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  1. Ritche Blackmore dramatically quit Deep Purple by tearing up his visa to Japan in front of the others on the eve of the 1993 Japanese tour

  2. Watching Ted 2. I've wasted my life...

  3. So, anyone in the market for a new/sealed copy of Princess Rescue? http://www.ebay.com/itm/111830225380

  4. I can remember things, meaningful or important things that happened to me, without getting a tattoo of them.

  5. Happy Holidays everyone!

  6. my little girl will celebrate her first birthday in a couple of days. holy shit. time blazes by these days.

    1. ntavio


      Just wait until she is turning 13. Then you really wonder where the time went.

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  7. Just about broke my nose in the mosh pit last night. Ouch.

    1. ntavio


      Same thing happened to me at a NIN club show 23 years ago.

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  8. Bee Gee's meets AC/DC - shockingly, it works!

  9. My radio show is now being syndicated on a Canadian station at Elliot Lake,Ontario on 105.1 FM!!! http://www.newnrn.com/showtimes.htm LOL also I'm live on the air atm...come join me on the chat http://radiovalencia.fm ..4/20 also marks the debut of my show. Today's theme is vintage gore movies :P XO

  10. Any interest in a 5200 Sinistar reissue in the store? I know I want one.

    1. ntavio


      I would like to be able to buy a copy also.

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  11. George McFly, up a tree, with a pair of binoculars - what guys had to do before the Internet.

  12. Oh God, I'm still at PRGE.....homeless....no booths....sleeping on a bench!

  13. Just checked in at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo! Jeez, that AtariAge booth sure is full of a bunch of NERDS!

  14. Mr. Scary by Dokken is sounding awesome today!

  15. Today is moving day! Will be offline for a week or so.

  16. Did you know that Whitney Houston's debut LP, called simply "Whitney Houston," had four number one singles on it? Did you know that Christy?

    1. ntavio


      HeHe....I love this movie! Does that make me sick in the head?

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  17. US cutbacks must be really hitting the US military. The government has confirmed there will be no Death Star :(

  18. Finally created an official AtariAge page on Facebook--please like it for me! http://www.facebook.com/AtariAge

  19. Today I visited a website that does not exist.

  20. Triumph: Thunder Seven = Killer album of Canadian rock awesomeness

    1. ntavio


      @jetset - at the Hollywood Sportatorium (RIP)

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