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  1. Years ago, at a Dave & Busters, my wife had spent all but 1000 of her tickets.

    "Anything else?"

    And then she said "I would like 100 rubber snakes."

    They had to go back and get another box, and count them out.  It was hilarious.

  2. Sounded the same to me as being asked to buy gift cards and reading the numbers off to the scammer on the phone.
  3. Bolded the part that screams SCAM.
  4. Ever need a 'Come to Jesus meeting' of plastic lids to matching containers because half of each are missing?  Yeah, first world problems.


    I just wanted to put some leftovers in the fridge and it took 3 tries.

    1. GoldLeader


      Hehaa!  All the time!     Seems like something that would be easy huh?

    2. carlsson


      Ah, the story about how Jesus fed 5000 people with five loafs of bread and two fishes, and had plastic containers ready to put away the leftovers.

  5. After seeing the Tempest and Centipede Replicades for $399 and $599 at Vintage Stock last weekend, I just checked eBay, and glad I got me a Tempest. Neat!
  6. Guess I never read the descriptions well enough to notice the 2nd game! Well, Amazon has the Zelda one up for pre-order already, so, yeah...
  7. I will probably get the Zelda one since it has 3 games, so I'll play them. The SMB one with just the one game isn't enough as just a novelty, I don't really collect stuff like that.
  8. Correct, it's the same one as in the photos Crazy Climber posted.
  9. A status symbol amongst game collectors. Yeah, not a group I'm really concerned about impressing.
  10. 9B 2038237 is mine. Finally got around to opening it tonight to verify.
  11. I have a brief cameo in the latest Kent Rollins youtube video.  But even the few here that have actually met me might not even spot it.

    1. GoldLeader


      Awesome!   Now,  I don't know who that is...At first speed read,  I thought it said Kenny Loggins, but then I read it again even quicker, and came up with Henry Rollins...So I read it regular speed instead of trying to get through it in .04 nanoseconds and thought Cool!  Who's Kent Rollins?   (heh)

    2. SlidellMan


      You're talking about that cowboy chef, right?

    3. thanatos


      @SlidellMan Yup!  His recipes always look amazing.  I got to meet him and his wife, and try the food in person.  They are the nicest people you could imagine.


  12. True, but a Goodwill store trying to run a scam? That wouldn't be great for business if they got caught.
  13. Wasn't that the PS2 version that was bad? Or is this also PS4?
  14. Haven't turned on my PS2 for about 3 years until tonight, and the clock had the right date and was only 30 minutes slow.

    And I bought it new.

    1. fdurso224


      Such a fantastic unit the PS2 is thanatos. It's one of my favorite units of all time. 8^)

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