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  1. Wait, some of you actually play these things?! I thought they were just for decoration.
  2. DOWN with Windoze 1 and UP with GEM or GEOS! 🤣
  3. Q: 7800 Meteor Shower is joystick only? The AA Store doesn't mention paddles, so probably, but wanted to ask just in case. 

    1. PacManPlus


      Yes, it is joystick only.

      Quick bit of trivia: The 'hyperspace' function (pulling down on the joystick) was supposed to have a sound effect tied in to it, but I actually *completely* forgot about it (and even that I implemented it in the first place) until much later :ponder:...

    2. MadBomber


      Yeah, I wish there was a paddles hack. Can't beat paddles for quick reaction time & pinpoint control.

  4. 3.5" disks were/are horribly unreliable? Could have fooled me. Been using them since the mid 80's and currently have hundreds, if not thousands of them in my collection. All depends how they're stored and handled. Sure, leave them in your attic, humid garage or basement for decades, never clean your drive heads, place near unshielded speakers, etc. and you might run into problems - but you pretty much have to go out of your way to destroy them.
  5. Spitfire Attack: https://atariage.com/software_page.php?SoftwareLabelID=483 ...user @pboland might be able to help you out with repro labels for it too.
  6. TG-16/PC Engine/Supergrafx would be nice. Especially in light of the new mini systems coming next year.
  7. Received my copy today - and it arrived intact! Bubblewrap around the game, then cardboard, then more bubblewrap. Nice job on the packaging.
  8. I love my FinalGROM and pretty much leave it in the system, but keep my original carts around simply because I do not believe newer/modern hardware lasts. I've already had to replace a faulty CF7+ and a couple of Krikzz flashcarts for other systems that went bad.
  9. Sounds like a stuck button to me. I bet one of the leaf switches inside the controller need to be adjusted...
  10. Walmart had some legit deals today. One I took advantage of was $15 for any LP. ANY! And for those that aren't in the know, all their stuff is the good 180g weight that never sells for that cheap.

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    2. Atarian7


      "Enjoy the silence"


    3. GoldLeader


      Now,...I haven't looked in ages, but I don't remember seeing vinyl at our local Wal Mart.  What I Absolutely remember is them Only Carrying CENSORED Music!! (From somewhat BITD of course)  Obviously anyone buying music at a WalMart should have their head examined (No offense save2600)...But the Greater impact was we kept getting burned at the pawn shop or even CD store when the WalMart versions inevitably end up in the bargain bin.  You'd walk out thinking you just got the score of a lifetime only to have a bunch of Bleeps and blips, or worse yet Audio Drops where the music went...Between that and voiceover promos, buying used CDs became a much more sketchy affair...Thankfully I mostly collected a bunch of Non-Mainstream stuff that would never have a WalMart version anyway so you were safe buying them used in the wild...

    4. GoldLeader


      That said, I think the coffee maker sounds like a good deal...And if you know what you're getting w/ regard to vinyl, well as they say, if you're happy, I'm happy.

  11. ^ (post 4575) Those are CX40 joysticks. They came later. Originally, the VCS came with a different handle and included the Atari hex disc. These are the originals: These are modern repro hex discs made of brass:
  12. Wow! These are never in stock by me, but at least it looks like you can ship to store and have it in about a week.
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