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  1. Hello everyone, I have an Atari 2600 Home Vision game (cartridge only) here called WAR 2000 (VCS 83102) , good condition (see pictures) Can anyone give me some more info about this (rarity , value , ....) Thanks a lot!
  2. Hello, I am selling this cartridge here, It's from my personal collection. Some pictures added!
  3. Original Atari Homevision cartridge for sale. Rare title "Panda Chase"
  4. They are pretty cool and this one is in a very nice shape :-)
  5. Yes of course! Here are some pictures! It is in realy nice shape!
  6. Up for sale is a copy of the rare Home Vision (Atari 2600) Sky Alien game. Game is complete in box (box in great shape + manual present) . This is the rare white variant of the game cartridge! Please make offers.
  7. Hi san-d-2000 . As they told me the games are quite rare ...
  8. Hello, I certainly can! Please contact me with a personal message! greetz
  9. 2 atari 2600 titles up for sale! * Number 36 :Comsic war : including game + box * Number 12 :Sky alien : including game + box + manual (on the manual are a few numbers written) Please feel free to ask questions or to make offers.
  10. Yes. This is PAL like my good friend said :-)
  11. Hello everybody, I have an atari cartridge called sky alien ,manufactured by Homevision, for sale. Box is in perfect condition, white cartridge (label very nice , front is white , back is yellowed , no booklet.) Please mail me with reasonable offers! Thanks
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