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  1. I thought we've established that my wife is made up. If my kid is made up please let me continue to live the lie because he is too adorable. And 3 members is misleading, it's really 3 households. My mother who is around 60 really wants to play Animal Crossing. Actually that is the selling point for all the households at this point. My wife in so many imaginary words said she wanted Animal Crossing. I really wish she made this decision before all the Covid stuff. I get tired of answering all the, "No X, Y, & Z places are still out of Switches!" It is even more annoying that my mother is doing the same thing now.... My son isn't that old but he did recently clear one column of invaders out in the 2600 Space Invaders by himself. The reason we like things like that is because even though we are a huge family of 6 with a 19 year spread between the oldest and youngest (That means our family spans boomer to zoomer!) we are really close. Us older siblings in some ways are second parents to the younger siblings. A game like Animal Crossing lets us chill and have fun with each other and marvel over a town. My mother really wants to go visit some other towns and she can't anymore on the Wii one. Funny side note. My boomer mom use to have the Pitfall mazes memorized to maximize her treasure score output. It was really cool when watching her play when I was younger. It sucks that she doesn't remember it anymore because I would love to be as good as she was back then. What is funny is she isn't what I would call a gamer but did have specific games she would play. 2600 - Pitfall, NES - Friday the 13th (yeah it sucks but in our family it's a classic), SNES Goof Troop & Zombies ate my Neighbors, and then from there it was Animal Crossing on Gamecube/Wii. It was a weird assortment of games she liked and didn't make sense. Also this thread has been missing this some. I'm sorry it isn't tacos but a close sibling. Breakfast burrito made with spinach wrap, egg, leftover pepperoni, homegrown peppers, onions, and fresh garden squash. With a touch of hot sauce it was great. Probably should have added cheese but oh well. Actually I think it was fresher tasting without the cheese since it had a lot of squash as filler.
  2. MrBeefy

    Rikki & Vikki

    I was here to do the same thing and promote this. Great game if you don't have it or only have it on cart get it on Steam now! Worth it!
  3. Maybe that's why no less than 3 of my family members are searching for a Switch. Not sure I needed to know that about my boomer mother though.... Thanks Roots.
  4. Like mentioned earlier I would be more worried about the stick breaking. Might be why there's no mention of paddle capability? They made it to retail though!!!
  5. Cookie Monster is still waiting for his video game delivery. I think The Producers is good but Cookie could expand his tastes with The Tacos Makers on off Broadway. Don't forget to smile and have some fun. Oh and don't forget to have some tacos too.
  6. And that's what I'm talking about! Glad to hear about the bump. I always try to push it when the opportunity presents itself.
  7. I personally like the brief reviews and while I think it is better I don't think A- is bad. I think BBCQ is either the best or second best on the 7800 but I remember people not liking the platforming. Almost any review I take a plus one minus one take. I think I would say with VGC reviews it is usually within one letter grade for me. It was a good grade and put a review out there for more people to see and discover. That to me is a win.
  8. It is just a special case for a raspberry pi 3b+. Makes your Rpi look all retro like. I haven't seen it in person but I think they could have done better.
  9. Just get fake woodgrain stickers and put them on this sucker. https://slickdeals.net/f/14136569-asus-vivobook-15-laptop-ryzen-3-3200u-15-6-1080p-4gb-ddr4-128gb-ssd-vega-3-win-10-299-free-shipping-walmart
  10. Kind of like the Switch, good things don't stay in stock I guess.
  11. When is the pocket suppose to come out? That thing looks/sounds great!
  12. No classics this past week. Xbox 360 Halo 3 - 543 Android Swordigo - 53
  13. Register article that I haven't seem with a little more news about Wyatt. https://www.theregister.com/2020/06/03/atari_wages_lawsuit_default_judgment/ Dang thought I had a picture of the tacos we recently ate. Taco fail.
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