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  1. Ooooh, I had a 2060 once upon a time. Hope you get yours repaired as it's a great card!
  2. Just pulled the trigger and purchased OS3.2 + KS ROM for my 68010 equipped (Buffee hopefully someday) Amiga 2000 finally. I have an A2091 with CD-ROM already attached, and a shiny new SCSI2SD adapter I'll be installing. Hoping installation is as easy as creating an Install disk from the CD-ROM, formatting the HD, then finishing the OS install from the CD. Can always just create a bunch of disks I guess if I have to, then add the CD drive later. Been looking forward to this release!
  3. How tragic! Very sad to hear this news, which is already over a year and a half old. ugh R.I.P. Nukey, and thank you for all the great hacks and everything you've contributed over years.
  4. Never heard of All Star Baseball for the TI... I'm intrigued! Is it an arcade-style baseball game... -edit- NM. Believe post #7 probably answers that.
  5. Agree to an extent, and without turbo-nerding the subject; the particular dynamic (let's call it the discovery mechanic or process) in HERO or Jumpman Jr., is more tedious than fun for me.
  6. Isn't HERO really just a game of memorization though? Try this way, get burned. Learn the patterns and move on. I've tried and tried to like this game throughout the years, but has never kept my attention for very long. Unless you only play it once in a blue moon, not a lot of replay value IMO.
  7. More like Bluto than Mario... but yeah, great game!!
  8. The Atari 2600 disappeared? Oh, I beg to differ! Every decade since its inception has had new software made for it. Peripherals, compatible joysticks/paddles and compatible systems continue to be made to this day. Hell, even modern systems are literally being made under the Atari VCS moniker. Can't think of a time where the mighty VCS didn't have some kind of presence somewhere since 1977.
  9. Wow... if there was an award for top thread crapper, @RJ surely earned it here. @AS, nice collection of gaming goodies! Especially like the 1:4 scale Replicades. As a Pac-Man collector myself, missed a chance to grab that model when GameStop was closing them out. ugh
  10. Oh, there's finality alright. For me, FF ended with the SNES era. When it went from the cute, cleverly drawn and animated little video game sprites to the generic me-too Japanese anime look, somehow I was done. Loplik. Endanlegur. Vesgo. Qav. Finale. Finito.
  11. People seem to be all sorts of nostalgic for the PS1 Mini. Especially after they've modded it to play tons of classic games.
  12. Thank you @Retrospect, can add me to the list of people that appreciate this conversion! Only became aware of this game years ago, thanks to the 2600 homebrew. And despite being old enough, had no idea it was an arcade game as I never saw it BITD. It is a fun little game, and this version has that classic arcade quality feel to it. Challenging in a fun way, but damn... still need to get the "hang" of jumping onto the swinging ropes!
  13. I hear what you're saying about "casuals" (more a term for today than yesteryear as there were fewer of them into this stuff BITD), but also think you may be underestimating the awareness or intelligence of the market at the time a bit. The O2 comes to mind... people weren't intimidated by that machine just because it came with a keyboard. If anything, it had originally helped to sell the system. Oops! ha Also, the Atari 400 was/is just as easy to hook to the tele as any system. Power supply and RF cable - standard stuff. And didn't require tapes or disks. While it was nice to have the option to add a tape or disk peripheral later, don't forget that games on cartridge were *the* standard and common for consoles and most of the popular computer systems back then. Even the C64 for a good while!
  14. The same way they expected them to make the jump from the 2600 to the 5200 in 1982. Price of the 400 was $250 with a $55 rebate in December '82. So less expensive than the 5200 even. My point is by '82 and '83, prices were more or less comparable, hovering around $199. But you got the 'shaft' with the 5200's controllers.
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