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  1. There's some time before the release for another trailer to drop. It will be interesting to see how it incorporates all the controller functions.
  2. There wasn't anything shown of Bomb Squad, but if it uses all the features of the controller in a unique way I could see that one maybe making my list.
  3. Here is the teaser for Bomb Squad.
  4. Yeah this one could benefit from online. I think it resembling a 2D Rocket League is what I find appealing. It's something my bro-in-law would like as he's a big rocket league fan.
  5. The article you are talking about also made it seem the art style may have had some additional touches since that gameplay footage too. So it may look better than it did to those who were unsure of that. I think their Seven Sins game looks cool.
  6. I liked the look of this one. I could see myself playing this one with my bro or bro-in-law.
  7. I thought the EWJ style was great looking. There were assets they hadn't added yet to the FF footage we saw. So there may be a few final touches still to be done. I'd be interested in seeing more Safecracker. What I remember of its art style reminded me of some comics I enjoyed reading.
  8. Just turn your TV on its side. Duh.
  9. Not that I'm aware of. I've not heard this one get mentioned as much. Is this a completely new game, or an enhanced one with added stuff? I actually don't remember that.
  10. I thought they have too. Wasn't that all apart of the cases that had the notch on them to help hold the controllers?
  11. They aren't that big in more rural areas either or it just depends on which city you live in.
  12. I've heard the Pi4 is much better than the Pi3 for desktop replacement. That could be one of thos YMMV type of things though.
  13. It's amazing what people can do.
  14. I'm the opposite. I love the look of this one. But I like those "vector" looking graphics.
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