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  1. Priority number one is to get the maximum FPS in screenshots. Virtual Jaguar wasn't good enough so this was my last option! At the very least this taught me how to make a ROM instead of ABS. Also, more incentive set up my actual Jaguar again.
  2. That's because I complained before doing the logical thing and ask for help Sent you the offending Genesis homebrew. Thanks again!
  3. Fired them all up on a plasma TV as well as Stella. Glacier Belle was the most legible for me. The upper case N grew on me.
  4. Yeah. I hoped to leave this here so that when the core improves it would serve as a reminder. Well, poop I wont be offended if this topic disappears.
  5. So, I figured out how to test JagStudio compiled games on the MiSTer FPGA. It has a pretty much abandoned, incomplete core.. but, that may change. First, this YouTube video has a link to be compiled core: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCKsYtjAySU Plop that Jaguar .rbf file into your \\mister\fat\_Console directory. Put your JagStudio compiled ROM files into the \\mister\fat\games\Jaguar directory. I found that the MiSTer core doesn't quite understand .abs files so make a ROM file instead: C:\Dev\jagstudio>build print ROM It's not a great solution. But, it is yet another option!
  6. I think this topic was a product of its time. What I remember was a glut of people asking for free development services without any clear specifications. Also, declaring that game development was worth nothing because: easy. I tried to engage them with gentle push back: show me your game design. Give me gameplay rules. Give me mock up screenshots. That usually caused them to stop responding. A few years go by and now I just see novices willing to at least consider doing it themselves with community support. Elitism and newbie entitlement both seem to be at a low point. I think hashing it out here helped. Also, the general respect AtariAge members have for each other. UPDATE: I just realized I may come off as contradicting what batari just said. Nope. Nope nope. Just adding my own experiences.
  7. Didn't see an option like that. But, I'll check again. Thank you! Problem is: all the people who bought my genesis homebrew who just want to stick in the game and go. They'll just assume my work is awful. I mean, it IS but I'd rather they put in the time to find out themselves
  8. The Mega SG runs my sega genesis homebrew like your typical genesis clone: with super sped up music. This doesn't happen on original hardware or hardware clones like the JVC X'Eye. The MiSTer just updated their core so my games play like original hardware. So, for now: MiSTer 1 Mega SG 0 The neat thing is both systems are FPGA so it's just a matter of who gets updates and enhancements more often.
  9. My initial games will be small, derpy abominations. Most likely simulating text/character graphic games of old. So, not so concerned with extra ROM space. But, price and save game support are important.
  10. You could probably play around with: set kernel_options pfcolors no_blank_lines background I'm thinking that'd give you a colorful background with single color playfield blocks. Although you'd lose a missile. But, the original question wanted 2 players and what I suggested only has 2 sprites. In my scrolling game and in Princess Rescue the players sprite and enemy/item sprite take up all the available, er, sprites.
  11. I know gosubs have overhead.. what about functions?
  12. Enthusiasts have updated the Notepad++ language syntax file for the Jaguar BASIC/C/asm suite JagStudio. It would be jaw droppingly awesome to code almost every Atari platform with one extension Maybe the XML data in there would be useful for at least JagStudio code editing in Atari Dev Studio?
  13. I appreciate the thoughts. It was actually many years ago. That event - thankfully buffered by James Pond 2 - prepared me for further situations down the road. So, came out stronger. James Pond 2 is kind of little a recognized sleeper hit that exists on tons of platforms. PC, GBA, GB, C64, PSX, Playstation 2 and more! The particular soundtrack mentioned was from the Amiga version. My go to version is on the genesis though the SNES arguably is better. The Playstation 2 version is growing on me.
  14. Figured he'd be leary if I told him I helped go through the examples before publishing for Óscar. But, the jig is up! You'll find it's easy to get into the Intellivision. AtariAge makes paying tribute to our favorite systems eminently possible with its community.
  15. You've probably already gone through the YouTube videos that showcase Intellivision titles. Also, played through the back catalogue via emulation. So, really the only thing that got me farther is reading this book and typing in the programs. https://www.lulu.com/en/en/shop/oscar-toledo-gutierrez/programming-games-for-intellivision/paperback/product-1p7mvg87.html?page=1&pageSize=4
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