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  1. Well that was the designer's inspiration, so that makes sense.🙂
  2. That's why I think your username is appropriate, because you are always the negative one. Plenty of people in this thread have thought things are good that you do not.
  3. I know a store that has had a Zaxxon for awhile. I have been tempted, but I don't want to start yet another collection.
  4. I was at the liquor store in the Scotch aisle.  A woman next to me takes out her phone and says "OK Google - Call my baby daddy."


    There's no punchline.  I just kinda chuckled and thought "WTF".

    1. Cafeman


      I wish she'd stop calling me! 

  5. How can the UK fine a seller in the US? Can't you just say "Good luck."?
  6. Hm, while not in need of any Jaguar games - that Wenger automatic is kinda tempting.
  7. Keep the Jaguar system and your favorite games, so if you ever get the urge you will not beat yourself up over it. Sell the CD system and everything else you don't think you will ever need.
  8. Would you take an unboxed Gemini for the beach house?
  9. My wife is shopping for/buying new living room furniture. I asked if she could get this too. The look I received was not one of happiness....
  10. Bought a GBA Everdrive, very safely packed and shipped quickly. Great to deal with!
  11. Holy crap. Thanks for the video! I apparently suck, as I've been a fan of the game since the Jaguar came out, and never even made it to the rainbow webs. This stupid level drains most of my lives every time, lucky to make it through a few yellow after that.
  12. Bought a CoCo cart, fast shipping and very well packed. Excellent seller.
  13. Well that's a new one - I don't think I've ever seen a post necro-bumped to updated the status to sold before. It's always a brand new account asking if the 4 year old item is still available. :D
  14. That is fantastic! I still have mine from back in the day - I remember rainy Saturdays when I could get it up to 999 points after a long time. But no box!
  15. Yeah, I got that email from Plex the other day. $2.99 a month for a ROM manager and some extra Atari ROMs that everyone has had for 25 years. Wheee!
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