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  1. Bubsy 3D is better than a lot of Jaguar 3d games... i would take it! Also, i dont think its "THAT" bad, hehe.
  2. Yeah, why settle for the first one. If only MK2 would have received the same treatment as NBA JAM TE from the same coders for the Jag... that would have been more than enough for me BITD.
  3. Gotta love the Amiga copper-like color effects on the backgrounds. And also the fact that you got parallax scrolling going on. How many colors are being displayed in average?
  4. That looks and sounds amazing! Never tought it would look this good on the Lynx video resolution. Gameplay and animation seems way smoother than the Sega GameGear version. Congratulations guys!
  5. Maybe if they made the level shorter to save some RAM? That level is about twice as long as the original R Type first level, and has more enemy variety. I dont like very long levels on shooters, i prefer to have shorter ones, but more of them. You would need the extra memory just for the sound FXs, since it would play CD music, right?
  6. Yeah, given the narrative so far, i doubt either Battlesphere or Zero 5 looked better than Space War 2000 in the eyes of Atari. Thats given that SW2000 offers fully textured mapped vehicles and the other 2 dont 🙄. Remember, more texturemapping rules over fluid framerates and decent gameplay.
  7. Wouldnt loading at the start and at mid level and once again when you reach the boss help? The PS1 version did that, and it didnt ruin the game. Plus, loading times for a cartridge wouldnt be that long, right? I really dont know how that works. But even then, they had to cut some animation on the PS1 version, but was still pretty darn good. And then you would have the issue of cart sizes. But now we have flash carts! I had such big hope for Legion Force Jidai to turn into a reality...
  8. Yeah, and didnt they had to port Raiden just by playing the heck out of the arcade? They didnt get any source code or assets, right? Just the arcade cabinet...which would be pretty cool! Or am i mistaking it with some other game?
  9. Looks really good. Very impressive graphics. Tons of sprites on screen at the same time, of all sizes and animated. Bosses are huge. Music is very good too. Love the artwork. Congratulations!
  10. Forget about Mortal Kombat 3. Just a port of MK2 that is as superior to the SNES version, as the Jag NBA JAM TE is superior to the SNES game. It wouldnt matter if it was as late as the Jag NBA Jam TE. Also, more ports of PC games that used the Wolfenstein 3D engine. It ran so nice on the Jaggy. Damn, feels like i have posted this same stuff on a 100 other threads 🤣
  11. Havent really tought of comparing the FMV quality of the 3DO and Jag CD before. But should be pretty close, right?
  12. Turrican 3 with Native quality graphics... first level even has aliens trapped in test tubes in both games 🙂
  13. Similar to the N64, and wouldnt the N64 have better sound capabilities than the Jaguar?
  14. sd32

    Rikki & Vikki

    Looks amazing! Sprite animation is very impressive. The game looks like lots of fun, and those boss fights...very nice!
  15. I wonder if Pitfall is using the mentioned Atari music code, and if its one of the reasons why it runs at a lower framerate than the 16 bit versions... how many games could have run a bit smoother if they werent using it?
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