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  1. Where's the one showing the new Moon Patrol?
  2. So why do you think in the video they pimp this thing as gaming gaming gaming if it isn't a console? The biggest fans at the supporter group are basically saying this isn't a console. Why didn't Atari call it the Atari PC? Also the Atari 2600 was a Video Computer System. Xbox and PS4 could also be called VCS's. Only difference is they have games that are newer than 40 years...
  3. I think ETA Prime backed it. Be curious when he gets his.
  4. I have no clue about soldering but my first guess is she would be burning her hand as she's holding it too low?
  5. They have not shown the front on the ones they recently made for their testing/appeasing the rioters/backers/haters/pigeons.
  6. Something different than Xbox and PS, big Atari fan, maybe some new Atari games. If you look at one of those early post I was like, I don't think they are going for a retro box. Funny thing is that is only what they did with the games. I was interested but never backed it because there wasn't any information, and really in some ways there still isn't. Two years ago if they had done things differently they probably would have had some money from me.
  7. In all fairness to him, isn't that just what Atari did?
  8. So since we are nearing 1000 it is time to be reflective. The die hards might call me a troll, but these early posts by me how Atari botched this thing. I was really considering getting it. Funny how two year of Atari being dumb changes things. Glad to know I have the ability to critically think. From the first 20th of this thread. Lol Guess I only back winners in crowdfunding.
  9. Why a modded Xbox? Rp3 is way cheaper and takes up a deck of card worth of space by your tv. Heck put a command strip on it and put it on the backside of your tv and you wouldn't see it. It has bluetooth, and it low power and quiet. Oh and can easily go up to ps1.
  10. Well as much as I don't like the project I know there are those who do. They really aren't thinking going into the taco thread. They don't seem to get it and need a place to talk about what they like about it etc. Dunno 🤷‍♂️
  11. So, @Mockduck any plans on updating this thread? Since it is coming out soon this might be a good thread to pin if it ever gets a sub forum of its own.
  12. I do think if those who ONLY want a TV PC will be content. I just think it is overpriced. Wouldn't mind buying a lower priced one to use the case for something. I am curious as to if they have any more actual partners that haven't already made a game. Surely, they will be able to get some of their mobile games on it. The Ninja Golf was okay from what I played. Controls were a little weird but I could see it working better with a controller.
  13. If you are looking for a PC box for the TV it will be okay. I didn't expect it to be the biggest graphics game player either. I thought it was frustrating/misleading how it was we are back in gaming, to this is a way to play our old games that also functions as a PC. I think there was potential too or they really needed to market this as a PC and forget the AtariOS. Give people a Steam key for Vault.
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