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  1. I think that's what happened and when discussing it they thought Pat may have too but this is what we came with. If he directly said that Smash would have used that as the "smoking gun". I got through 20 episodes last night while binging my game and he had yet to say it. Their E3 coverage is where I stopped. What is super funny is listening to the stuff from early on. They were spot on with practically everything to the extent that I wouldn't be surprised if someone inside the company was feeding them information. It was just smoke and mirrors for him to dismiss what Pat was saying. I did have a chuckle out loud moment last night when they covered the CEO holding the controller upside down to "troll them". They talked about how he can't admit to a mistake. It reminded me how he said his incorrect spelling of "Peak" on their videos was a joke innuendo. Couldn't admit the mistake but they corrected it later. 🤣
  2. Darius is that you? Why are you being such a gaming racist hater gatekeeper? They are just trying to bring fun into the world. It isn't for you so you don't get to have an opinion. They must be doing something right for you to hate them.
  3. I have only seen one Intv console in my life and I is the one I bought off a guy about ten years ago. I have only seen one Colecovision too (don't own). I have seen enough 2600s that I have bought and cleaned up some to give to my siblings since I reduced our 2600 Jr from childhood. But now you can't find much Atari stuff either around me. The one shop that had something was trying to sell Ms Pacman for like a stupid price and I was like "Nope".
  4. I hope everyone gets their console. I hope anyone who invested on republic gets one as well as for them being irresponsible with their trust and money.
  5. Here found where this all came from. Pat on a Twitch stream said that Chameleon was the height of the channel. No where did Pat say in that that he hoped Amico would fail for the same reason. It is something SmashJT, Tommy, and other spun into it. Go to 9:15. This video is actually hilarious because Smash had it so wrong and has changed his tune quite a bit. Smash mentions his comparisons he makes to the Chameleon but ignores where they clarified it wasn't about Amico being a scam but some of the same talking points. So yeah something the CEO wanted you to believe was said, but wasn't. I'm still listening to old shows and this is even more out from the CEO crapping his pants and Ian is still saying he likes things about the controller. 🤣
  6. Not true here's a video that a guy made a playlist for. You are repeating what someone WANTED you to think. In fact many times Ian said he found it interesting and that there's nothing wrong with a family friendly console. Ian even said it can be hard to find kid games on the Playstation. I've been listening to this in the background while playing. I'm to the time after the former CEO crapped himself over Pat saying $200-$300 console and nothing of that nature has been said at all. I'm partway through their video on the CEO's "apology". And he still hasn't said anything near that and this is after he had started to attack Pat and Ian. Truth of the matter is the former CEO WANTED you to believe that, and you just accepted it. Truth is that same person had issues with people having opinions that weren't how he told you to think. You can't find it because it doesn't exist. IF I come across it I will let you know. I have a dungeon to conquer (Children of Morta). Edit: Example of the CEO encouraging you to think that way. Still looking/listening...
  7. I think that was a line fed by a CEO claiming they wanted it to while they would become the Chameleon of Podcaster. If memory serves initially they said if someone could make it work the CEO could. If you think that's wrong please find the video in which they said that and post it. Pretty sure that was a CEO tactic to get people spun up to do this us vs them. Quite good manipulation tactic, because it distracted people from looking at the red flags. Yes. It is funny because after 4 years all they have done is regress. All the claims of legitimacy and its going to happen because look at all these offices and 600 years of experience. It's just funny after seeing stuff like this. It is obvious priorities were not where they should be.
  8. Also off topic I forgot to mention earlier that Intellivania looks freaking cool.
  9. Looks like they are taking the Secret Lair idea to the next step. They really want to avoid making refunds. Putting Secret Lair on the front door was never a good way to keep it secret. 🤪
  10. Yeah people have been predicting Nintendos demise since at least the GameCube. Their response is to keep pumping out stuff. Some hits some misses. That's the way to do it by doing not saying. That's a great point that thinking it will fail is not the same as wanting. I thought they would have a tough time reaching their primary market, and I was right. Doesn't mean I didn't want them to reach it. But yeah the CEO (er president) was more interested in making fights and crusades than actually showing stuff or doing stuff. As far as chasing down misinformation they never did it if the information was positive about Amico even if untrue. I saw that a lot in the early days of the streams. If it might make you invest or pre-order they wouldn't touch it. 🤷
  11. Pretty much everything aged horribly. In hindsight it all seemed like hype to get more money with no real substance. It was like they blew their money and time on things that didn't matter. The hardware and software should have been the first thing locked in. Instead we got shell colors. It's just "Ug". I really see this as having ruined any good attempt at Intv making any type of comeback. At least we know we will see a chunk of the games like Graviators, Dynablaster, Dolphin Quest (if gets funded) on other platforms. Maybe they can get their IP games finished and onto existing consoles.
  12. Yeah I've had friends of the CEO try to dox me and get me and others fired from jobs. Wives were contacted or called names. Then you have some members still trying to find me on other social media platforms. I wonder if they contacted them privately thinking it was me. Thankfully most of those individuals weren't long timers here and left when the CEO (er president) did. I think that's why when Garvey and I had our interview he told me to turn off my camera because he knew how some were behind the scenes. Garvey wanted to do a second interview but I declined because a CEO (erm president) wanted to refute things I said despite wanting to see it succeed. (I'd still like it to succeed theoretically, but it isn't what it was pitched as). It was always fun to hear the "back room" stories about what was going on in Amicoland. Funny how they wouldn't like some of the things they were encouraged to do, but would only talk privately about it and not discuss it publicly. 🤔
  13. That kind of stinks. Are there enough Intellivision owned IPs left to do a vol 3? Or was it left off because it literally uses every button and the evercade controller doesn't have enough? If you had watched as many YT videos as I have you would notice that a lot of things would change to fit what that person would like. I mean the whole, "wouldn't that be something" is just a tactic that was continually used to get people think that things would come that probably wouldn't happen. As far as give me NES SNES style games check out Oniken and Odallus. Oniken was fun and made me feel like I was playing Contra or Ninja Gaiden again. Odallus will give you Castlevania vibes. I really liked it and got both of them on sale on my Switch and they were worth every penny. 7800 homebrewers really made the console worth owning beyond another way to play 2600 games. Bently Bear Crystal Quest is by far my favorite. There are some new ones I need to check out (knight guy, dragons, wizard) that look great.
  14. Been playing a bunch of Morta and really liking it.
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