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  1. Very cool! Looking forward to playing this!
  2. I should have sent you one of the encoders I used for the run of controllers I made.....I can always drop you another package if you want to switch out encoders. Let me know if you want to give it a try....I think I have some left....
  3. I dont have any problems with moving in the bonus stages. Weird. I use the settings below: Rotary Rate: ---x------ Rotary Trim: -------x---
  4. The rotary controller and the games made for it are a big reason why I love the Jaguar. Like juansolo said, I could never go back to a standard controller. I actually was able to beat Impulse X with a rotary controller. Something that would be extremely difficult with a standard controller. The rotary gives you such a unique experience.
  5. I would love to see this with an additional "two player" breakout game. You could have the breakout bricks in the middle and still battle like pong.
  6. I love it. Play around alittle with the rate and trim.....once you have it dialed in and take time to get use to it, your score should go up!!!
  7. Sorry, I thought it was a roach crawling the first time I saw it. Then I notice the ammo on the bottom and I realized it was an empty shell.....my bad.
  8. Oh....I guess they are empty shotgun shells. In any case, they disappear if you fire too fast.
  9. I thought it was a roach, might be a spider. In the lower right-hand corner. Everytime you shoot it triggers a "spider" crawling from the bottom right corner diagonally to the lower right side. Problem is....when you rapid shoot, the spider disappears and starts over....... watch video at 1:22 - You rapid fire and spider diappears and warps back to the start....the spider should just keep walking off screen not disappear and re-spawn cuz you are firing too quick. Maybe make it so that animation can not be triggered until it's full cycle is complete???
  10. That "hotel" must be shaped like the Pentagon.....that's one long hallway! The hallway seems to be moving way too fast. When the monsters are climbing "towards" you on the sidewalls, they are actually moving backwards. It appears they can't keep up with the hallway movement??? The roaches seem to reset on every shot. Once you shoot, they go back to their original start postition which looks strange when you rapid-fire.
  11. Don't forget about "Rebooted", lots of fun titles jammed into one cart! Downfall always finds it's way to the Jaguar when friends come over. Such a fun game!
  12. I want to see a booger hanging off Hairy! This may be the greatest idea for a game since Octodad!
  13. You earned it the old fashion way.....you cheated like everyone else! 🤪
  14. It is all preference. I like the bigger and heavier ones. I live in a very dry area and found the all metal knobs can carry static to the controller board and fry chips(has happened to me a few times). I switched to a plastic knob and have not had a problem since. Send me a PM @grips03 , I may have one left if you want it.
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