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  1. Did you do something to get a green screen? Have you tried it without the cartridge? You need to start swapping boards and such. Have you opened the shielding? Can you show me the cards and boards inside? If you unscrew anything, make sure you know how to put it back - take pictures or something. Bob
  2. Can you show us a picture of the 'black screen'? Does it 'pop' or make other noises when you turn it on? Are you sure that your channel switch matches your TV? Does the power LED come on? Can you check the voltages with a meter? What you may need is a second, known good 400 for parts swapping...
  3. Are you still working on this? I'm going to do one of mine next week. Once I get it working, I can send you some EPROMs already programmed and tested. Bob
  4. TSOM: how do the colors look on other s/w using your Atari hardware? Bob
  5. I tried loading from an SIO2SD on another 1200XL - colors are good. Bob
  6. I used an original Atari APX disk that said v1.1 on a 1200XL in s-video. Looks like your emulator pics. This has to be bad code in the V1, V2, and V3 files. Try this one. Bob getaway.atr
  7. Run wires from the power connector into the XF551 at the appropriate points. I have seen the power plug pads lift off the PCB a couple of times. (put pressure on the connector while it is plugged in and the pad lifts right off) You usually can't just re-flow the connection - you have use jumper wires) Bob
  8. My k/b does not match yours. Close, but not the same. Can you send me a few pictures of yours? Bob
  9. Does your k/b look like that? A Stackpole? PM me your name and address. Bob
  10. 'A hard life' for your system may include a shorted power supply, which puts >8 volts on your m/b. Did it come with a power supply? What does it look like? (picture?) I could send you a m/b with good chips in it, but plugging it into a bad supply would just blow it up. Bob
  11. I saved my e-mail as HTML and downloaded that into my message. Not quite there, yet... Bob
  12. Can we restart this thread? Who didn't get what they asked for? Use my e-mail, not AA! I will pull all the 800s from storage and inventory them. It will take a while... What else? Bob emailaddress.html
  13. Looking at it, I see SIO and 34-pin FDD connectors. Two HH drives. Yep, it's big... Bob
  14. Of course! I always assumed that it was an Atari drive that ran on SIO. Bob
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