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  1. Now that is very good news. RGB on analog CRTs looks out of this world. Can't wait!
  2. Well, TMS9918 is a tile based video. So even 256x192 is 32x24 tiles. You get two variations of that mode. One is 256 tiles max, two colors per tile, but each group of 8 tiles share the same 2 colors. The mode most used in games is a little more complex. 256 tiles per screen "third", so 3 sets of 256 tiles per screen. Also, each tile can use two colors per pixe row, and since a tile is 8x8 pixels, that means 8 pixel rows, or 16 colors per tile.
  3. No, mode 2. You realize mode 3 is 64x48 right? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Guys, we will restock the Color Line, early next year, once we have our new cartridge tooling. Right now we are cartridge shell constrained.
  5. It was probably simpler than that. By early 1983 it was clear that the console market was crashing, Wall Street was panicking, and everybody was moving to home computers. So they quickly adapted from “you can upgrade your CV to become an entry level home computer” to “we offer a home computer that can play CV games btw”.
  6. Unfortunately those were limited editions, so I don’t think it would be right for us to make any more. Sorry Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. So now you are trying to imply that Opcode, AtariAge, and ColecoVision Fan are all together on this to create artificial scarcity?
  8. I don't have to tell you, you wrote your intentions in your first post. As for ignoring suggestions, I hardly ask for any. And yet, I get unsolicited PM job requests from time to time...
  9. This is a loop discussion that isn't going anywhere, thus useless.. Dozens of suggestions were made, he is ignoring. The original proposition was a price war on a clone for revenge, which morphed into a super device that no one really cared, and back to the clone for price war, which he is now trying to argue the merits of again. So I would say this is it, he doesn't want to help, he has made his mind. I have better things to do, out of here.
  10. So, for the record, are you accusing me of creating artificial scarcity?
  11. Exactly, Atari is a very different ecosystem because of AtariAge. AtariAge is the de facto publisher for all things Atari. So people in the Atari scene only needs to code. You can do that for fun, there is none of your money involved. Publishing on the other hand is an expensive proposition, especially in a small group like this. So we invest the money and time to get things done and out. And that is why we try not to step on each other's toes, because without this balance in respect, almost everything becomes inviable. Which incentive do I have to spend the money and time like I did on the SGM if I knew someone was just going to copy it, do a clone, whatever? So it isn't about status, it is about working in a way that makes all of this viable. Some stuff is just opportunistic, and while may sound fun and innocent for some, lacks proper respect for those using their time and money to make things happen. One example: CollectorVision has their console. So far they don't offer a printed box for that. So why can't I just go and make a box myself and sell it to anyone interested? I am sure a lot of people would love that, right? Well, that isn't how that works. Phoenix is their console, and I will respect that. I respect their investment on that. It doesn't matter my opinion, it is theirs console. It doesn't matter if I won't use their logo, or their name, or the picture of the console or whatever, it is their console, period. If we enter in this kind of opportunistic race against each other, there is little incentive to keep going. The consequences are already here. When I created the SGM, I openly and gladly shared the specs so anyone could make games for it. I don't do that anymore, the reasons are here, in this very thread. I requested info on CollectorVision's sound chip so I could support it, never got an answer. And I don't blame them. There is now little incentive to share anything because of bad players. What is happening in this thread is distracting at best, destructive at worst. This is opportunistic, to create something arounds someone's else work, so one can get instant and easy profit. We may be a small community, but the possibilities are limitless. You can always come up with a new game, you can always come up with new ideas. So there is no need to step on each other's toes.
  12. As I indicated, I am taking care of that. In addition to the 1200 SGM already out there, plus all the Phoenix, I am doing enough SGM in this run to supply all the pre-orders so far and a surplus for next year. Same for Gradius. The ideia is to have those in stock for anyone to buy. I don’t think we have a problem of supply right now.
  13. I don’t blame you. We will know soon.
  14. Now, I wonder why with such amazing resume you were offering me services the other day. Certainly not because you like me or care...
  15. Since you can't come up with your own platform, I question who is insecure. I am all for hardware that is different and distinct from mine. What you are proposing isn't. You are just desperate for some easy consumer base.
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