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  1. The shape/style of the new carts alone make them "unique" and different from the others.
  2. Besides the Arcade forum, there's also these threads here at AA. Might draw more attention if you post in there. Or maybe change your subject heading to include 'Arcade 1Up'.
  3. Could be wrong, but I think he's offering to buy this for you! And yes, Shawn does excellent work.
  4. Taco Bell is selling fries. Burgerking now sells tacos. KFC is putting Cheetos on a chicken sandwich... wanna bet these bright ideas came from a state that's legalized marijuana?   🤣   


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    2. GoldLeader


      Looks Awesome Carlsson!  I want one of those!

    3. carlsson


      There's also Delifresh Plant Beef over at MAX (which I think you've heard of before):


      Video, unfortunately in Swedish without subtitles:




    4. carlsson


      Amir's conclusion was that the MAX burger had better texture but too little salt, and in combination with the spicy jalapeno and otherwise mild avocado and pickled red onion, it drowned in hot spices but nothing else. The Burger King one had slightly worse texture but tasted better and in this case was paired with traditional Whopper ingredients and spices which allowed the burger taste to become more apparent. Also there is a price difference of about $1.50 in BK's favor here.

  5. ...wouldn't be a CX10 with a copyright date of 1988. I saw these at places like Child World, Toys R Us and more BITD. Here's a pic of mine, with a Kay*Bee sticker on it. Only $9.99!
  6. Are there even going to be enough of these re-releases to go around?
  7. No chance of more! Video killed the radio star, just as these lightgun games were made obsolete by spuds who insist on using LCD screens with their vintage systems.
  8. The article above reminds me of something else I miss about today's gaming industry; and that's the simpler, more memorable game names. If a game like Burgertime was created today, it would almost certainly be called something like Nightmare Diner. Or Burger Toss Happy Joy. Or Yum Yum Spirit Lunch. I realize things can get lost in translation, even with a handful of notable titles from BITD (Donkey Kong comes to mind, but famously fits), but am hoping Amico brings back some "normalcy" to the naming of games. Less silliness that way anyway. Imagine what some of these others would be called today: Auto Racing - Super Zero Wing Armor Battle - Gowcast Warrior Frog Bog - Pad Duel Amphib Night Stalker - Hero Midnight Razor Shark! Shark! - Fishy Chomper Astrosmash - Galaxy Fall X Space Armada - Endless Rein Star Strike - Trenchdeath Jog Utopia - Super Island Joy Debaser Perfection Horse Racing - Mega Equine Gambler Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack - Battle Card Mama Dig Dug - Garden Pest POP! Space Hawk - Bubble Boy Snafu - Sneaky Snakes Sewer Sam - Mighty Dung Ho: Septic Captain Frogger - Super Mobile Toady Hop Defender - Planet Savior Extra Hero Zen No 🤣
  9. Quality Telegames Releases... Plight of the Collector. 🤣
  10. I always get my TV Scoreboard and Intellivision systems mixed up.
  11. Assumption is the mother of all flock ups, but I'd expect it to look something like this. Only with a little Hozer logo in the bottom right. I kid, I kid! 🤣
  12. Look a few posts up for Barb's e-mail address... #337. Hey, wait! Was does my post, the one I just made, say #326? lol N/M, now it reads #341. Weird!
  13. I believe most of the time, the word coincidence should be surrounded in quotes.
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