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  1. A little while ago I was having issues with my PC Engine DUO-R, it would not power up. I sent it to turbografxfan on eBay. It turns out that all that was wrong was cracked solder joints on the Power, AV, and controller ports. He got it fixed up and shipped back quickly. He had about a one week backlog before he could get to mine. His price was very cheap to repair it, I think it cost me more to ship it back and forth. I just wanted to give him a plug since you can't leave feedback for services and say I got excellent service and a great price. I contacted him via eBay's Specialty Services.
  2. LOL, I'm in the same boat. Mine arrived in great shape. I had to buy them while I could, who knows when or if the production would stop and these become like the Holy Grail.
  3. This looks great! Thank you for all of your hard work. I can't wait to get one!
  4. I'd like to hop on the preorder train! Thanks!
  5. Just wanting to say I received this flash cart yesterday and it looks fantastic, came in it's own custom cartridge box. Great piece of work, can't wait to get it loaded up and try some homebrews on my Lynx. Thanks!
  6. Thank you for this great piece of hardware! Always wanted to have one cart for all my Atari needs.
  7. The Arcade Card Pro will let you play all CD games in your TG-16. It's like a system card 3.0 with extra RAM. $27 https://www.risingstuff.com/store/pcengine-...ard-p-2130.html The Super System Card will let you play all games except Arcade CDs. $7 https://www.risingstuff.com/store/engine-su...ard-p-2799.html
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