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  1. https://icomp.de/shop-icomp/en/produkt-details/product/Flickerfixer_Scandoubler.html?flifi_type=OCS_ECS#filter=*
  2. That's pretty nifty! Pop sockets aren't very heavy, huh? So when playing, not accidentally hitting the wrong direction? Imagine when compressed, feels somewhat close to the original feel as you play. That's what I didn't like about the Sticklers permanently attached. They were great for most of the arcade type games, but not so hot for the others. Your pop socket mod looks to be a better compromise.
  3. Latest version (V2) supposed to allow for finer tuning of the scanlines.
  4. Haven't played it in quite some time, but yes - Sub Hunt is an excellent game! Need to boot it up sometime soon.
  5. Ha! Relatively new... guess I haven't looked in a while. Thanks Swami!
  6. Have yet to see a video of Jungle Hunt...
  7. a bird in hand, gathers no moss

    1. ∞ Vince ∞

      ∞ Vince ∞

      A Rolling Stone is worth two in the bush

    2. digdugnate


      that's like getting two birds stoned at once, according to Ricky

    3. DoctorSpuds


      Yeah, the little bastards keeps crapping in it so I keep washing it, hence the lack of moss.

  8. ^ Don't know who Manuel or Christal are, but a couple of minor corrections: Rikki & Vikki is actually $59.99 (not $70) CIB w/ feelies as you mentioned. Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest is $75 with PokeyONE (or $55 if you supply a Ballblazer cart) and both come CIB for that price. https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_list&c=109
  9. Once you get into homebrews, prepare to be really impressed with the arcade translations! Colony 7 Crazy Balloon Galagon Gunfight Happy Burger Flip Time (there's a better Burgertime coming, forget the name now) Juno First Ladybug Mappy Medieval Mayhem (Warlords Arcade+) Pac-Man 4K and 8K Scramble Sea Wolf Space Rocks (Asteroids Arcade+) Star Fire Star Castle Arcade Super Cobra Arcade This Planet Sucks (Lunar Rescue) Vault Assault (Space Zap) Wizard of Wor Arcade ...there's plenty more and some still in the works, like Gorf Arcade and Zookeeper!
  10. Besides those mentioned and not including homebrews: Road Runner Sprintmaster Track & Field Vanguard Pengo Pole Position Missile Command Galaxian Jungle Hunt Kangaroo Crystal Castles Night Driver Gorf Circus Atari Tutankham Amidar Reactor Pooyan Gravitar Solar Fox Mr. Do! Roc 'n Rope Carnival Mouse Trap Venture Gyruss Super Cobra Popeye Star Wars Arcade Omega Race Bump 'n Jump Asteroids Lock 'n Chase Xenophobe Star Trek Up 'n Down Polaris ...you know, *most* of the arcade conversions are fun on the VCS. It would be easier/shorter to come up with a list of arcade ports that aren't. For such a list, I'd start out with Burgertime. YMMV!
  11. You guys try changing out HDMI cables by chance? Some of these devices are picky about them. Older HDMI cables might not be so compatible and have experienced similar issues with other products until I upgraded to a higher revision cable.
  12. Arcade games mostly... console games very rarely: Dad, yes. Mom, no - though she'd play pinball with us.
  13. Unique games that have a bit (or a lot) of depth first and foremost. Unique sounds as well! Snafu's sound effects and music are forever etched into my brain. LocoMotion, MLB Baseball, AD&D Cloudy Mountain, etc. Never been entirely in love with the controllers for many arcade type games though, but are designed well enough to suit the original exclusives from BITD. You just made do back then until you became fairly adept at using them. Nostalgia plays a factor of course (reminds of better times all around) and have fond memories of walking or riding my bike over to friends' homes to play... two friends that happened to be neighbors, each had their own Intellivision system. So during hangouts and especially sleepovers, the Intellivision would receive tons of play. One was more into sports, so was fun practicing and getting good at games like Baseball so I wouldn't get my ass handed to me each and every time I'd play him. lol
  14. I recently packaged up, weighed and got an estimate to ship a 7800 (no power supply) w/ a handful of games to Australia via USPS... least expensive cost of shipping was about $60. Needless to say, that deal didn't go through.
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