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  1. Most cables of that sort plug the white cable into the yellow port 'Video In 1". If you use the RED cable, you will get a nice picture but the color is trash or non-existent. Bob
  2. I have a couple of 800 cases, I expect, but I am very slow at this type of thing. What do you need, exactly? Can I see a picture? Bob
  3. I want to do an accelerator just for the 1200XL. One thing I have run into is a number of bugs already present in a stock 1200XL. Some Congo Bongo carts do not work. The Defender Demo crashes on some machines. RESET does not work properly. Video is poor. Sweet16 works in some systems and not others. No 5v on SIO... What I would like is for anyone who knows of an existing problem on a 1200XL to post it here. That would help me separate bugs a 65816 puts on and known bugs not related to the accelerator. So, if you have a candidate, tell me what fails, when and where (and why if you know it). Thanks! Bob
  4. Once power is stable, RESET has to go negative and then go positive. And, you need a clock. Bob
  5. So, we make it faster... how about memory enhancements? Rambo?. Linear memory? Programmable OS? Faster is pretty simple. It's all the other things that make it complex. Bob
  6. I no longer have any 1090 parts. Never did have much, actually. Bob
  7. There are two versions of that cover. The old one will have foam tape holding the cover shields in place, where the 'new' ones have no foam and no shields. They do not seem to interchange easily. Like, not at all... Bob
  8. I went through 20 XL k/bs and only found one Mitsumi. It is a hand-made unit that I don't want to sell or break up. Can't you bolt-in a different k/b? Bob
  9. Pin 10 is motor control and pin 12 is DS0, it seems. A regular FDD is jumpered for DS1, while the XF551 is set to DS0. Are you sure that it is pin 10 and 12 and not 12 and 14? Bob
  10. I did the mod a long time ago. There should be threads on it all over AA and the net. I have enough XF551s and parts that I just do individual drives and power on the one I want. Bob
  11. Did this XF551 ever work? Bob
  12. What are you trying to format - SD, DD? The XF551 gets all twisted up when you try to format in DD and you have booted with a SD diskette in the XF551. Make your 1050 D1: and the XF551 D2:. Boot DOS 2.0 in D1: with a SD diskette in D2:. Format D2: in SD - should work. Bob
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