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  1. Is there already a place online to find HiRes Printable images of 2600 end labels? I've seen a few end labels here and there, but not of high quality or saved in Jpeg with artifacts. I wanted to ask before I start scanning in a bunch for my website. Thank you
  2. This is NICE - Is there thread of more labels like this for the Atari 2600? I also need a ton of End Label to print out.
  3. Right! These are my from old cartridge business I had over 20 years ago and was in storage. I still have cases of 7800 sealed cartridges also.
  4. I have a group of sealed 2600 cartridges, they are a bit dusty from being in storage. What are the best way to gently clean a sealed shrink wrapped game without causing any damage? What cloth? Microfiber? What solution? Windex? Any other advice? Thank you
  5. Nice - I just order the Harmony Encore tonight!! Excited! BTW - LOVE your 2600 uno case label - did you make that yourself?
  6. The BEST modern replacement is from Ray Carlson. The one I have from him powers, the C64, C128 and the Amiga all from the same unit.
  7. Sounds like I should own BOTH then! Thank you
  8. I plan to release more Atari 2600 videos on my Retro Gaming YT Channel, Here is one I did last week.
  9. I own the UNO-CART and today found it would not load: Pac-Man 4K, Star Castle, Scramble and Zoo Keeper Does the Harmony cart play all of these new ones, or would you just run on Stella? I wanted to use a real 2600 for video purposes, but now might need to use Stella. Thoughts?
  10. I plan to subscribe, but has anyone asked about LIFETIME subscriptions? Is there an option, that would be nicer than 1-2 year subscriptions. What about a $99 lifetime deal? (or something like that) Thoughts?
  11. Some how the HDMI Converter box is fixing the image, so I guess I'll just keep running the 2600 single through it and then the Elgato. Although too bad my UNO Cart doesn't play most of the new homebrews I want to play on it.
  12. When I run my composite signed from my 2600 through my Elgato to a TV the game image is fine - See 1st image, But then I load the Elgato Game capture software, I get the BW images as shown in 2nd, 3rd images. (BW and lines) I've tried to changed every setting without solving, Has anyone seen this before and know what is wrong. BUT then If I Add the converter shown below it works (2nd photo). That set up is 2600 composite out to the HDMI box, HDMI cable to the Elgato and HDMI Cable to the TV and it works. Back to the color image #1.
  13. I am working on my next Atari 2600 for my YT Channel and wondering: What was the first Atari 2600 cartridges with larger memory? First 8KB Cartridge First 16KB Cartridge First 32KB Cartridge ALSO, I keep reading that ROM prices was the reason for so many 4KB cartridges, SO does anyone know the average prices of 4KB, 8KB, 16KB, 32KB ROM in Atari 2600 era? Thank you Steve
  14. Man, aint that the truth for any new forums. It's ALOT of work to get people to actually use a new forum. Very Rare for a new forum to catch on. I've been there more than once!!!
  15. It's still down... Arghh Do they need a new host? New owner or what? I run severial message forums (with Xenforo software) I could take over. Or start a new classic computer board/forum. Not sure another one would take off though.
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