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    Atari 2600,ST, Amiga 500,Sega Mega Drive,Commodore VIC 20, Colecovision.
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  1. Would be great to see a Star Raiders type game, perhaps an version of phaser patrol. CV would be great for that type of game with the keypad and all.
  2. I've played quite a few on the Vic 20 and on the whole they are very good, not sure on the enormous boxes tho! Defender, dig dug and donkey kong are all solid conversions tho, well worth a play or 10. Centipede is a good 'un too.
  3. Colecovision turbo, what a little gem :)

    1. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      You have the wheel?


    2. roland p

      roland p

      The wheel was the coolest thing ever.

  4. I'm in! Great little game this one, thanks for setting this up buddy
  5. You sir are a knob of monumental size and scope. At what point did the Amiga fail? It was king of the hill from 1987 till the mid 90's. Really I despair of rubbish like this. tosser.
  6. Road Rash series. Bio Hazzard Battle. De-Cap Attack. Dragon's Fury and Dragon's Revenge. Arrow flash. Insector X. Pacmania.
  7. world of Tanks 360, damn you! why just one more go?

  8. Ram-pack wobble on the ZX81, one touch and programme is gone, official Sinclair solution was Blu-tac! How far we have come, but never again will we have a mainstream computer for £49!!! Mastertronic 1.99 games, sold in newsagents and petrol stations, truly pocket money prices, great stuff. I have almost all of the Vic-20 games they released. Computer magazines worth reading, Crash!, Zzap! 64, Popular computing weekly, Personal computer news. Variety, how many systems were out there? now it's a one horse show.
  9. Original launch model Playstation 2(still going strong after 14 years!) OUYA, got for birthday Cctober last year. all the others have been bought used or as replacements.
  10. Gears of War- Xbox 360. Skylanders Spyro's Adventure - Xbox 360. Blacksite-Area 51 - Xbox 360 Gran Turismo Concept 2002 Tokyo/Geneva. PS2.
  11. I remember playing this game a lot on Acorn Electron in the 80's was a very fun and unique game, must install an emulator and have a play on this version. Great to see some of the old more obscure games being converted from mostly forgotten machines! Best regards, Chris
  12. PSP Gran turismo, so addictive, like Pokemon with cars. "Gotta crash 'em all!"

  13. got to be Pac-man seem to have a version for every system i have, Centipede has to be a close second.
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