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  1. It was sent to Opcode Club members only.
  2. Hi! 1. yes, that is correct. 2. Also correct. And this is the big deal with this SGM2. The SGM2 is no longer that alien system plugged into the CV that we announced a couple of years ago. It is now a compact custom system, created specifically for the ColecoVision. It was designed in such a way that it makes it easy to add the graphic and sound improvements to regular SGM1 games. So when you buy, let's say, Bosconian in August, you are getting a SGM1 game that is SGM2 ready. All the improvements are inside the cartridge, just waiting for a SGM2. 3. Right side, towards the edge of the ColecoVision.
  3. I have been immersed on this project for about a year now, so to be honest I was caught off guard with such great response. I am glad a lot of people seem to like it. As usual, thank you so much for the continued support. First batch of SGM2 compatible games shipping in August, with DKA in November. Hopefully Pac-Man DX this year as well. Pac-Man DX btw sounds remarkably like the arcade. In this video it wasn't yet using Arcade Sprites, so the final game will look even better on the SGM2.
  4. It is 480p currently. But we are investigating other options.
  5. Let's wait until it is ready for manufacturing.
  6. Ok, let me try to answer those: 1. Yes, it will be user configurable via our bootstrap menu. User will be able to choose from pre-configured palettes, or they can also create their own palette. 2. Yes, all the recording was done using Elgato. 3. Currently no. But that is why we announced as releasing late 2022. We don't want to rush this, although it is already working. We are still adding features and fine tuning. 4. 4:3. Configurable though the TV I guess. 5. Yes, same, although Arcade Sprites could go up to 320x240. But currently there is no tile mode to go with that. Arcade Sprites overlay the TMS9928, that is why we can easily improve regular SGM1 games. 6. Yes, all AV stuff had to be moved inside the VSC1 due to the HDMI output. 7. No, once plugged the SGM2 disables all the interval AV. You can only get HDMI. You just can't have both the TMS9928 and VSC1 working together. Analog output aren't in the plans, as it would increase the costs even more (and there isn't enough space inside the SGM case).
  7. opcode

    Some new stuff

    Clicking the links put stuff in your PayPal cart. If you see a bunch of stuff in your cart, that means you clicked a bunch of stuff, perhaps in past sessions/newsletters. SGMs are currently sold out, as are pre-order for games. More pre-orders are coming, and will be announced via regular newsletter and club exclusive communication. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. opcode

    Some new stuff

    Check the video above and you should get an idea. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. opcode

    Some new stuff

    No scaling in Gradius, sorry.
  10. opcode

    Some new stuff

    Actually it is a ColecoVision with SGM Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Some stuff I have been working on...
  12. Sorry, sold out. Another run coming soon!
  13. I assume by now you got an answer from Grazi. I will send you an invoice for the SGM service, and ship with your new SGM. Thanks!
  14. Cool, this is the first time I see this picture. Thanks for sharing. But isn’t the anniversary in 2 years? Unless you are talking about that other SGM. In that case, yes, we will be celebrating soon. :)
  15. Instructions here: https://mailchi.mp/e137cdba2c2a/new-colecovision-games-from-opcode-games-4690894 Thanks!
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