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  1. Finally got around to trying this. Always thought 3 cats a little too easy, and seemed I could play forever when in the zone, but 4 is pretty tough! Or just right... I can't decide. ha Probably a good decision to go with 3 at the time of release. Just would have been nice to have had 4 as an advanced option BITD. Thanks again DEBRO and Spice, having a blast!
  2. Xp8 shooter came to mind... and while not 100% comprehensive (darn close), you ever check out Lemon's Amiga site? Can search by year under "advanced search". Examples: 1993 1998
  3. January 1998 here, 100% rating, etc. and have never received such a credit as described above. Did received some kind of a credit ($23 IIRC) for using their electronic labels recently though.
  4. Sold some games to Casey. Communicated well and responded timely. No-nonsense transaction all around.
  5. Not in a rush to receive mine, but wondering if the First Class/Mail Parcel shipping option for $3.69 gets sent in a box or a padded envelope? -edit- Just heard how some new releases come with a fold_your_own box/cart combo. That's a new one on me, but probably how it's going to be shipped for that price then. I'll be paying a little extra in the hopes of *not* having it sent that way.
  6. Has the issue of cartridge shells been brought up? Curious what type/design they are...
  7. Very cool discovery! Wouldn't mind trying a more difficult version of this beloved classic. Would you mind posting a hacked .bin so we may try it using Harmony and a real Atari?
  8. Neither the Amiga, nor the Atari have ever used gears.
  9. Can try stretching out the 4 springs a little, but just a little. When reassembling, don't want them to put too much pressure on the actuator so they accidentally make contact. Or better yet, just replace the springs with springs of more resistance.
  10. Looks nice and wish Atari had come up with something like that instead of the damned CX24. Curious how the top button is secured though. It thread right into the white plastic handle or...?
  11. Besides being extremely bare-bones, another problem I have with 2600 DK Jr. is that the difficulty doesn't seem to ramp up like it should. Can just play and play and play until you're finally bored with it, which unfortunately, is sooner than later. Even 2D Zaxxon would have been much better, if only there had been a little more to shoot and look at. Talk about bare bones! 2600 Burgertime always comes to mind when thinking of bad or disappointing ports, but have to admit... rather play it than DK Jr. or Zaxxon.
  12. ^ Ha! The Atari offering has Defender pictured, but titled Star Ship. And Pole Position says Indy 500. Par for the course today!
  13. Interesting write up of Double Dragon 2 that talks about some issues with the NTSC version: https://www.amigalove.com/games.php?game_id=71
  14. From 1989's The Terror Within. Was shown on Comet last month, when I caught our beloved TI being used as a prop!
  15. Hate to contradict, but I'd say most of the Amiga games (even from the big houses) were available here as NTSC releases. Certainly throughout the 80's. Was only the early/mid 90's when that started to change. I think people get the impression there were way more PAL releases because that's usually the version you find when scouring the 'net for these things. Anyway, I know for sure Double Dragon II (1989 Virgin Games) saw an NTSC release as I have it CIB and believe Plan 9 (1992 Konami/Gremlin) did as well. And a quick search yields that yes, yes it did. Here's the NTSC box, which differs from the PAL a bit...
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