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  1. Just design a reversible sleeve with CD graphics on the one side, and Game graphics on the other.
  2. When are "saggy pants" gonna join "mullets" and "parachute pants" and slowly fade away? It's time.

    1. CPUWIZ


      I think it was time, when this came out.



    2. Rogerpoco



      I've grown mine extremely long at this point, the plan, as I get it back to "normal" is to try a few..."odd" things, just for the heck of it, braids, beads, etc.

      I could see walking around with a mullet for a couple days!

      Hehe-you can have a pink shirt.

      You can have a moustache.

      You can have a mullet.

      You can't have a mullet, a pink shirt and a moustache all at once, you just can't...

  3. Hey Rick- Is this the last game for the season or you doing one more?
  4. That is slick. Too bad about the big scratch down the front side. Where you located?
  5. You sure the purple colors are right? Sometimes the greens(light green/regular green) get switched and the purples(light purple/reg. purple) get switched........
  6. Someone on Etsy is printing JagCD boxes, but only the same size as the cart boxes. I kinda like the idea of doing a run of all the JagCD games in cart size boxes since it will look sweet next to the rest. The big box games do not fit on my game shelf unless I lay them flat. Not a big deal, I will buy whatever size you decide.
  7. You never bought Flappy McFur? That is the only game missing in my Jag collection. Well, I am not counting JagCD, I still need the big 2 from that.
  8. I got one of these, very nice! Rick, love that boxed rotary controller!
  9. We have not seen NES game prices go down since RetroUSB released it's PowerPak. If anything, it feeds interest and collecting.
  10. Machine


    Any chance Tube SE and Tube 2020 could be put on a "tube collection cart" and released?
  11. What are those two things resting on Abe's forehead?
  12. Hyperforce needs a map system so you can see your location. The amount of backtracking gets old. Still a fun game.
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