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  2. Wow , very cool , better than my !!! (I worked for nothing....) EDIT : Added fixed bin file
  3. Thanks for feedback SpiceWare ! Cyberman should be fixed reducing the number of lines of its sprite. Dalek has been already fixed, indeed was the missiles offset ...
  4. YOU WILL BE EXTERMINATED... A graphic hack of Berzerk , taken from "Whoniverse" of the Doctor . Evil Otto has also been replaced .... Here a video and bin file Berzerk_Dalek.bin Berzerk_Dalek_2.bin
  5. Thanks. @ComputerSpaceFan : I don't know the story of Bambino's UFO Master , but searching on the net they look different ; the in-game sound effects are almost similar for missiles launch and hits ("bip" & "bop" ) .
  6. UFO Attack - Tomy's Revenge http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5E_3rWzJRoo First of all this is not an emulation of the real game released by Tomy Electronic in '80 for their popular handheld video games , btw this Atari VCS version is very close to original counterpart . The game is 80% finished , wrote in assembler , should be fitted on a standard 4KB cartridge. For those unfamiliar with the original game : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KPktD53nzg
  7. This is only a project for fun, no user interface will be develop. I like to explore such kind of expansion device for a future game project, in order to add, for example, external 7-segment lcd and/or leds, may be for a porting game like sega monaco gp...
  8. The ABS device (ABsolute non-Sense device) is an interface for Atari VCS system that allow to capture a defined game parameters, such as remaining lives, score and so on. It's interfaced with cartridge, where the address-bus lines are routed to a PLD and data-bus lines are routed to external devices (i.e. microcontroller or latch chip...) PLD is programmed in order to respond to a defined address value: when the address value programmed match the address value present on the bus of VCS, a PLD's output pin is set, so the external devices know that the preset address in on the way and they read the related data present on data-bus. For example, in Pole Position game, at RAM address 88 (hex) is stored the car's speed; programming the PLD with preset address equal to 88 (hex), we can read the data associated to the car's speed (i.e. with a microcontroller interfaced with Atari data-bus and with the active output of PLD). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kU65meFV_VY In this case the car's speed is grabbed form Atari VCS memory ram , and it is displayed as led bar. The led bar value is equal to the speed-bar already present on the game.
  9. @ Carpenter : tomorrow I'll comeback to my home and I'll send you the files. @ BigO : yes, ATMEGA644 comes in a DIP package , so it is very easy to assemble the board ; Farnell In One or R.S. have this device ready to ship. Concerning battery backed SRAM, could be easely implemented its programming with a minor modification of the hardware and software. A "To-Do" implementations ?... Not always germicidal lamps are able to erase the eprom device, depends by wavelenght of the radiation emitted by lamp; but usually works . Mirko
  10. Hi All, on my blog http://seventysblog.blogspot.com/2008/02/e...atari-2600.html you can find ya-Eprom programmer , with some special function for Atari2600 catrigde. Very easy to build for a few dollars. Mirko
  11. Hi All. Here the link to my project concerning an eprom programmer , with some features specific for Atari 2600 eprom. Considering that this is the first release (but system is fully working) , so any suggestions/impovements are welcomed. Very easy to build for a few dollars. Of course the schematics , firmware and software are tatally free and availabe Your comments are appreciated regards, Mirko
  12. Kirmo

    Vertical Counter

    Hi Dan. Only to say that on 7474 (IC labeled E7A) pin 3 , the incoming signal is not the main clock (7.159MHz), but really is the HRESET signal. Regards, Mirko
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