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  1. Well, I did what I said I would not do. Bought a cheap dremel type tool and did some grinding. The Cartridges now fit easily in the slot, no more squeezing the cartridge into the slot, sometimes I was afraid to crack the board..
  2. After opening my 7800, did a quick study, inserted several cartridges, I know why now.... Just don't understand, why the tight fit, even some original 7800 games are just fitting in that slot and still I have to push hard and then pulling them out is not as easy as the 2600. Thank you all for the comments and information, I can say again that I've learned something again 😀
  3. Interesting... I'll open up mine tomorrow and take a peek 👀 in the belly of the beast.
  4. That's not how far I'm willing to go, in this way is taking extreme measures 😋
  5. New knew there was an adapter for it. Do you have an picture of it?
  6. Glad that it is not my imagination, I already thought "Why is this happening only to me!"
  7. Strangely enough I encountered a 2600 game "Marine Wars" that refuses to fit into my Atari 7800. Am I to gentle? Or do I need a Hammer (get in there!) Of course I can play it on my 2600, but this bothers me a bit...
  8. Thank you for your information, I saw that they sell complete set packages special for the Falcon PSU.
  9. Pulled my Falcon from the atic, after years lying there between the cobwebs. When I start him up, the internal harddrive starts to boot. comes up with a screen without drive icons. When I select from Options - install devices, I see harddrive's C , D, E & F. but now, I want to run a program, Doubleklik a PRG, I get (Illegal File type.) what can I do about it....
  10. Thanks, I will tell him that 👍 "Hey bro... ☝️" 😀
  11. I know it has been a while for this thread, but I have a question. My brother played this game on his Jaguar CD, after 6 or 7 screens, he came back at screen 1, doesn't this game go any further?
  12. Last year my brother bought this game on cartridge, he keeps on complaining that the game is to fast compared to the ST version,
  13. Everyone schould use "Folding at Home".

    1. Keatah
    2. Flojomojo


      [Checks calendar]


      Does your calendar say 2006?


      It should say 2018.

  14. It has been two weeks now with my "new" Lynx 2 and its upgraded screen. Just like many others before me said, it's Amazing. I finally can see the bullets in those space shooters that always killed me, now I know whats killing me instead of... ????WhatThe...$& tested right all my 65 games, many I had to clean first to let them work again. Strangely, one game died, I only get half flashing words, Insert Game. Otherwise I got 66 games. I can only say to the Lynx lovers out there. Get the screen update, you won't regret it !
  15. I have a wish, but don't think that will happen anytime soon.... More racing type games.
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