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  1. Just reading a little online, EU WEEE sounds like a nightmare. Glad USA does have that crap. Just another way to make it difficult for small businesses. Hope you figure out a way to ship these without having to jump through hoops.
  2. I have had no black screens since I switched to my back up Jag. Leaving in 12 hours, headed to Universal. Gonna be a mad dash next weekend!
  3. Really excited for this one!!!
  4. Codemasters released Skid Marks on Sega Genesis in Europe(i think).
  5. Glad people will be able to check this out and see the progress. Run a dust rag over you Jag, it looks like you have been doing "lines" off of it. My OCD and huge coke habit is going nuts...
  6. I am sure there is someone who will loan you an extension cord or at least dispay at another table.....
  7. Not good. This game frooze up on me 3-4 times. Once between loading screens and a few times when I paused. Everytime just a blank screen(black) and never came back. Weird. Gonna try my backup Jag.
  8. I still hope to get one... I have a boxed Atari Karts (instructions?) I may offer up for trade. Not sure if that is fair, think so?
  9. I will only have a couple of days to play this one, but will give it another go.....heading to "Universal Studios" and will not be back until next Friday.
  10. Missed out on Portland, but Universal Studios isn't a bad backup!

  11. That is dedication Hyper_Eye, nice score! I just can't get into this game because I can not figure out where to go......sigh. I like the controls(after I get use to them), but the level layout is bewildering to me.
  12. I stink at this game! It needs some kind of map showing where you have been(or more importantly haven't been). Is there some way to figure out where the switches are located or do you just have to wonder around?
  13. "Co-op" or "Head2head"? MazeCraze and Slot Racers are two of the Best games on VCS.
  14. Wow! January is close. I assume you mean Jan. 2020? How many people are play-testing the game?
  15. The "Tag Mode" is so much fun. I use to own a couple Video Game Stores and we would use Indy 500 as a tie breaker game when we ran tournaments. It became so popular, we added it to some of our contests. The Tag option is fun cuz you drive around chasing the other guy while the timer is going. At the end of the game, whoever has the most time(not being caught) wins! Imagine all the fun upgrades you could add to this game! Drop oil-spills, turbos, leave tire spikes, etc. Also, check out the LED game called "Split Second". It has a realy fun "racing" game where you drive thru gates(or around them). As kids, we use to play this for hours trying to beat each others scores. At the end of the race, the track will stay the same(unless you change it) so the next guy can try the same course. Such a simple and fun game. It has 7 other games, most are extremely fun. The LED game(Split Second) goes for $15-20 on ebay. So worth it. I have it on our coffee table and when we have parties or folks over, it ends up getting played until my wife makes us put it away. Check out "Split Second" (driving game starts at 1:40) :
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