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  1. I saved my e-mail as HTML and downloaded that into my message. Not quite there, yet... Bob
  2. Can we restart this thread? Who didn't get what they asked for? Use my e-mail, not AA! I will pull all the 800s from storage and inventory them. It will take a while... What else? Bob emailaddress.html
  3. Looking at it, I see SIO and 34-pin FDD connectors. Two HH drives. Yep, it's big... Bob
  4. Of course! I always assumed that it was an Atari drive that ran on SIO. Bob
  5. There is an added dimension when we do Zoom meetings. Maybe not in-person, but you feel like you're 'there'. Anyone who is interested can ping me here. I am thinking that 12 or less would work OK. Usually only half that in attendance. SLCC meetings are 1 hour on Tuesday at 19:00. We have a website. Bob
  6. Has anyone been successful in removing the aluminum trim on a 1200XL? Bob
  7. If you are using 27128s, you need to replace W6 with a 1K (or anything close) resistor. This will put your code in the upper 8K block of the 27128s. Bob
  8. Would someone be willing to send me one of these? I'd like to see what is going on with them. Bob
  9. That is a pretty nice screen - what is the hookup/monitor? Did you adjust the monitor for the 130XE? If you plug in an 800XL or 1200XL that has the video fix, do you need to also adjust the monitor again? The 130XE overdrives LUMA on a CRT monitor in s-video mode unless you terminate with 75 ohms. Bob
  10. Michael is a video guru. That said, if the cable does not act to limit the bandwidth of Luma, then you may see signals riding on your LUMA that should not be there. So, a 'bad' cable may look better than a 'good' cable - maybe. If you disconnect CHROMA at both ends, do the jailbars still show? Or, turn COLOR off - still jailbars? Bob
  11. The 1.44 only (no 720K capability) came later in the FDD cycle, I think. Most of the older FDDs would do both densities. I would not use HD floppies in any FDD. If you can't find some DD 3.5s, I have many... Bob
  12. Faster where? SIO? Format? Can you point me to this mod? Thanks! Bob
  13. Some 3.5 FDDs sense the disk density (the extra hole opposite from the Write Protect hole) and set the drive into 720K (DD) mode. Those drives will work with DD disks on an XF551. Otherwise, No. You can't used HD FDDs or HD diskettes in an XF551. Bob
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