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  1. So what are you getting from Amazon for Prime day? Not seeing any deals on the things I'd like to buy...

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    2. GoldLeader


      Lotta doorbells on sale, huh?

    3. GoldLeader


      I still think I might want to buy another Amazon Fire TV Stick, so I have one for the bedroom and one for the living room...However there's no Prime deal on those.

    4. BydoEmpire


      Nothing.  I've been considering a Kindle for many years now, but hard to justify when between my own books and the my saved wishlist from the public library I already have more on my reading queue than I can finish in a couple years... let alone the mountain of recommendations or interesting things the come in every year that add to the pile.  I didn't see any deals that stuck out, anyways.

  2. For a home console in 1987, I'll give you that. One of the reasons I love the PC Engine/TG-16. I could see with some re-tooling or tweaking... increase the difficulty, give it some more variety in enemies, objectives and things to do (ie: power ups, new fighting skill sets, etc.) - this might have made a good game in the arcades. Or a good game period.
  3. Would have been easier to avoid had China Warrior been mentioned in the title. ...and sorry fella's for not splitting hairs when it comes to CW being a 'fighting game' - because contextually (compared to a platform game like Mario/Sonic/Bonk), that's what it is. Knock yourself out if you want to call it a side-scrolling brawler, beat 'em up, fighting, fighter, "gladiator" (new one on me), Kung-Fu simulator or whatever else you want to call it. Just gave it a go right now and it's even worse than I remember 30 years ago. ha Forgot all about the forced scrolling (WTF?) and cruelly repetitive nature of the game. And at the end of a level, you fight a boss one-on-one... just as we've come to expect out of "traditional" fighting games. Except, this game plays and feels like it was made for a much, much younger audience. Love the music though!!
  4. Would a PAL version of this game behave this way per chance? Maybe you landed one of them unknowingly.
  5. Watched the latest video Saturday and noticed a couple of things as they've been evolving... 1) certain games seem to be a lot more "busy" graphics or camera wise, especially Breakout and Missile Command. Borders on distracting IMO. 2) Bi-planes screen zooming in/out too often IMO. Rather see more of a static, zoomed out perspective on such a game. Of course, when a plane appears from either side of the screen, camera would quickly zoom back out - just seems there's too much camera play going on. I must be getting too old for some of this stuff as the highlight of the video for me was at the very end, when Baseball was showcased. Loved the zoomed out perspective so you can see the entire field, and the game genuinely looked fun in that 'good old fashioned' way!
  6. Don't believe China Warrior would have been a very good pack-in at all. Probably would have been as damaging as Keith Courage IMO. Fighting games did not/do not have the same universal appeal as something like a little friendlier platform game, that has several more dimensions and mechanics of play to it. I had CW BITD and never thought much of it. It's funny to see somewhat of the revisionist feelings toward this particular title after all these years and this isn't the first time I'm seeing that here in the forums. Maybe I need to revisit it, but BITD and despite the huge characters, was largely considered a generic stab at the genre. Stiff and clunky controls too, that left a lot to be desired. Believe CW quickly dropped to budget status too if I'm not mistaken. Anyway, I always liked the Bonk franchise and thought it was a good match for the TG-16. Different enough from Sonic (still play Bonk today, never got into Sonic) and Mario to still be fun, with great graphics, good use of colors, gameplay, etc. What I thought was strange was having a "mascot" game like Bonk appear on other systems BITD. NES, SNES and the Amiga with B.C. Kid at least. To me, a mascot should be exclusive to a given system. Definitely think it was extremely sad that so many great games from Japan were never translated for NA. Will forever seem like one of the largest, most obvious blunders and missed opportunities that the home console industry ever witnessed.
  7. Looking at the pic, I see pin 1 on the first controller port is bent. Happens to be responsible for the Up direction. Straighten the pin back with a small flat blade screwdriver or needle nose pliers and I bet it'll work again...
  8. Excellent, well taken care of products. Excellent packaging. Excellent communication. Deal in confidence!
  9. Hope you get well soon CPU!
  10. Cool, looking forward to this! 👍
  11. So sad to hear this. RIP Curt!!
  12. What a tragedy. Condolences to his family, ex-gf's friends/family and her kids.
  13. That address seems to be working now. Just received a reply from Britnee stating to try again. Might have just been finalizing setting up the account when we wrote or something.
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