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  1. Very tempting offer. And that is just a week after my birthday...
  2. I've had a hang-up on a USPS package just because the mailman was lazy. Mom sent a package, and I never got it. She insisted I should have it. No notice or slip for me. She's friends with the PO in her town, since she always picks up the daily work mail, so they helped her out a little, and after I still didn't have my present after 2 weeks, they said "well, it should still be at X post office". So I went there, gave them my name, and picked it up. Guy just went right back and found it in like 30 seconds. Mailman never left me any notices at all, even though he logged that he did. It was on the 'about to get sent back' pile. Seeing you're near New Orleans... I just have to assume it's the PO fault...
  3. Is the video out cable that comes with the small Genesis 3 usable with the 32X? Looks like the same plug, just want to make sure I'm not gonna blow anything up. (No, I won't be actually using the Genesis 3 with the 32X, I have an original Genesis for that)
  4. Can't even get the plaque focused? Yeah, looks totally legit to me!
  5. He got back to me yesterday about my PM, I'm guessing he's flooded with PM's with that large a list...
  6. Congrats! So far I've had a good experience on CTCW (ok, so I've actually only made one sale, but I've made several listings). Mike was extremely helpful and responsive when I had a question for him.
  7. Sent a PM about the 7800 Sunday, didn't hear anything...
  8. Hey, don't be hatin' on Ax. He's cool. Wish I could grow a beard like his and keep my job!
  9. How can ebay not remove feedback a half hour after an ended auction? Can't they see there's no reason for that? My condolences on your ebay problems. I'm still worried I might get my first negative from someone that may have been a scammer two weeks ago.
  10. I think the price ranges would be similar, but I'm guessing if someone has one system, they won't want the other. Or, they already have both. (like me! )
  11. Old people (like my grandma, for example) still call all videogames "Atari". She was actually really good at Atari pac-man back when it was new! But every cartridge/system is still an 'Atari' game.
  12. So did anyone here go and score anything? I went a bit late, and the Neo-Geo MVS systems I was hoping to score had been sold already, but they went for less than $200 each. Looks like there were some really nice deals.
  13. Yeah, I'm driving a Yaris there.... That could result in some comedy gold!
  14. So how does that place work, if I win something there I have to haul it home that day? Not having a truck, I guess it would be kind of pointless for me to go. (Unless Trade-n-Games could hook me up with some of his truck space.
  15. Eye of Judgment, brand new. http://www.chasethechuckwagon.com/item.cgi...item=0000095253 I also have a brand new Zune 120GB on evilBay. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=200326178571
  16. Aw crap I did not need to see this ad... It's only like 20 minutes away from me.
  17. thanatos


    I sent him this: "Hello, are you like a crazy person, or just never learned to use paragraphs or carriage returns?" I figured what the hell.
  18. Sent him a message saying I can ship to the PO box, or if he updates his Paypal address I can ship it, otherwise I'll refund his money. Just want to avoid a negative, I'm still 100%!
  19. So, I sold something on ebay (A Zune... ick!), and the buyer has one single feedback point from last July. His ebay shipping address (the one he wants me to use) is different than his Paypal 'confirmed' address. And that Paypal is address is just a PO box. So, obviously I'm concerned I'm about to get ripped off with a chargeback after it's shipped. Not sure if I should just refund his money and relist it. Any advice? This is a $200 transaction, hence my concern.
  20. Wish I could have helped out more than just the 15-20 bags I did, but I had a wife that needed to be bought dinner and be entertained after the car ride. She wasn't nearly excited as I was about the show. Shutting off the laptop now, and time pack up the car. Back to St. Louis in 7 hours, and then the wait begins for next year! Great job on everything, Dan!
  21. Oh man, you are right about sore feet! Saturday was a loooong day.
  22. Having a blast so far, and met a bunch of AA members. And for those of you that missed karaoke at the hotel bar last night, I did an amazing drunken rendition of "Chocolate Salty Balls" by Chef.
  23. Oooh.... Color me interested. Tempest I'm hoping that wasn't sarcasm!
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