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  1. Well, it looks like only the 5200 Multicart is left.
  2. Very interesting article. The screenshot at the bottom of Inner Space is clearly an early version of Laser Gates. The article mentions several other games VentureVision was working on, which were to be released in pairs. The first pair (Inner Space and Solar Defense) were going to be released in April of that year, while three more pairs of games were going to be announced in June, September, and November. I'd love to find out more information on these missing games.
  3. Just pre-ordered a copy myself. Thanks!
  4. This is a new one to me, thank you. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Laser Gates' original title Inner Space?
  5. I would DEFINITELY be interested in Haunted House II, and maybe Combat II Advanced. Itata's Quest seems like it would be awesome as well.
  6. I've been really getting into Challenge from Zellers lately. Highly addicting.
  7. I really like Secret Quest. It's a similar game to Adventure, only you're on a space station. I'd also recommend the unreleased Lord of the Rings prototype. It's not available on cartridge, but since the rom is available, you could play it on a Harmony cart. I agree that the Haunted Adventure games are amazing. They're so much more than simple hacks of Adventure. You should definitely pick up a copy of Haunted Adventure Trilogy from the Atari Age store. Also, Cave In and Evil Magician Returns are really good homebrew adventure games.
  8. I absolutely love this game. Raiders of the Lost Ark is one of my favorite games on the 2600 and it's great to see a sequel. I first downloaded the game from this website and couldn't put it down. A member of that website posted a walkthrough, but even with that, it was still a challenge (like the original Raiders.) Great game.
  9. If it is stated in the auction that the cartridge is a reproduction, then the buyer has no reason to complain. Even if they did just skim the auction and didn’t read the description, common sense would dictate that a Coke Wins selling at $20 or $30 with a buy it now is not an original. Hypothetically speaking, even supposing a seller isn’t clear in their description or isn’t being totally honest, I think that once the money is refunded and the whole thing is resolved, there is no reason to give negative feedback. The buyer has no basis to give negative feedback here. In this situation, the seller did everything right. In fact, they showed great customer service by responding and refunding the money so quickly.
  10. He also seems to be selling several First Star Software games that atari2600.com is selling for $40 a piece for $119.96 after the sale. (Boulder Dash, Flip and Flop, & Rent Wars.) Are these limited editions or something? Special versions maybe?
  11. The hacks are also gone (Wolfenstein VCS, Venture II and X3V0LuX) as well as a few games for other systems, such as Squares for the CV and Pac-Man Collection for the 7800. There seems to be more missing, but I can't quite remember what games were there before.
  12. Doesn't the quote say something completely different? Like EMK bought the rights on Ventrue(Vision) games for Europe? Whoops. Looks like I completely misread the quote. Sorry about that. I'm not sure where my mind was last night. I apologize.
  13. Ultravision never "programmed" anything...they just imported junk from Taiwan. Ah, so that's it. Thanks.
  14. So Sancho bought the rights to Solar Defense and planned to sell it in Europe? That would make sense. I read that Exocet and Sea Hawk were originally programmed by Ultravision, and finally released by Sancho. Then again, I can't remeber where I read that, so I could be wrong.
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