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  1. Hello again, I really didn't mean to degrade any pdfs that have schematics or fine diagrams. I just used Allan's manual as an example of how much smaller the files can be made. I use an old laptop with Windows98SE and SIO2PC (the original DOS program) to load games etc. I also store a lot of game manuals and instructions on the small hard drive. Almost all of these pdfs are mainly text with maybe a picture or two. When I can shrink a 20meg file to 480kb and still be able to read it, it makes a lot of sense to do so. Redman
  2. Hello all, Recently I've downloaded a lot of pdf files like I'm sure everyone else has. I found a website that can really shrink the size of them. http://www.ilovepdf.com A little degradation occurs, but the size difference is fantastic. Allan's 400/800 CPS supersalt Technical manual went from 52 megs to a little over 1 meg. This can save a lot of disk space. Redman
  3. MrFish, WOW!! Super job on the website. Just saw it for the first time and I'm really impressed. Sharp looking, great content, and a very nice look and feel. Thanks for such a great resource! Redman
  4. Robin, How's everything going in Scotland? I might move there if Donald Trump gets elected. Thanks for the Gerber files, I ordered 3 boards from OSH Park. I love cartridge projects. Redman
  5. Got a package from Poland yesterday. Thanks Candle!
  6. Hello all, I'm going to modify 2 different 16K gray XE carts so I took a lot of pictures to help others who try to open these without breaking the plastic tabs. First one was Necromanser. This case was held together with a single screw under the label and came apart easily without any problems. It had an XE Super Cart Revision 1 board. This board looks like it has 2 spots for jumpers marked W1 and W2. The board falls right out after you separate the case halfs. No tabs, no problems. The second one was Football. This board was an XE Super Cart Revision B that didn't appear to have any spots for jumpers. This had the problematic plastic tabs that tend to break off. On the pictures, I've put red dots where the 6 tabs are located. 2 of the tabs located toward the bottom of the cart are smaller than the other 4. It looks like the safest way to open this case is to put it label down on the table then pressing the tabs with a knife blade or other thin piece of metal while prying up at the same time. The tabs are attached to the front (label side) of the cart. I broke off the 2 small ones. They don't bend easily so the chances of breaking them off are high. Bottom line is that they weren't made to be reopened. Hope that this helps someone. CartPics.zip
  7. Hello all, I forgot to mention that I met Beatrice and John Hill at the show. John wrote and produced the music for a promotional video about Pole Position in 1983 and won a Clio for his efforts. Beatrice emailed me the mp3 file. More very nice people that I met at the show. I hope that Atarimania doesn't mind me posting the link to the video. http://www.atarimania.com/videos/commercial_2600_pole_position.flv Atari - pole position.mp3
  8. Take a look at this. http://maben.homeip.net/static/S100/syquest/disk/Syquest%20SQ555%2044MB%20drive.pdf
  9. I missed last year. I was going to display an 800 with an Incognito setup but I'm still waiting for it. It probably depends on what room you're in also. Maybe everyone didn't make it to the second room.
  10. Hello All, This is my belated report about VCF East 10. Bill Lange and Fletch both had great displays and are great people. It looks like Fletch has one of every Atari product ever made The craziest thing that I saw at the show was a bunch of equipment from a Minuteman II ICBM circa 1970. The first 3 ICBM pictures are of cards that made up the control system. #4 shows the gyroscope and the "hard drive". The last picture is of me standing by my Atari VCS game table. I felt that attendance was down from previous years. At least Atari made a good showing.
  11. I'll be there showing 3 different 800XL's and an Atari 2600 game table that I built. I missed last year but I was there at the 2 previous shows.
  12. Thanks Rybags, I'll try upping the resistance of the 2.2 ohm and see what happens. It should be one the last 4 steps of the upgrade because the video looked fantastic after the end of the 2.0 process. redman
  13. Hello All, I've done the Supervideo 2.1 upgrade about 5 times now on 800XL's and I've always had great results. http://www.wolfpup.net/atarimods/supervid.html This time I finished the Version 2.0 part and everything looked good. I should have stopped at that point. After I finished the 2.1 part, all the colors were messed up. They look like pastels. The 2.1 part is only 4 easy steps so I removed them. The colors stayed the same. I've checked for shorts, removed the 1K resistor from C55, and desoldered and resoldered all the joints. I attached a zip file with pictures from Pole Position taken from a Sony Trinitron 27 inch crt. The picture still looks sharp but the colors don't. I tryed adjusting the color pot but that doesn't help - colors change but not the right way. I hope someone has an idea of what could have gone wrong. The pictures didn't come out too good but you can see the color mismatches. Step by step for 2.1: 1 - I installed a new 2.2 ohm to replace the inductor L5. Voltages check out. 2 - First I replaced C50 with a 220 mfd. Removed it and replaced with a 100 mfd just to see if it was the cause. No change. 3 - Replaced R52 with a 2700 ohm resistor. Removed and put back a 2000 ohm. No change. 4 - Installed a 1K resistor where instructed to. Removed it for testing. No change. I must have screwed something up but I don't know where to look. Thanks for listening. I hope someone has an idea of how to fix this. redman BadColors.zip
  14. Thanks a lot for all the help. redman
  15. I'm glad that my search helped you. This does look like an interesting disk. redman
  16. @Allen If you look at the contents of http://www.atarimania.com/documents/Atari_Utilities_Diskette.pdf you'll find a file named m8txt. I googled "Atari m8txt" and found this text: https://archive.org/stream/ataribooks-the-book-of-atari-software-1983/thebookofatarisoftware1983_djvu.txt If you search for "m8txt" in this text, you'll find the same file names as in the Atari_Utilities_Diskette.pdf and the disk is named DEVELOPER'S DISKETTE
  17. After a little googling, I found out that the disk that I'm looking for is named Developer's Diskette. It's APX Catalog Number 20034. It's not available for download because Atariarchives.org says,"This software is not available for download. We do not know who holds the copyright." This is a shame because there are some interesting programming snippets on it.
  18. Hello again, I should have included a link to the doc file for this disk. Here it is: http://www.atarimania.com/documents/Atari_Utilities_Diskette.pdf Redman
  19. Hello all, Atarimania has a manual for the Atari Utilities Diskette. Does anyone have a link to this disk image? TIA Redman
  20. Hello, I've been looking for a list of games capable of stereo sound output. I've done the mod on a few 2600's and would like to try the stereo games. Does anyone have a link to a list? TIA Redman
  21. What you did with this site is something to really be proud of. The look, the feel, the content - everything is top notch. You spent a lot of time to make the Atari experience a lot better. Thanks a lot!
  22. Hello, Scans of any Percom manuals would really be appreciated. Thanks a lot. Redman
  23. Here are some pictures of the Sdrive mounted inside of my 800XL. I had trouble lining up the push button switches with the holes that I drilled. I said that I was sloppy. I also installed a 27C512 with 4 OS's, did the SuperVideo 2.1 video mod and installed the Freezer reset system that allows a cold boot with the power still on. I put a 9 pin dsub socket on the back and used 2 dpdt toggle switches so I can use the Sdrive externally with another Atari. I made an adaptor that plugs into the 9 pin and also an Atari SIO cable. I want to also be able to use the Sdrive with an 800XL that has the Ultimate 1MB board. I put 2 leds on the side to visually show which OS is currently selected. The Sdrive works perfectly. Thanks a lot citrad!
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