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  1. I never asked the value - The value of any cartridge is what someone is willing to pay for it. ANYWAYs, I am trying to find out who made these? I thought it would be AtariAge, but it doesn't sound like it. This looks like it would've been a production run of some numbers. MAYBE for a retro gaming show? I did find Gooddealgames sells a WIZARD cartridge for $25, but a different label.
  2. Need to bump - I know someone here has info for this, WHo made it? And links? Was it an Atariage release? I can't open without damage to the label. Thank you
  3. I found this cart in a box of games today. I will assume that it is an Atariage reproduction? The front label is too clean and the round corner cuts are not perfect. Can anyone tell me more about it? Or a link to the reproduction page. Thank you
  4. OK, I am NOW calling this One of FIVE Such amazing history.
  5. Hi John, DO you have any idea, how many got out with the label I originally posted? Thank you
  6. Thank you for the info. The Author lived in the same city as me and Traded me this Cart for a box of broken 5200 controllers (aren't they ALL!) He had two different label designs he brought over to my house. And was planning to use a different label then we have for the release. But maybe he did use the one we posted. I really liked this label better than the other one he showed me.
  7. NICE - Any ideas how many of these got released like these? Is the author still around here? Thank you
  8. Is there such a thing as a Prototype Label? I got this in a trade 18 years ago from the owner of Mean Hamster Software. At the time he said this was 1 of 2 with this label. But that's all I know, Can anyone fill in more history about this cartridge, label or game? Thank you Steve
  9. Great point - I imagine all corporate saw was the dollar signs in savings.
  10. I wonder what the cost difference was between the 4K and 8K to make back in 1982? Was it really that much different?
  11. Update - Now about 80 Atari 2600 End labels are online. https://stevesretrogaming.com/atari-2600-end-labels/ What did I miss that you think I need? I will add more if I figure out the fonts: Atari : MumboSSK and Ataru-Hammerfat US Games is: Helvetica Neue LT Std 95 Black CCW is: opineheavy regular I have used 8-Bit Classics labels before, But does anyone know of an AVERY Label that works good for the end labels? Thank you for the support.
  12. Thank you, I will start adding more Atari labels this week.. I added the CCW games: Big Bird, Cookie monster, etc. I will add other Non Atari labels if I can figure out the Font that is used of those. Like CCW uses the Opineheavy regular font. Steve
  13. ALSO, please leave feedback if you see any colors that are WAY OFF. I am using Photoshop and the eyedropper to copy the font colors off of scanned cartridges. SO they are close, but there are alot of variables, like cartridge age, wear and tear, monitor calibration, etc. Thank you
  14. Thank you, I have over 100 end labels to add, but needed some people to look at it before I put more hours into it. ALSO I will add more info like Templates and Avery labels are the closes I can find so far for end labels. Thoughts?
  15. YEP - I would buy the trilogy for $99 and more than one set at that price.
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