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  1. I don't think he really ventured into crazy territory with his ideas. As far as 2D goes I lean toward him being right, but I'm no expert so that is an opinion and not conclusive of anything. If you start putting processors from the other two systems into the Jag and adding RAM where the system needs it, well yeah, I'd suspect your performance could see a dramatic increase. As dramatic as Gorf claimed? We don't know. Thanks for digging up those posts though, it never hurts to be able to reference the original words of the posts being discussed.
  2. I'm not sure I ever heard him say that. I remember there being more modifications to the statement. Something about changing the 68000 out for a 68030 as well as avoiding these hardware bugs. It seems like there were other modifications but I don't recall exactly what, though I don't remember it being extreme. Feel free to find a direct Gorf quote though.
  3. Those games to seem to be pretty solid examples of what was possible and they don't suffer from horrible frame rate either. I do remember Hoverstrike: Unconquered Lands leaving quite an impression on me. I thought the graphics looked pretty good and the frame rate was bearable, especially considering the way 3d was back then. More recently bought and played Skyhammer. This game really did exceed my expectations in some ways as well as meet it in others. Graphically I never thought I'd see this level of texture mapping on the Jag. After seeing it though, I was not at all surprised to see the frame rate dip so much. I understood that this game was pushing the system to places it really wasn't designed to go and I accepted the frame drops. I wonder how much room Skyhammer has for optimizations to improve the frame rate?
  4. It would seem Sony had an advantage with the PSX over the Jaguar. Sony wasn't cutting corners on hardware like Atari was and the design for the Jaguar was very old by comparison to that of the PSX. One would expect the PSX to blow the Jaguar out of the water.
  5. Battlemorph is really cool and it still impresses me. When I look at the way this game runs on the Jaguar I'm blown away at what they were able to pull of on hardware that was a bit out of date for what 3d games were doing by then. It has quite a bit of texture mapping and runs pretty smooth. It's a fun game as well.
  6. That's why I suggest either comparing something like BM to the off-rails/"free flight" levels in Star Fox 64, or the on rail levels of the latter against the on rail stuff in, say, Zero 5. Or sprite based FPS games like Duke Nukem 64 vs. Jag DOOM. At the very least the games and game engines themselves have to be somewhat similar. They all use similar math The descrete cosine transform......basic 3D matrix mutliplies. Fanboyism reads too much into my words and takes it as a put down on fanboysims favorite system. HE hits back with ridicule and insults, instead of facts(oh yeah screen shots too)...woohoo! I have to say that Gorf has made quite a case here...with facts to back them up. I can't agree more with him. He's pointed out flaws on each system and the strengths on each system. I can understand why you might try to argue comparisons of screenshots from different games on each system. I used to to that too. What you have to understand is that even games using the EXACT same engine on two different systems can't necessarily say much for each systems technical ability. If some takes the Quake engine, fine tunes it for the Jaguar's hardware and makes it look very nice and it plays with a good frame rate, and then you take the Quake engine and just throw it on the N64 in a weekend it could look terrible and the Jag version could stomp all over it. At this point you're looking at the same engine on two different systems. By screenshots someone may say, "The Jaguar is a superior platform". Be it or not, that wouldn't be a fair comparison. The N64 may have been able to pull off similar or better results given similar care in tailoring the code to that platform. I guess I might be stepping out of my boundaries here but after reading this thread (and others) I can't understand why you don't get what Gorf is trying to say. It's clear, simple and plainly laid out. He's even said that the N64 could stomp the Jag if it weren't for Nintendo holding it back. I'm not addressing this to any specific individual but I've read enough posts from various people trying to compare this N64 game to that Jag game and this is better here and that is better there that it's just getting old. Let's just realize that both systems were never fully tapped of their potential and that the Jag was a very powerful system in it's own respects as was the N64. (and the PS1 and Saturn for that matter). It's all in what the programmer/game designers are able to do with them.
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