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  1. If you list your location, someone might be close by that will fix it.
  2. This controller has been sold. Thanks for the interest.
  3. Hello, I have a working Atari Jaguar Pro Controller for sale. Please send me your offers. Thank you for looking. Jeff
  4. I wish I could have attended this year. The classic arcade was my favorite part last year! Any chance some video of those 2 panels will be posted? Missing those makes me wish I could have gone even more. Jeff
  5. Everything is time based, so it's much better to ask the seller if they are willing to wait before you even bid if it's that important to you. Seems like common sense to me.
  6. Due to current finances I will be auctioning off parts of my collection. Here's a link to what I have posted to far: eBay Seller: jedijeff Thank you for looking. Jeff
  7. I agree, a Jaguar CD version would be preferred.
  8. That makes sense, sure, but there are always multiple copies of this game available at one time on eBay (not counting the various other sources that they *can* still be had NIB). Price should theoretically be driven by demand, not by what a constant group of people hope to get for it. It doesn't seem like everyone and their grandmother are rushing out to get ahold of this one, at least not at the prices people are asking for it.. /rant You initially offered me $25 shipped on it--If you are willing to do $20 shipped, I will likely bite come payday next week. Let me know. $20 sounds good. Send me a PM with your info, and let me know if you want some pics sent first. Jeff
  9. I understand everyone wants a great deal on the games they buy, but they seem to forget that the more people that keep them in their collection the less copies are available to buy. $20 shipped is reasonable. I can send some pics of mine if you are interested. Jeff
  10. There's one on ebay: eBay Auction -- Item Number: 370508782839 Hope that helps. Jeff
  11. I would recommend buying a new PS3. More than likely, it will last longer than a refurbished one. It also seems likely that there will be a price drop this summer, but that's not guaranteed. Jeff
  12. I'm still looking forward to trying this game out when you're done. Jeff
  13. Hello, I have a few Atari Jaguar items up for auction: eBay Seller: jedijeff Thanks for looking. Jeff
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