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  1. Hi guys, Thank you very much for your kind words! Almost all creators of "Mad Age & This Guy" are atarians: Mac - lead designer, Insert - graphic designer and me as a programmer. So we are very pleased that our game is liked by Atari fans. PS, those "roomba things" are inspired by Boulder Dash's butterflies, so its move exactly same way ;)
  2. Eric, I asked in Atarionline forum and I can order 4 or 5 copies for Polish collectors if you can combine shipping. Thank you.
  3. Hi, Indeed, my page doesn't work properly for a long time. I'm sorry. Some day all articles were gone I have no idea why. I have no complete backup but I suppose I can try to fix it manualy one article by one. But I suspended my activity as publisher long time ago so I thought that nobody uses GR8 Software page
  4. I have a few new Asus glasses in boxes bought many years ago on eBay. I can resell 4 but I must check how much I paid for them. And as I know shipping to US or EU will be about $6. I'm happy if someone will continue this project But I'm afraid that the bigest problem with this 3d solution is that it works with CRT monitor/TV (50 or 60Hz) only. Modern LCD TVs are not synchronized with Atari video output.
  5. I found review published in 1999: http://www.dansdata.com/vr100.htm
  6. I tested Asus glasses only. I can't try but I'm pretty sure it can work good with VBXE I attach circuit, pcb design and two prototype's pictures. asus_real_3d_v1 schematics.pdf asus_real_3d_v1 PCB.pdf
  7. This is my old project I tested this solution with static, grey gtia-mode images and results were very good. I have one improved prototype designed and made for me by Seban: http://atarionline.pl/pliki/inne/Nosty_real3d.jpg As I remember it allows to adjust output voltage from 10 to 15V depending to glasses type. And this version is supplied from joystick port (without external power supply). I can share Seban's circuit and PCB project if you are interested. I think that connector (jack) is not very important. A control signal and it's voltage is the key for compatibility.
  8. I'm sorry but all Hobgoblin copies were sold long ago.
  9. I just like this type of game's box. I have about 12 only and I'm curious to know how many Atari games was published in album - like boxes. I'll try to make a list.
  10. I'm looking for list of all games (for Atari 800) published in slim album-style boxes. I mean games from EA, Accolade and Activision like: M.U.L.E, Hardball!, Seven Cities of Gold etc. I'd like to complement my collection. Thank you for any help.
  11. The game's speed is strongly changing. But why does sometimes game work slower in empty room and faster in room with two enemies?
  12. Yes! Now this game looks as it should. Great job, thank you. Especially colours added to hi-res mode. Amazing! One question: why does a timer stop on 14?
  13. Great job! But definitely unfinnished Hero's animation is still not perfect, flickering is visible from time to time. And please consider to improve a fire detection. Now I can easily take a thing and throw it immediately with one fire's press.
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