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  1. Tombstone... the movie! How could I have forgotten that one? Had to adjust my "Top 10" favorite movies to include that modern classic.

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    2. retrorussell


      Tombstone is definitely one of the better Westerns I've seen.  Good, Bad & Ugly, Once Upon A Time In The West, Outlaw Josey Wales, High Plains Drifter, Wild Bunch, Shootist, etc.  Tombstone ranks among those for me.  Even if Kurt Russell isn't really that great an actor.

    3. Nuclear Pacman

      Nuclear Pacman

      Tombstone and Kevin Costner's Wyatt Earp are a great bellweather on knowing if someone is full of bullshit about the topic of the Earps. It's almost conventional wisdom that the Kevin Costner flick is 'more accurate'. That is complete bullshit. If you ever read any books about Wyatt Earp, I recommend Inventing Wyatt Earp, but you'll actually find out that Tombstone was the better representation of the happenings, especially the way all the characters looked.

    4. Nuclear Pacman

      Nuclear Pacman

      I don't know how the movie Wyatt Earp became the film that people associate with accuracy, I think it's because it has some pre-Tombstone era stuff in Dodge City. Maybe it's just assumed that Tombstone isn't historically accurate because it's such a flashy 'action' style western. Don't get me wrong, there's alot of hollywood goofs in Tombstone, but it generally gets it right. 

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