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  1. They have plastic replacement gears that are a snap to install. Don't remember where to get them, but they seem to work well. Bob
  2. I have lots of 1020s with bad gears. $5 plus postage. Bob
  3. Some of my SpartaDOS disks went bad on me. Hundreds of other disk used in my 1050s had no problems. Inspecting the ICD disks showed the oxide completely missing - scraped right off.. This was maybe 30 years ago, so it isn't old age disks, just bad media from ICD. XF551s have different heads than 1050s, so they may work better. Bob
  4. This is for a 1050? There are no components in a 1050 supply other than a fuse and a transformer. No regulators... If a transformer is 'buzzing', it means the core laminates are loose. Eventually, the insulation (lacquer) will fail and the windings will short. Remove the fuse for a spare and save the cables. 110vac power supplies are very common. They output 9vac @ 3.4a. You need 220vac. I have a step up/down transformer that I use on 220v devices (mainly a 1029). It came with a variety of connectors. Bob
  5. I think the key word here is "charging adapter". A charging adapter would just feed the power supply built in to the device. That would probably not be a problem. Feeding 'junky' charging adapter signals into your computer may be problematic since they are connected to all those sweet chips in your Atari. Yes,I know - you have been using one for 27 years and no problems. So, YOUR adapter is probably OK. How do we identify a 'good' one'? Says 'Atari" on it, weighs a ton, has screws holding it together.... time tested! Bob
  6. 30 ga. Kynar wire used to wire-wrap circuits. Spent many a midnite wrapping in changes and fixes to wire-wrap boards. Used electric guns, of course. Wire came pre-stripped in every length by 1/2 inch. Bob
  7. It seemed that the program just split the 'dictionary' into a memory resident section that could be accessed quickly and a disk resident remainder. It would look up every word, first in memory and then on disk. One variation I saw sorted the text file to make it a linear search for the words without duplicating compares.. Some of them used expanded memory for the dictionary. Something like that. Bob
  8. So, looking at the schematic: you don't need 74ALS245 2x 74ALS137 8x 4164 the rest of the ICs What do you need: 64K SRAM (probably easier to find larger chips...) 32 pins CPLD 20 pins Bob
  9. I can see this as a cable on the PBI (like the MIO) and the memory module as a tidy 'bump' on the cable. Bob
  10. Me? I have two in my Computer Room. Other than those, I would have to search my Atari Barn (shed? pleeze... my shed is where I park my John Deere!) I would expect that we would make new 1064s if we were making a project around them. Bob
  11. Does the 820 work in another 800 /XL...? Do you have any other SIO devices?
  12. Wouldn't a 1064 do what you need? Are there problems with just using a 1064? I am guessing that the 1064 just kills the 16K chips and slides in 64K. Bob
  13. I found the source disk and they are an original ANTIC disk. Bob
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