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  1. I vote for: swlovinist Albert bfstats zwackery toymailman neotokeo2001 FND Tempest Spiceware atarinut76 All have extensive 2600 collections or make a significant contribution to the hobby!
  2. I was under the impression that the true Heavy Sixer BOXES did not display the serial number on the actual box. That is not to say that Heavy Sixers did not have serial numbers, they just didn't display them on the box. Coupled with the fact that Atari featured the heavy sixer on the light sixer box, I venture to say it is a light sixer.
  3. Here's my two cents: MEDIEVAL MAYHEM
  4. At a CGE live auction, in either 2010 or 2012, a shrinkwrapped copy of Waterworld went for around $400.
  5. Do yourself a favor and buy a 5200 if you want to play an extremely faithful rendition of the arcade version. But in response to your question, probably. Seeing that 2 versions of Star Castle were finally programmed for the 2600, I believe that the 2600 can handle it.
  6. 13 years ago I bought out the remaining 2600 and 7800 Atari games from As Seen On TV. Nothing rare, just common red boxes and silver boxes, but they were all shrinkwrapped. I believe I have the box of games somewhere I just have to look for it.
  7. I have one. I seem to recall buying it from Scott years ago. But I don't know how many were made.
  8. I'd be interested in the Sega Thunderground box. What is your epay handle?
  9. Great video Metal Jesus and awesome collection.......... !!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for the video where you go through your collection of vinyl...... Good show.
  10. Welcome back Bob!!!!
  11. ROBOTRON 2084: Hall of Famer Xevious: Solid Game
  12. It's awesome to see that Bob is still developing (great) games!
  13. CPU - Please let me know if another set becomes available. Thank you my friend.
  14. Can't wait to read this!!!! Thank you. I know this is a monumental task!
  15. It is probably a PAL version of the game. I love finding red box versions of games like Pole Position, Jungle Hunt, Moon Patrol, etc.
  16. I just received mine. Thank you FND.
  17. PM Sent for the last one...............
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