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  1. Wednesday is date night for me and the wife. I mess with that at my peril. But, I'll try to catch questions as I can This stuff gets downloaded to YouTube, right? I'll make sure to comment there as well.
  2. Not their doing. I deleted it. I'll wait for a contest that includes consoles explicitly.
  3. Three of the games I worked on in one show?!? I hope it isn't a baseball thing where 3 strikes and yer no longer fit to hire!
  4. It would take some serious out of the box thinking. Things like third party developers first strategy. Also, fostering an indie scene. Also, paying attention to what worked in the Europe.
  5. Just woke up so after a couple swigs of coffee realized asking if the Atari 2600 (a console) qualified was kinda silly. Changed my post above to be more useful.
  6. Might be too late for people to make a full game on time. But.. Even those with little to no experience on a platform have a chance with this: https://jonathan-cauldwell.itch.io/multi-platform-arcade-game-designer
  7. Sounds like you needs a PowerBase Mini FM to start off with. A quick Google search comes up with many hits. I'd also double check the compatibility list for games and genesis systems that work with it.
  8. That 4W and PAL-B on the bottom seem to indicate a UK plug at 4w.. but, who knows with these machines. Maybe there's something like an FCC ID further in on those boards.
  9. If I had the money I think the Vampire guy has a stand alone solution. The poor mans best bet might be the Amiga emulation images on Raspberry Pi 3/4
  10. Can you turn it on? These famiclones usually have built in games. Some countries had weird rules that would get worked around by including educational software. My famiclone + keyboard uses the typical famiclone DB9 connector.
  11. Every method has its best use case. Old hardware being ever increasingly problematic because of age and price. To keep classic consoles relevant you need accurate emulation, new development tools and new hardware. So, if I have a choice of where to put my money it's on those.
  12. Any chance NewColeco has a C dev suite for the Coleco. Not quite BASIC but certainly not assembly. http://retro.offgame.org/telechargement/colecovision/
  13. If only they put the GPU in main it wouldn't have gotten the hose again. *ducks for cover*
  14. Only difference I've seen in classic consoles are Asian pirate carts for the NES. The build quality in the cases are horrible.
  15. I think Retroguru had Black Forest Games blessing for their Giana Sisters titles. Probably helps if the port isn't for profit. https://www.retroguru.com/gianas-return/ I guess what I'm saying is, it's more possible than not to get permission
  16. Not too long ago I was made a moderator for Peters "Atari 6502 Game Development" group on Facebook. Thought it would be far distanced from anything Kizza related. Plus, I need to get a handle on 6502 and 68k assembly. Should I stay just to block and delete anything related to Kizza? Or, is it better to make an egress? UPDATE: Removed myself. Worrying about these kinds of things is bad for my health.
  17. A half arsed barely explained rambling: Maybe several techniques combined? * Fully custom meta tile chunks (i.e. hand placed tiles as a stamp) - First quest cave entrance, Castle sections, etc.. * Procedurally generated meta tile chunks (i.e. prng placed tiles over background tiles in a stamp) - Grassy plains, Desert, Ocean * Procedural meta tile chunks with custom accent tiles overlayed (i.e. hand placed tiles + prng placed tiles over background tiles in a stamp) - Grassy plains with dead tree, Desert with oasis, Shoreline with ocean I say stamp as in instead of storing each tile in the world individually use, say, 16x16 chunks that have their own hand designed tile layouts. I say use a pseudo random number generator to make sure the "randomly" placed accent tiles are always in the same place given the world x/y coordinates. I'm thinking of strategies used in games like Daggerfall, Oblivion, The Faery Tale Adventure, etc..
  18. Yeah. Was trying to avoid mentioning ADS as this was VisualbB specific. Also, the fact that VisualbB and its integration of all these tools is unique so you can't really have a favorite - it was the only choice for many years. I hope ADS comes to parity with VisualbB and much further The fact it plays nice with modern Windows is already a boon.
  19. I could never do high res title screens or music without those components of VisualbB.
  20. I appreciate the consideration! It was probably me (last year). My battery backed memory is finally failing Any way to donate to your coffee fund? After a commission or self publishing run I can give back a bit. As we both know: every bit counts!
  21. I found a syntax highlighting file for Notepad++ and rB+ (Atari Jaguar BASIC) Would this be useful for including Jaguar support? Wouldn't mind using ADS across 2600, 7800 and Jaguar rb.xml
  22. Just wondering about the challenges in drawing 4 shields. What are possible solutions?
  23. That did the trick! It needed the 32-bit version VCOMP100.DLL which I got from Microsoft: https://download.microsoft.com/download/5/B/C/5BC5DBB3-652D-4DCE-B14A-475AB85EEF6E/vcredist_x86.exe Was able to send a message to Luchs Soft for his birthday. He's big on the Jaguar, Lynx and Vectrex Thank you again ggn and everyone! It's fun making these birthday cards on a ROM 😃
  24. Off topic, but, here is how I present my games that share code. Not saying that yours do. But, how I approach things with my own work.
  25. I have to look at the keyboard to type. I also need to look at keywords, constants and registers to program.
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