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  1. That address seems to be working now. Just received a reply from Britnee stating to try again. Might have just been finalizing setting up the account when we wrote or something.
  2. Tommy just asked which finish looked better on the Founder's Edition console... I'd probably go with a matte finish. Glossy might scratch too easily when dusting/cleaning. Don't care for glare of glossy either. Like the overall look of matte better. Hell, even for pictures you have professionally printed. :)
  3. The round eggs can be forgiven, but those wretched sound effects...! Still, very cool to see after all this time.
  4. And this site, which focuses more on game cartridges: http://videogamehouse.net
  5. Looks good to me... I like uncluttered pages and the way you have things divided up makes it easy to read and browse. Thanks for putting these together!
  6. Ugh, hate to see all the in-fighting.
  7. Ha, the new avatar looks great!
  8. Are you talking about the NVRam issue with the older TF330 firmware? It's rare anymore that I actually spin a disc since having IDE/CF capability, so haven't noticed any incompatibilities or bugs that way. 'Course WHDLoad fixes most any and all issues from having an 030 installed, different Kickstart requirements, RAM expansions, etc. Haven't done a ton of gaming on the machine since getting the TF330, but haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary when I have played. Bought a 3D printed backplane cover for my TF/Riser combo. Tight fit which adds protection, stability and looks great. A guy in Spain (eBay) produces them at what I thought was a reasonable price shipped. He also makes front door replacements for the 108x series of monitors that I've been thinking about getting as one of my Philip's models has the dreaded broken tabs.
  9. Chocobits... the breakfast of sissies! lmao  (just saw on Gimme A Break!)

    1. save2600


      ...and after all these years, still love Lara Jill Miller.   :love:


    2. GoldLeader


      Chocobit's Dungeon...only on PS2!

  10. These have their fans, but I consider them among the worst I've ever owned. Besides the continual and obnoxious clicky sounds, the stick is waaay too loose to be accurate (Epyx is worse since it also spins), especially for the games which require precision. Then there's the ergonomics (ironic as a main selling point), which causes cramping and fatigue before long.
  11. I once bought a replacement Midway control panel from arcadeshop.com, that came with a 4-way microswitch based joystick - forget the make. But it was sooo noisy, resonating against the metal CP, that I immediately swapped it out. And yeah, the game volume was plenty loud, just didn't matter in this case.
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