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  1. Thank-you, I must have missed the links in the main page.
  2. Doesn't have the program I am looking for...plus a lot of the links are dead
  3. Hi, Many moons ago I used to have a program when it was compressed it was called MMM226.LZH, it was a great MIDI music player that worked on the Atari ST/STe (maybe beyond I never was too sure as I never had anything beyond the STe). I also at one time used it in an emulator and for the life of me I can't remember where I downloaded it. It was a shareware program is all I know. I tried to type up the name of the file in my search engine and I got a site that lists the description of the file but no download (http://www.hitsquad.com/smm/programs/mmm226.lzh) It does NOT have to be a rom image, the file itself would be good enough as I could copy the folder to my Atari "hard drive" in which I use for my emulator. FYI Shareware version is perfectly fine for me.
  4. Even in the year 2018 the site is still up and operational. I am downloading a bunch of Atari stuff for my emulator to use. I really really do appreciate you posting this. I was looking for .IMG files but ended up finding this. I will be exploring it and having more fun.
  5. Hello, I am currently using hAtari on my LinuxMint 18.1 system and I absolutely love it but I am having a question about the keyboard layout. I am trying to use the \ and _ keys but for some reason when I type these within the emulator all I get is a ? instead. I am trying to change configuration in one of my ST programs and it won't let me change the directory without the \. I also want to rename some files with _ in it. Example hi_there.bas instead of just hithere.bas. Thanks
  6. I will try that emulator...there is a version for my linuxmint I can download. btw, I know it will be slow I just want to be able to go to basic websites anyway, nothing fancy.
  7. That is the exact order I did it in, but some reason it doesn't load up NeoDesk right after Geneva loads up first time nor the time after I do the changes to my desktop within NeoDesk.
  8. Here I am again asking questions....I hope you all don't mind as I am a newbie to the emulation scene. I am wondering has anyone ever gotten hatari to ever work with actually going to a web site? I have version CAB 2.7 (english) and I just would love to be able to connect to some basic sites while using my hatari emulator. I have it set up as an Atari Falcon 040 at 16mhz and 14mb of RAM. I am not planning on going to sites like YouTube, etc...because I know that the plugins required are most likely not going to work in the browsers written for the Atari. Also is there an English FTP and/or TELNET one? Thank-you.
  9. It is ok, it did have some samples within there and it was actually useful. I will continue my search.
  10. Ok about the later not working, that is what I want to load. I will look for SpeedoGDOS or NVDI to install. I am trying to run Atari Works btw, that is why. Thank-you for making me become clearer than I was because it does seem vague what I said.
  11. Hi there, Is there a way to get GDOS Fonts to work in HATARI? I tried to do an install of them and it said they installed properly but then when I do a reboot of the system, it just locks up on me. I have to do a "reset" after I delete the files out of my "hard drive". I am emulating a Falcon system with TOS 4.04 (Atari TOS) with 14mb RAM. Thanks
  12. I downloaded the files, I guess that will have to do. I just was really wondering if there was a site (web or FTP) that just has the images by themselves. So if I wanted to get a lot of .tny pictures I can download them and put them on my emulator (hatari) "hard drive" and view them from there.
  13. Hi there, I recently downloaded NeoDesk 4 and Geneva from the website and I absolutely love them. I am now just inquring about how to edit the configurations with it. Here is what I want to do... 1) Autobook NeoDesk right away after loading Geneva 2) Auto set resolution to 256 colors instead of 2 colors I am running hAtari and I am emulating a Falcon computer (which I love doing it) and it keeps on just loading up the Geneva and then it stops and then I have to click the Open and then run NeoDesk. Even if I do a save desktop to the 256 colors, it still boots it up to the 2 color screen. I change the settings to 256 colors and then it loads up Geneva and then I can load up NeoDesk with the 256 colors.
  14. Hi there, is there a place where I can obtain a huge collection of the various formats for pictures for the Atari ST/TT/Falcon. I am looking for Degas, Degas Elite, Tiny (all resoultions), Spectrum 512 (compressed and uncompressed), and any other formats that were exclusive to the Atari ST/TT/Falcon computers.
  15. Does anyone know where I can find a US Atari STacy "laptop" computer? I would love to have one that has 4mb of RAM and at least a 20mb (prefer 40mb or higher)? Thanks
  16. Is the Falcon backward compatible with the ST/STe systems? Also does a CDRW drive work as well (with burning compatible function)?
  17. Just curious...was there ever an Atari CD Rom drive made for the Atari ST systems (not Falcon or TT) using the normal hard drive plugin? I know of SCSI used with the Link cartridge. I don't need a CDRW nor a DVD Rom drive, just a regular CD ROM reader is fine (speed does not matter because I know SCSI one I have is 1x speed). -- Doctor Vell www.doctorvell.com
  18. YES that is the one I believe, but were there anymore created...BTW I downloaded the demos from that site
  19. I am wondering if anyone has an .ATR file for the Atari 8 bit system that was a joke DOS that someone created. What happened is that when you did the A [ret] [ret] you got a directory with all the same file. There was some other stuff that made it seem like you were formatting your disk when you weren't, etc... It was quite funny prank to put on my friends Atari 800 when I had the actual disk.
  20. Hi there, I don't know if it is possible, but I have some Atari 8 bit files I downloaded from the archive at the University of Michigan (UMICH) and I was wondering if there was a way with MS Vista to convert those into an .ATR file so I can use them with Atari800Win Plus 4 program. Basically, it is the .ams music files. I can play them fine in my Atari ST emulator with MMM226 but I would like to load them with my Atari 8 bit emulator. Thanks...
  21. HELP!!! I am very confused on how to use the Advanced Music System II program using the emulator of Atari 2.0.3. I downloaded the entire archive of AMS songs from umich's archive. I wish to play them using a program, but I don't know how to have my program work so I can play them through the emulator. I have a disk image of the program which does have some samples, but it only loads it up via the "D1:" drive but my song files are on the "H:" drive. Any help would be appreciated, unless there is another program that will load them off this virtual drive (on my system they are under the /ams folder on my C: drive, but I have that folder where they are located as a "H:" drive. Thanks...
  22. Depends on your emulator, and on your programming skills. Atari++ offers the option to install the H: device handler under the D: name so you could use that transparently; first use the DOS of your choice to copy the contents of the AMS .ATR image to a H: device, then install the host device as D:. Second option: IIRC, the AMS player is simply a basic program that bootstraps the assembly language player. Load that file under basic and modify the D:s to H:s. So long, Thomas The emulator I'm using is Atari 800 Emulator 2.0.3, I don't know how to really how to use Atari++ (did download it) nor how to do option #2. Thanks... Thanks
  23. Hi there, Here is my problem... I have APX20100.ATR for my Atari 800 emulator. It works GREAT for playing my AMS music files that are included in the .ATR file itself. I would like to know is there a way for them to play them via the H: drive? I have unarc'ed the UMICH archive of the AMS files into a specific folder and I use it as my H: drive. Or is there a way to uncompress the .ATR files into a file I can place in that hard drive folder and just run the program from there? I wish to play them but I can't play the songs. Thanks
  24. THANK-YOU That is it, now all I have to do is SLOW down my Atari 8 bit emulator so I can see it Atari 8 bit speed.
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