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  1. Here is a side/side picture of both TVs. Noticeable difference:
  2. 27,545 I just realized my TV is cutting off at least an inch of the top of some games. I switch TVs, looks much better now.
  3. I had to read the thread title 3-4 times to realize I was not misreading it. For once, my severe dyslexia didn't screw with me....
  4. That is in the original version of the arcade game so I am guessing it is meant to be that way in the Jag version....
  5. More like I can't afford not to keep up with jag collecting.
  6. Such a wonderful game. Amazing time to be a Jag owner! Too bad the next 3-4 weeks are my crazy time at work or I would be all over finishing. I hope I can squeeze a few late nights in.
  7. Someone needs to make Tshirts for this game: BallBuster Hall of Famer
  8. I miss the Video Game conventions. This kinda stuff would be fun to do at a show(or after the show party) ).
  9. Got my order yesterday. Gonna be rough since I can not play until Sunday. These are amazing, what a great day for the Jaguar! Al, CJ, and everyone who helped get these game out.... GREAT JOB & THANK YOU!!!
  10. One day, I will beat Saturn and get a to a Jaguar item before him!
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