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  1. I've been setting myself up with virtual machines for each of the compilers I use. Most bB tools seem to be most comfortable with XP or 7. I change computer, change OS, whatever.. bB and the title screen tools still see XP or 7.
  2. Got much farther with the advice above. Thank you guys! Made virtual jaguar lock up with the result. But, my bet is on me not formatting/saving the picture properly to .tga.
  3. http://reboot.untergrund.net/new-reboot/qUaKe.html I think I'm doing it wrong (as usual) QUAKEgen.exe exits with a message: LastErr = 0x2 File name I managed to figure out most of what DOSBOX is used for and converted a 640x480 TGA file to TEMP.BPG When I run build.bat it complains with: code\hires.s 50: Error: undefined expression I checked hires.s and line 50 says: move.l #pic0,curpic ;select first pic to display I cannot find what value #pic0 should have. Any clues as to what I'm doing wrong?
  4. I wonder how much IBM meddled with the design. Have any of the original design team hinted at this?
  5. My main point may have been unclear. Of course emulator and FPGA core creators can choose to focus on accuracy, dazzle or any mix in between. In my mind most emulators focus on ease and most FGPA cores on accuracy. Apologies if my opinions are a gross oversimplification. I have much to learn
  6. Totally agree! I think emulator developers focus on the aspects I cited and FPGA core developers usually more on accuracy. But, yeah. An FPGA core is just another clone hardware in practice.
  7. I think const and def are more or less doing a text substitution swap before compilation. Using that assumption not sure how the space savings is happening.
  8. FPGA is a hardware representation of what compatible original hardware does. Emulation is appeasing what the software wants to do in a way that supports enhancements end users appreciate. I'd consider an FPGA core the same as a heavy sixer compared to a gemini. Or, a nuntendo on a chip clone compared to a toaster. Emulation is awkward for game development because it's usually made to go easy on faulty code and/or bad TV timings. I've been super proud of a tech demo of mine and then find it rolls like scrambled HBO on real 2600's/TVs.
  9. Figured I'd use this space to note my mad iron bachelor chef concoctions. MAD EXPERIMENT #1 - Tuna Masharolle * Mash stuffing onto plate * Turn breaded fish sticks into mush and put on top of stuffing * Mix up mayo, kale and tuna and put THAT on top of fishstick mush * Cook for 20 minutes inrfrared convection oven RESULTS: Tastes like tuna casserole. Kinda fancy?
  10. Good ideas like a save cart and mini lcd game. But I never dug the bulky too many buttons theme of the era (N64, Xbox, etc..)
  11. Hey guys! Seems like my games have had a lot of empty room at the bottom of the screen lately. I've got this: const screenheight=80 pfheight = 1 ..and that seems like it's right. Buuut.. see the screenshot below. Any advice? poly002.bas poly002.bas.bin
  12. VisualbB hasn't been actively maintained for many moons. I think eventually we'll all need to move on over to Atari Dev Studio https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=chunkypixel.atari-dev-studio
  13. Family came into enough money for a computer when I was in high school. I had a hunch either an Amiga for video production or PC for software development was in my future. Did my research from reading Computer Shopper end to end. It came down to an Amiga with x86 side box or a CompuAdd 386sx with enough cards to match Amiga features. Went for the i386 as it was cheaper and regretted it as I became more savvy.
  14. I have to commit to someone else making carts and boxes for a whole run of games. The time it takes to recoup enough for another run can be awhile. During interim's like that I've gotten messages demanding free copies. Also, finding pirate boxes for my games on super special forums. Not fun.
  15. You go out of your way to protect enthusiasts from insane unauthorized reproductions listed on feeBay too. Thank you!
  16. If you (the original poster) care enough to collect then repros don't make any sense. Paying the current market value is part of collecting. Or, going to flea markets and/or hunting online for the best price. I'm also wary that unauthorized repros being an "OK" option makes things like homebrew repros "OK" because developers can't make unlimited runs.
