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  1. Hi. We aren’t sending confirmations, although you should have gotten a confirmation from PayPal. However we are about to contact all members requesting name (as you want it to appear on your member card) and address in the next few days. Thank you!
  2. We will never have a fair assessment of the ColecoVision potential past 1983 because Coleco diverged (to the ADAM) then drastically reduced investment.
  3. I know this is circular discussion, and I believe I have already said that, but I think the SGM would have failed anyways. Just think, you are asking CV owners to basically buy this expensive (for 1983 standards) expansion, just to play slightly improved arcade ports. You see, yes, DK Super Game had all 4 screens, and some intermissions, but it wasn't a huge leap IMHO, nor even "arcade perfect", since they mostly used the original port as the starting point. They needed new exclusive material to sell the SGM, and didn't have it. So I guess it would have sold a few thousand units and died with the rest of the crash. Look what Nintendo did in Japan, they created new exclusive stuff to launch the Disk System (Zelda, Metroid, Kid Icarus). Instead Coleco should have invested in improving their in-house teams. Get some programmers the same caliber as Atarisoft, created more original material, things like that. Also focused all their resources on the CV instead of scattering it thin between CV and ADAM.
  4. I just find that estrange that AFAIK, Coleco was doing good until Q4 1983, the quarter the ADAM got released. I don’t know any specific numbers for the CV, but then which other major product did they have? So I assume that because of the crash CV sales may have taken a hit, I just wonder if it is that bad.
  5. Now in beta... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. So here is the status of things. We are working on a new cartridge shell tooling. That will be done before the end of this year. Once it is done, we will have unlimited supply of cases again. Which means most of our games (at least non limited editions) will be back in stock. Some advancements in cartridge PCB will also make things easier.
  7. After years, the Opcode Super Game Club is now open! Please check the link for more info on the benefits and how to become a member. https://us9.campaign-archive.com/?u=ef7be83c593bc1d831a827842&id=82ec4f650d
  8. After years, the Opcode Super Game Club is now open! Please check the link for more info on the benefits and how to become a member. https://us9.campaign-archive.com/?u=ef7be83c593bc1d831a827842&id=82ec4f650d
  9. Sorry, working on that. Was moving stuff and deleted the website by mistake. In fact that took down emails as well. Emails are now fixed, but still working on website. Should take a couple of weeks though. On the other hand we also got a new domain name, Opcode Electronics. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. You are thinking in terms of an Adam. By late 1983 you could get a C64 for $200, basically state of art in terms of game hardware (in the US at least) at that point.
  11. The crash was something with the retailer channels, not consumers. Consumers were still there, but the distribution channels were cloaged with unsold stuff. Nintendo succeeded because they waited long enough until retail had got rid of most unsold stuff and made room for new stuff. The other problem was value as Robb mentioned. Computers had the best gaming hardware at that point. C64, as much as I don't care about the machine, was THE best gaming hardware available. So it wasn't until the NES that we got a hardware that was better than the C64 at a very reasonable price point. But yeah, this discussion is circular at this point...
  12. No. I don’t plan to have any preorder with games. We will sell when they are ready, or at least ready for manufacturing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Ok, some explanation is due. Indeed, Gradius was supposed to be a simple re-release. In fact we even started the manufacturing process. Boxes were printed. But then I decided to add a new video mode supporting advanced tech like F18A and Phoenix. So because of that I moved the game to the end of my 4 games list to give me enough time to implement everything. Truth is, all games are receiving the same upgraded video mode options, but that didn't affect their schedule much. DKA had to be delayed for a different reason, that being that I decided to redo the sound engine from scratch after 3 generations of patches. But even that should be in beta very soon. Anyway, new video mode didn't affect other games much, but affects Gradius because of the complexity of that game and the many required changes. So in order to keep the pipeline flowing, I moved that to the end of the line, with DKA being the first in line, followed by Pac-Man DX, Moon Cresta/Eagle, and finally Gradius in early 2021. But for those with the hardware, the improvements should be worth the waiting.
  14. We never say never. Early this year we replaced the hardware team with a new group that is more.. let's say, resourceful, and more up to date with new "trends", so who knows....
  15. Yeah, that was part of our now long aborted IntelliXpander. Which then morphed into the first iteration of OMNI... Only a couple of boards survived. But it worked, we even demoed that during an event in Connecticut.
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