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  1. Looks nice and wish Atari had come up with something like that instead of the damned CX24. Curious how the top button is secured though. It thread right into the white plastic handle or...?
  2. Besides being extremely bare-bones, another problem I have with 2600 DK Jr. is that the difficulty doesn't seem to ramp up like it should. Can just play and play and play until you're finally bored with it, which unfortunately, is sooner than later. Even 2D Zaxxon would have been much better, if only there had been a little more to shoot and look at. Talk about bare bones! 2600 Burgertime always comes to mind when thinking of bad or disappointing ports, but have to admit... rather play it than DK Jr. or Zaxxon.
  3. ^ Ha! The Atari offering has Defender pictured, but titled Star Ship. And Pole Position says Indy 500. Par for the course today!
  4. Interesting write up of Double Dragon 2 that talks about some issues with the NTSC version: https://www.amigalove.com/games.php?game_id=71
  5. From 1989's The Terror Within. Was shown on Comet last month, when I caught our beloved TI being used as a prop!
  6. Hate to contradict, but I'd say most of the Amiga games (even from the big houses) were available here as NTSC releases. Certainly throughout the 80's. Was only the early/mid 90's when that started to change. I think people get the impression there were way more PAL releases because that's usually the version you find when scouring the 'net for these things. Anyway, I know for sure Double Dragon II (1989 Virgin Games) saw an NTSC release as I have it CIB and believe Plan 9 (1992 Konami/Gremlin) did as well. And a quick search yields that yes, yes it did. Here's the NTSC box, which differs from the PAL a bit...
  7. Use only in case of emergency! Each game will come with a little book, that you can use with the keyboard on your controller or phone, to type in the games' program after the servers are looong gone.
  8. Incredible conversion so far! Had a chance to play a few rounds and besides the difficulty comments above, thought I'd mention one that stuck out to me. On the Flag Ship stage, I noticed that it takes several hits on_the_actual "internal power reactor" to finally destroy the ship. Not talking about picking away at the hull which is expected, but the actual reactor core itself. In the arcade, believe it only took one hit before she blew. I don't necessarily mind the added difficulty in a home version myself, just saying. Perhaps some of these added 'skill options' could be left as a feature toggled by the difficulty switches.
  9. Yeah, WTF?! What's the big idea with midnight? Even signed up for e-mails notifications, but received nothing this last time. Not that I would have been awake. 🙄
  10. Countdown started in the AA Store I see.  :D  


    What's this cool looking Adventure game though, and is it for the A8 or 7800? 



    1. carlsson
    2. Bixler


      So exciting! Hopefully nothing gets as delayed as Cyberpunk 2077.

    3. CPUWIZ


      Why, it's 57 years early?

  11. ...sure hope so! Only way I'd be able to play it.
  12. Played Columns on the SMS today, but couldn't help but think how much we like Stratogems on the VCS more better. More better I tell you!  lol

  13. Soooo looking forward to this release and will be purchasing a CIB example, but an observation about the art on some of the latest releases as I couldn't help but notice a pattern. This is NOT meant to be a rip on anyone's drawing skills at all as they're obviously great. This observation is merely a stylization preference. The look just reminds me of when I lost interest in cartoons in the 80's on. It occurred around the same time they lost frames (weren't animated as smoothly), looked less cartoony and were drawn with sharper, more pointy edges. When it comes to this particular artwork or style (called simple cel shading?), noticed something missing which makes them look so flat, that I *think* may help bring more of a classic or "vintage" style to the characters. Believe it's called 'spotlighting'... when you see white outlines on various features that are closest to a presumed, but faux light source. The original art has it in spades and makes the characters more compelling to look at IMO: ...you see it on the games' name below, but not the characters. To me the flying bricks, animals and Zeke look slightly out of place. Would adding something like a little spotlighting even help or am I way off base here? As-is, that part of the art just looks a little too "modern" or stylized - again, IMO. ...all good if this has been thought out by the artist(s) and totally intentional, just wanted to give my $.02 to the subject.
  14. Getting excited about, and looking forward to the new 2600 & 7800 home-brews in the store soon! 

    1. BydoEmpire


      What's on the radar?

    2. Ryan Witmer

      Ryan Witmer

      No love for my 5200 game?

    3. Albert


      Me, too!  :D

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