  17. Just an update from the developer of Knabber Rob. Knabber Rob is my idea of "What if the Bat had to put back the treasures he stole?". How would it feel to control said Bat? The game has two hand designed 256 screen maps with a third semi randomized map. 8 treasures must be found and placed in their specific chest. Easy mode gives you an echolocation clue to each chest. Neo Games and I have been polishing Knabber Rob further in an attempt to get this game launched. I've incorporated some of the feedback that was gathered between finding new publishers. Some changes with release candidate 3: * New Knabber Rob and Dragon graphics * Completely new world 1 map * All new versions of screens to traverse * Clock timer (6:00:00) changed to hourglass (⏳60) counter. * After 60+ hourglass ticks you *may* get additional time. Chances for additional time eventually go to zero. * Had to change horizontal scrolling a bit due to technical issues
  18. The method I use is to have a counter variable incrementing while the title screen is going. When the user exits the title screen I use that counter to seed the random number generator (i.e. "rand = counter") The player is the best source for randomness as you can't count on RAM being dirty on initialization (to use it for seeding) with every emulator.
  19. I think there was a small amount of time where it was a thing. I wish the trend of all everything cards kept going. I remember a PCI card that was video, sound, modem and ethernet all in one was demoed. Everyone was still okay with a full size case with full size expansion.
  20. Explains a lot about my personality 😛 Though, Uncle Grandpa says I did alright!
  21. Last time I heard of someone performing violence against their property was in elementary school. Someones husband got frustrated with Platoon and threw his NES down the basement. Wasn't good for him, his family or the hardware, I'd wager.
  22. Sometimes you can let the players position determine monster behavior. In this case the AI uses the players (player1 sprite) coordinates to decide some of the dragons (player0) movements. Usually people just use the players coordinates to "heat seek" towards the player. But, you can do more than that. Not really a code example. I glossed over _west, _east, _north and _south being constants. Also didn't explain p0ref being a bitwise define of a variable. Just included the code from one of my games to demonstrate intent movegdragon if direction = _west then player0x = player0x + 1 : p0ref = 0 if direction = _east then player0x = player0x - 1 : p0ref = 1 if direction = _north then player0y = player0y + 1 if direction = _south then player0y = player0y - 1 goto main_begin moveydragon if player1y > player0y then player0y = player0y + 1 if player1y < player0y then player0y = player0y - 1 if direction = _west then player0x = player0x + 1 : p0ref = 0 if direction = _east then player0x = player0x - 1 : p0ref = 1 if direction = _north then player0y = player0y + 1 if direction = _south then player0y = player0y - 1 goto main_begin moverdragon if player1x > player0x then player0x = player0x + 1 : p0ref = 0 if player1x < player0x then player0x = player0x - 1 : p0ref = 1 if player1y > player0y then player0y = player0y + 1 if player1y < player0y then player0y = player0y - 1 if direction = _west then player0x = player0x + 1 : p0ref = 0 if direction = _east then player0x = player0x - 1 : p0ref = 1 if direction = _north then player0y = player0y + 1 if direction = _south then player0y = player0y - 1 goto main_begin
  23. I really want to use pfpixel for procedurally drawn screens. Alas, what I've found is that using several pfpixel commands does indeed exacerbate CPU cycle problems. Also, it seems to use up more ROM space using pfpixel commands than playfield screen sections. Big bummer there 😕 My experiences could very well be my poor coding style in combination with using pfpixel in an unintended way I suspect this is something we'll have to make a custom community version of pfpixel to get closer to some of our needs. Kind of like what we did for the multi sprite kernel pfread.
  24. SeaGtGruff came up with a library to move playfield pixels around. Download is in this topic:
  25. The fellow that I was collaborating with decided to go with an Android based portable so the AFP specific build wasn't needed anyway. I tried this combination as a "best practices" for AFP compatibility: * Manually write zeros to all available RAM * No high res title screen (possible unsupported HMOVES) * Use the AFP safe score kernel for batariBASIC projects. * Fill each bank to the brim with data. Putting in dummy static arrays if needed (hoping the cart type detection is appeased). Trouble is, even with doing that I feel the chance for working is potluck.
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