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  1. I can't count how many times @eightbit has posted things that I have bought. Where does he get it all? His stock must be constantly rotating. I bet his basement or game room is amazing! Anyway, another perfect deal, super fast shipping. Highly recommended.
  2. How does Publishers Clearinghouse still have  sweepstakes ads when nobody buys magazines anymore?

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    2. GoldLeader


      Years ago, I once tried to sign up Just for the sweepstakes online and it was a bigger joke than that crap they used to send out in the mail.  It's like tangent after tangent,   You're caught in a downpour of torrential ads trying to get your attention, because they think you'll eventually click on just one.  I also remember some of those same type of ads spammed up Amazon's M-Turk system too.  You were supposed to get paid (to test their system) just by clicking to get through all of the ads, but you could never reach the end.  It just kept going around in circles.  They wasted your time and then wouldn't pay.  After one try I said Never Again!   It's not worth it.   I'm not sure it'd be worth it if I was guaranteed to win haha...Just get to the end to win!  (Except you can Never reach the end!)...

    3. Cobra Kai

      Cobra Kai

      In the movie Knight And Day, IIRC it's explained that Publishers Clearing House is just a front group, and Tom Cruise uses it to set up his parents with income. I can't exactly remember all the details, but the meat of it is that his parents 'won' the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes twice. Lol.

    4. King_Salamon


      I'm a bit baffled by the amount of magazines people are buying or subscribing to nowadays.  Sure the numbers have to be way down but there are still a lot of magazines that people subscribe to (nothing I would want - good housekeeping and people type mags).  I would love to see some old video game mags in print but it isn't viable.  I guess the magazines still in print have some decent numbers to warrant their existence.


      As for the whole Publisher's Clearing House stuff... again I see a lot of their print material and I'm thankful it isn't going to my mailbox!  lol  I remember in the 80's when my parents would subscribe to a magazine and would be guaranteed a 'prize'... it was always some gimmick trinket that would be the prize... and then the mail would continue on and on.  The best part was the magazine subscription... as it was the one thing I wanted (it was a hockey magazine of some sort that was much more interesting that the junk mail they would send!).

  3. Nice LGR badge on the front too. Well crap, that was in your long description that I didn't read all the way through. Hah.
  4. Back in college I would rent a Jaguar over a weekend from the local video store. That's how I originally got addicted to Tempest 2000 before bought my own.
  5. I bought a loose Atari Karts at a used game store for $4.95. (Though this was like 2003). I left the price sticker on it too, so I got a good laugh when I dug it out last time. :D Seeing how crazy the prices are actually make me think about selling some of it. I haven't had the JagCD out of it's box in probably 15 years.
  6. Holy money grab! It's like making a brand new Game Boy Advance (or more close in form factor to the Game Boy Micro), without a cartridge port. Let's make single classic games for all of them and call them Game and Watch!
  7. Yet you added another to the necrobump.
  8. I just got some about 2 weeks ago, I mentioned it a few pages back. It's hotter than the Crime. Also delicious.
  9. All legal aspects aside, when I missed out on the Jaguar version, "Well, at least I have the ROM for MAME." So, yay I guess.
  10. Watched an episode of Knight Rider on one of the antenna channels today, they added 5000 megabits of data to KITT as an upgrade.  A whopping 625MB!  And Jason Bateman was a kid in it.

    1. Keatah


      Back in those days you could do a lot with 625MB. No bullshit bloat from 100MB browsers, no ads, no windows 10, no MAME bloat. It was all real active code that DID something!

    2. Amstari


      Haha! Reminds me how Johnny Mnemonic had 80GB data storage in his brain. That was huge in 1995!

    3. patroclus99


      Yes, which explains why Devon needed that tractor-trailer rig, because they needed to hook KITT up to an IBM 3084 mainframe, which transferred the updates vis-a-vis a 9600 beee-brrrr-brrrrt .... beeeeeeee 8-N-1 modem, which also explains why that rig had a kick-ass sleeper-cab complete with a Betamax and a minibar, because a gargantuan 625MB update might take forrrr-evvvv-er.


      Incidentally, that red WHIRRRL-a-whir thingy on top of the hood was actually a prototype de-multiplexing IR-port receiver which kind of sped things up.


      I'm not making this up!



  11. After looking to buying some more, they have a second hotter one called Punishment. Nice. So I have this new combo on the way. https://www.amazon.com/Arrogant-Bastard-Punishment-Moruga-Scorpion/dp/B07ZGM2ZDW
  12. I bought this the last time you mentioned it in this thread, probably a year ago now? Anyway, it's fantastic!
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