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  1. Yeah, somehow I missed all that. Or maybe just blanked it out because I really did think it was bad!
  2. I never even knew this game existed until this thread. I played the arcade version at the MGC a few years ago and thought it was pretty cool (considering the technology) The odd part being we had the 2600 since 81 or 82, and all the neighbors and relatives traded/brought over carts, etc over all those years. Nobody had this game that I know of. I think I would have liked it back then after watching the videos.
  3. While not hot sauce, I just got these today, and they are not messing around!
  4. Just ordered a bottle, thanks!
  5. Well thanks a lot for the lack of stock tip last month!
  6. Dangit. I saw this on my Netflix feed and so wanted to post it!
  7. Flash carts are a solution to classic console owners that don't have all the games on cartridge that want to use the systems to play them. New consoles that would require new buyers to find old carts would just make the old games even more sparse. I understand the desire for the old cart collectors to want systems that can use HDMI and modern TVs, but that market is not going to make a hardware manufacturer enough to warrant such a project.
  8. What company is this? Sounds like I should buy some. I thought you just ripped carts and made homebrews.
  9. Tried to ask my dermatoligist why there seems to be a huge rash of necrobumps lately.

    1. CPUWIZ
    2. Andrew Davie

      Andrew Davie

      Addicts. Addicts gaming the system.

  10. It's apparently necrobump night in the 2600 forum! Guy hasn't logged in for 10 years!
  11. If this isn't the record breaking AA necrobump I don't know what is!
  12. Yet another setting to remember.  New Win10 emulator PC has been annoying me.


  13. BTW SainT, your tweets today are going to have me checking my email every 5 minutes. That's just mean!
  14. $30 for the headset!
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