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  1. Really cool for you to share pics of these. When I saw the leather coasters, I thought it was something recently made. But looking at the rest of the item, they scream early 80's.
  2. You guys do not want to miss out on this controller! It works better than advertised!
  3. He wasn't discounting much a few years ago. My wife got it for me(birthday) when it first came out or I would have never had gotten it. We've played it several times, it has it's charm but nothing like some of the better homebrews.....although much better than some.
  4. It is still for sale on Ebay($180ish). It is an interesting little game. Fun with another person for small spurts. Worth about $60-70 tops. Too bad it is priced so insanely.
  5. doubledown's work is amazing and he knows more about arcade joysticks than anyone I know. His work is very professional, if you every get a chance to own something he has made, jump on it! You willl be amazed how nice everything is...... topnotch!
  6. The joysticks you recoomended for my arcade are the best. I can't believe I suffered with those generic ones for sooo long!
  7. It is amazing!!!! 😀
  8. I think a lot of use now have a rotary because of Tempest and Rebooteroids. To me, the most important part of a game is good controls. Rotary really improves control on most of these types of games. Good luck with adding it and it is cool people are helping you look into it!
  9. ...very few left....I got your PM, thanks!
  10. I never noticed this.....I know I have at least one of these pads. These are the thick corded ones right?
  11. Good news: After 6 days we have hot water! Bad news, gonna need a new boiler soon. Anyone got 10k they can loan me?


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    2. Machine


      It is a boiler. It heats the radiant floors and also heats the "slave" hot water tank.  That is what the guy called the hot water tank, not me.  :)

      The radiant heat is amazing.  


    3. GoldLeader


      So, to be clear,...If ya got a hot water heater, then you still wouldn't have heat for the house in the Winter?

    4. Machine


      We have a boiler. It heats our entire our(thru the radiant heat in floors) and it also heats our hot water and stores it in a tank(like a hot water tank).


      Out boiler is 25 years old and ready to be replaced. We have it working, but it is time to replace it. If it went out in the winter, we would have been screwed.


  12. Yeah, it was a good help....and a good idea to make patches! It was good enough for them to start and clean it up for a patch. I am hoping they do a good job cuz I had to order patches without final proof. They will send me a proof before they start making them and I can request changes if needed. If the proof is good, then maybe a pin or shirt will follow. My wallet thanks you for making it thinner!
  13. Trying to have the Australian Lynx Club artwork cleaned up. Probably gonna do a patch and maybe a pin.
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