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  1. Does anyone have anything that generates other syncs between 15.75 and 31khz? Like a MiSTer with the scaler turned off and then test some of the medium res arcade cores? Thanks!
  2. To use the original ROM you'd have to change the crystal back... There are too many timing changes between the two codes. Is it odd that it doesn't work. Could you post a photo of the whole board to see if anything else is different?
  3. I see in this, you have handshake method as 'NONE'. You will need to have the command signal hooked up to one of the serial signals, and select that in the settings to have proper full speed communicatons.
  4. Any of my updated firmwares for the Trak or Rana support enhanced density in addition to ultrapseed. Percom I would like to do as well as the ATR8000.
  5. Yes.. If I could ever dedicate time to my hobbies, I would get through this. My Ultimate lives with the blaster connected, and I hack on it occasionally. The ability to self-update the FPGA is what I've been working on the most. I already made an SPI master to talk to the SD card directly from the Atari but should now look at the way the SIDE3 does it to see if I can make it compatible to that?
  6. I agree... I know there are other more Commodore specific forums out there, but I'm a member here and not there.. I'm sure it will get around. I do find it interesting that this is on an EPROM in this SX64. I guess it never made it far enough to make it worthwhile to be a mask rom? Then again, the actual ROM on the main board is also an EPROM and not a mask. Early production SX?
  7. Ah well, I was trying to dump it without pulling it from the board. No such luck it seems. As for dumping it once out of the board, a quick arduino program made that easy.. 901229-04.bin
  8. Realled eh? I find it interesting that there seems to be no dumps of it anywhere.. It will be interesting to see what bugs there are in it that made it so bad?
  9. Well, from a quick reading, I feel mine differs.. 🤔 -04 is suspected to not exist... I've tried that dumper, and either it takes >4 hours to dump or something isn't working...
  10. Does anyone have a working program to dump the ROM of a 1541 via the 64? I have a ROM that I'm trying to be delicate with and would like a dump of it... (and perhaps the world...) Thanks!
  11. I can look into putting the printer port and other drives back in. Double sided will never work without hardware modifications, as there is no IO pin hooked up to the side select pin.... For the other drives, how would that work? Does it just respond on selected drive +? So if DIP switch is drive 1, it responds on 1,2,3,4, and if the switch is at 3 it does 3,4,5,6?
  12. And this still bugs me - as the ESP32 has the capability of doing this built-in...
  13. Sorry, real life intruded for a bit there... I'm not sure why people are having problems with this version of the ROM. It works perfectly fine for me... More details? Is it only formatting? Can you write fine to previously formatted disks?
  14. Yes, the Percom would need a small hardware mod to go with the software changes. It depends on if people would be willing to do that...?? I've written before about how the ATR8000 would be capable, and I've already started some preliminary work on the ATR8000, but again, not having one..
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