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  1. Can someone tell me why Doom 64 (N64 version) is suddenly trending for PC gaming and on Steam?  Was it that good?

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    2. Flojomojo


      If it's like the Doom Classic remakes, they redid it on all platforms with the same codebase. I'm not going to double-dip for the Steam version, but I've put it in my wishlist, so thanks for the tip!

    3. RealRetroism
    4. Kobra Kai

      Kobra Kai

      Yeah, has the gamma been fixed up on the remaster?

  2. Dammit. My favorite thing for the entire year. Bleh.
  3. You need the compilation video for full effect!
  4. But the prices never change for Nintendo gear, so my cheapness is still holding me back.
  5. Wow, that looks amazing. How much time did making that take you? Looks like a ton of work! I may have to buy a Switch...
  6. Got any screenshots? I love Downland! Might be hilarious for an old CoCo game to be the reason for me to pick up a Switch!
  7. I realized the only time I watch 3D movies at home is when my wife is out of town, because they give her headaches.


    And yes, I am one of the three people that liked the 3D TVs, and thankfully mine still works.

    1. Flojomojo


      I have a 3D TV, and some glasses I've never used. What are the best titles? Are they readily available, or stupid expensive?

    2. thanatos


      Tron Legacy is probably my favorite.  Ready Player One is good, Pacific Rim, while kind of a dumb movie, has really good 3D.

      Just check Amazon, most don't look overpriced compared to normal.  The used media stores around here put the 3D Blu Rays in a separate section so they're easy to find.  Oh, and they're plentiful on eBay too.

  8. Might call into work tomorrow feeling the PabstGlenfiddich virus.

    1. OldSchoolRetroGamer


      Now that's a virus I can get behind! 

  9. The large number where the $5.00 price tag is hints that it was $119.00. I'm guessing this went down to clearance pricing at some point when the system wasn't selling anymore. And it also would have been in a box, most likely encased in styrofoam.
  10. I'm sad I somehow missed the mini Tower of Power announcements. That's hilarious!
  11. Someone must have dropped out as it was $350K yesterday. It plays SNES carts and audio CDs. There is no other hardware doing anything else, as it is a prototype and no games were made for the CD drive. If you look at the videos of Ben Heck fixing it, that's pretty much what was extrapolated about the system.
  12. Yes, from what I remember it was a multiplayer only demo. They had a bunch of network XBoxes. Now that I have thought about it some more, I may have actually played for a few minutes because I faintly remember choosing a Zerg and running around. 15 years is a long time to remember stuff. And I just found this article which corroborates my fading memory: http://ps2.gamespy.com/playstation-2/starcraft-ghost/662514p1.html
  13. Hah... I watched this as a playable demo at the first Blizzcon! Didn't try it because I wasn't really interested. Then it disappeared.
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