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  1. Hi fibrewire!


    Just discovered this topic. I, also, would be very interested in reproductions of both the Corvus HD interface and the ADS Integrator board.


    Personally, I'd love to be able to use Corvus 8" DS/DD external floppy disk drives with my Atari 8-bits, as well! Perhaps someone could duplicate/integrate the functionality of the Apple II Corvus FDD interface board into an Atari interface...

  2. As a new A8'er... I'm excited the read about the idea of Adventure 2 coming to the 8bit Atari Computers!


    If/when complete, do you plan on a cart and manual release or a boxed version? You'll be getting some money from me when it's ready! :)



    If it's released with a manual and box, I'm down for 2 of them! I bought one of the original limited edition numbered 5200 carts back in the day.


    Cafeman, what style cartridge case are you planning to use? I always liked the XE cart cases with the alternating ridges and grooves along the sides, with an Atari logo molded into the case on the back.


    Thanks for making an enhanced version of one of my favorite homebrew Atari games for my favorite 8-bit computer!

  3. Hi Allan,


    How did you obtain your bug-fixed Atari 8-bit computer Jr. Pac-Man cartridge? Does it have custom label artwork? Or is it part of a multi-cart?



    I have 8-bit version on cartridge with the bug fixed but it would be nice to have in on the 5200.



  4. Hi Dutchman2000!


    I also would be interested in your Atari 5200 port of Tempest when it's released. Thanks for your efforts to make this a reality on the 5200.



    BTW, when do you plan to release 5200 ports of Phoenix and Crazy Climber? ;)

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