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  1. Unless you plan on getting other PAL systems(like NES, Genesis, SNES, etc.), you should just get a NTSC Jaguar. Yes a PAL TV will work(at least mine does), but it will only run PAL signals unless the TV has a PAL/NTSC switch. Best/Easiest thing to do is just get a NTSC Jaguar.
  2. I think that is close to where I left off.... If you finish it, let me know if the juice is worth the squeeze!
  3. Love these hidden little things on games. So much fun. So many great games on the Jaguar the last few years and also this coming year. Great time to own a Jaguar. This is a really nice collection and extremely fun. So if you have not bought one, do it. Grab Loopz also, another addicting puzzle game.
  4. Is anyone selling those clear Jaguar cases? I missed out on them years back and have always wanted one.
  5. I have almost finished this game.....it is difficult. It needs a map system with locations marked. It can be brutal to find your way. Just save a lot. Wish I could remember hints for ya, but I just muddled thru it.
  6. 137,450 Another fun game because of good tight controls.
  7. That is a great collection, but perhaps find a better way to display it? 😜
  8. Seeing water pour out of the ceiling sheetrock into the Media rack is not a great way to start your day!

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    2. Keatah
    3. Machine


      I would be panic'ed if it was my retro gaming room. Ohhhh the HORROR!!!!

      I did loose everything 7 years ago, so rebuilding is nothing new!



    4. GoldLeader


      Hope all gets sorted, man.

  9. You can never have too many Jaguars!
  10. Congratulations to all the entries/winners of the ATARI HOMEBREW AWARDS! Some really incrediable games this year!

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