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  1. I was considering doing a Pi image version. I don't have a cool case like that though.
  2. I actually wanted to see this thing be successful. They have been a huge let down. Thankfully, I have the Amico to look forward to and they are much better with communication.
  3. Yeah it was a quick job. I don't get why someone wouldn't just get a PC for that price?
  4. Eh they probably stole Stella and didn't get permission to use it. Us "retro fans" already have ways to play games on modern TVs that don't require $300.
  5. Any time frame on this showing up in the store?
  6. Quick job on the phone but you get the idea.
  7. Dungeon - it is a turn based RPG dungeon crawl. Stella's Stocking - good mixture of minigames. Draconian - Really pushes hardware amd plays great!
  8. Great article. I feel the same way more and more as the years pass me by.
  9. I don't know where but I think there may have been reference to there being a way to tell where you were on the controller. Maybe not raised buttons like the original but something. Tommy would have to clarify that.
  10. Chopsus at least gets that there is nothing being shown. The naysayers do know something and that is that the backers are really getting strung along. Not in the sense that it won't be delivered, but that Atari has been anything but transparent.
  11. Isn't there a custom 7800 cart option in the AA store?
  12. I said the 27th as well but I will change mine to the 23rd and take that spot.
  13. These people really need to realize how things work. Atari wouldn't use that game. Not because it sucks, but because it would need approved by at least Nintendo and Namco.
  14. They've already added hdmi. I think Stella is fine. Only improvement I would like to see is it run a higher version of Stella. Or see the handheld eventually use Stella too.
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