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  1. He has been a vendor for well over 20 years, so it could have been inventory stock back when they could be had for $30 NIB.
  2. Haha, holy cow, I showed my wife the Optimus Prime video, and instead of the eyeroll I was expecting, I got a "That is the coolest thing ever! You should totally get it." So, yeah, I think I will.
  3. Bought a loose G1 Megatron from someone here at AA like 8 years ago, as well as a G1 Shockwave in the box. I also have the Masterpiece Megatron, have never taken it out of the box. But that robotic Optimus Prime - I am so tempted by that, holy cow it looks awesome!
  4. Wow, glad you took 2 seconds of video to comment on a whole convention.
  5. Guess I should have an Atariage badge or something - I ran into Dauber a few times because I recognized him, but sorry @frankodragon that I didn't run into you, or @Nateo, that I also know I met at past shows. Oh, and also thanks Carl @Songbird, as he let me pick up my Asteroite order in person, since he had them there. Great time overall, my CoCo ran for another 20 hours without incident, not bad for a 35 year old machine!
  6. Anyone catch how much the Cyberball went for?
  7. Yes, the Coco 3 and XEGS is my stuff.
  8. St. Louis. Drive was fine, Coco and others are set up, excited to be here after missing 2 years!
  9. Everything is packed up and ready to go into the car tomorrow for that lovely 6 hour drive. Can't wait!
  10. Remember those computer liquidation sales at fairgrounds in the 90's? That's where I bought my NIB Jag for $35. I was just out of college.
  11. That's similar to my first time seeing a 7800. A cousin got it for Christmas, when we already had NES at home. "What the heck is this, a new Atari? It kind of sucks!" I don't think I knew the 7800 existed when we already had an NES.
  12. I will once I finally put mine together! Pretty sad it's been sitting in the box since November. Haven't cleared a good spot for it yet.
  13. Atari 2600 owning kids (like me) saw Super Mario Brothers, Zelda and others, and were completely blown away. It was an amazing graphics and sound improvement. I was even familiar with with Colecovision and Intellivision games, and the Nintendo was way better than all of them.
  14. My favorite "old" fact is to say Star Trek the Next Generation is way older than the original series was when TNG came out. (67 vs 87) But in relation to the topic, I found this doc that I saved years ago, not a map, but maybe it is helpful. I've never tried it. Pretty sure I got it here, it's dated 2009. PrivateEyeMaps.xlsx
  15. I think they were capacitors, if I remember my upgrade process with an original board 30 something years ago...
  16. If you just want to play games, 512k should be all you need. The Triad from Cloud9tech is a great product. Runs much cooler than the original upgrades from back in the day.
  17. Club forums?  Where did these come from?  Suddenly they are at the bottom of the main page for me, I never knew any of these existed.



    1. doctorclu


      I never could get into those.   Interesting idea though.

  18. How do those Asus glasses work with the SMS? Is it the same plug?
  19. Wait, so @Songbird could I just pick up my order at MGC instead of paying for shipping? Or are you going to have a booth? Just checking...
  20. Yes, most of us are aware of the grading scam here.
  21. It was @BassGuitari that bought it, I know it!
  22. Have you not noticed the AtariAge store? Edit... Oh come on, CPUWiz... You probably had me beat by mere seconds.
  23. Yes, I was saying that in regards to something that might be offered for sale.
  24. Looks like something @Benheck could build. I'd certainly like a matching gamepad. Probably can't have the logos on there though without getting Atari lawyers on your back.
  25. Now with using the activity streams, there seems to be even more Garfield posts, at least as far as posting ratio goes.
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