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  1. I absolutely promise that this is my last name list. Please forgive me for these. BunsAway! BunsOfSqueal BurgerClimb BourgeoisieTime FastFood Frenzy CrazyCondiments FastestFood MotleyFood BurglerTime BiggerBuns ShortOrder! (Cook) A Tall Order KitchenTime BurgerStack BigStack Attack! WhopperTime PattyCakes BunStunner PartyFood Stack'em-n-Whack'em PepperPower PepperTime Stun-n-Run GrillerTime GrillerThriller
  2. BuggerTime DinnerBell (DinnerHell?) BerserkTime Burgzerk! Uninvited DinnerGuests BuffetTime BuffetAffray I'll stop, I'll stop.
  3. BurgerThyme "He who controls the Spice, controls the universe!" "The Spice must flow."
  4. Dug my Jaguar and games out of boxes for the first time since I moved to my current house 7 years ago. Thank you for these new controllers, as they are great. I am about to order 2 more! BSG loves these new ProControllers. Note: One of mine arrived with the 0 key pushed-in. It only took some light massaging to get it un-snagged and pop back up from below. The number keys are a little more recessed than the originals, but still work great. With the overlays on, there shouldn't be any deep pushes which could rarely result in getting "stuck".
  5. BurgerCide: Death by Burger In a world where undead condiments prey upon those who would use them for garnish, one brave chef must harness his years of culinary training, and summon the courage to SANDWICH them out of existence. YOU are Peter Pepper. Turn your enemies into hamburger meat, before they eat you for LUNCH!
  6. A small idea... Try putting a few up on eBay with a link to your store and this thread. (go for a long term auction, etc) Many people on eBay searching for Jaguar items, and may even have saved searches for the Pro Controller. Not sure what the current eBay rules are, but as long as you don't say something blatant like "Don't buy here! Go to my website!", you'll probably be okay. I will probably not be able to resist ordering another set, once I receive my first order, and get to hold them in my hands and smell the new plastic and electronics.
  7. Thanks for the links, MantaNZ and mr_me. At this point, I have enough information to know that I will certainly be buying 1, if they hopefully deliver. Yes, the appearance looks odd, but hopefully with the right colors and detailing used, it will be okay. I want to PLAY those games. As for family friendly, I don't mind a bit of cartoon style mischief, but I draw the line at games depicting the total destruction of a planet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Z2An-pI5FQ
  8. Thank you, spacecadet I hope it gets posted somewhere again, but your report helps me manage my expectations.
  9. Ordered! This is something I never thought would happen. Thank you!
  10. Where's the info about the new Intellivision console?

    1. Eltigro


      I considered going to the panel at PRGE today, but lost track of time, realised it was about half over already and just decided to skip it.

    2. DZ-Jay


      Looks like a foot massager.

  11. Oh boy. My first time checking-in at AtariAge in well...ages. Looking forward to getting my XM.
  12. An Ebay auction for MSX games featuring the Aquarius logo. I know they share the same processor and often the same AY sound chip, but these are not Aquarius games in any fashion. Just thought I'd share this oddball auction. https://www.ebay.com/itm/263404570454?ul_noapp=true Happy New Year to all!
  13. True. My first line got lost in my copy/paste haste. I have edited my post so it makes sense again.
  14. Sort of, and accidentally. I don't think I am going to be able to resist buying one (or two?). LOL http://www.ebay.com/itm/282651173836?ul_noapp=true
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