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  1. Finally got through my post-30+ year playthrough of Zelda 2.  Only 2 games/1 retry.  (Don't ask how many savestates...)  :D

    Now deciding what's next.  Metroid, SM2/3?  Do I dare even try Ninja Gaiden, which I never managed to beat the final boss back then because the 2nd to last was so awful?

    1. wongojack


      From that list, I would pick Metroid.  It's much less annoying than the rest of your list.

    2. thanatos


      Thought of another one I had beaten - Kid Icarus, might do that next.   Metroid seems easy with maps.

    3. Razzie.P


      I've always felt Ninja Gaiden was always pretty easy up until that last bit.  Those bosses, yeah... those'll probably be a pain even with save states.   Maybe rewinds or something might help.   But yep, if you have a map, Metroid isn't hard at all

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