "ask the seller a question" link on the auction page itself. 2. As a rule, NEVER use a USPS Money order!! Go to your bank and get a money order there. What not too many people know is, if you get a money order from a bank, you can go back to the bank and sign a document "not for intended use" and they will GIVE you your money back!! And trust me, that is a FACT. So, if you go into the bank and ask the teller about this, and she looks at you stupid, ask to talk to someone else. You may actually have to go through a half a dozen people before you find one that knows what is going on. 3. Have someone you know email him on one of the auctions that did not get a bid and tell him they are interested in buying that item and see if he responds!! Here is one of them: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=3395622361 4. Get all of his contact information from eBay by clicking here: http://cgi3.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?...emberSearchShow Those are just a few things you can do.... Mark
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