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  1. Just finished Legend of Zelda (1st quest) for the first time in 30+ years - buying the new Game and Watch gave me the urge to play it on an emulator all the way through.  How nostalgic!


    And of course I used all the online maps I could - I am not going to brute force all the secrets me and my friends forgot all those years ago! :)

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    2. Rogerpoco



      Been about ten years for me.

      Me and my then 4 y/o Grandson got mebbe a good 1/3 of the way thru, a couple of years ago.

      I had confidence that my(original)battery wouldn't fail, short test runs had worked out fine.

      That was a disappointing day, for sure...

      Even worse-I have an Everdrive, just wanted to do it on the real thing...


      I've changed/evolved my tastes recently, but SNES Zelda was my "favorite game ever" for a couple decades.

    3. Cobra Kai

      Cobra Kai

      That game and watch sure is tempting, it looks amazing.

    4. thanatos


      It's neat, super small, but playable.  Feels a bit light, they could have added some heavier materials to make it seem less cheaply made.

      Also for the price I would think they could have at least included some maps and instructions.  The only included instructions is how to plug it into the charger, and then 4 pages of legalese in multiple languages.  Nothing on how to use it at all.




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