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  1. Sorry, but that was meant as a non-political jab at the non-elected bureaucracy and all things state run, not any political party or administration. I should have written it differently, using "branch" was a poor choice.
  2. Yes, I understood what you meant, I'm just not sure their "intended purpose" is just for Muslims to swear on in court as you wouldn't need a translated version since it's only being sworn on and not actually read. I think the true intended purpose of the translations are so English speaking people can read it. Why courts choose to use a translated version of the Quran instead of the real deal doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me for this reason, but then not much any branch of government does these days makes any logical sense.
  3. But not useless for an English speaking non-Muslim who wants to read it to help understand Islam and Muslims better as a purely academic pursuit. But I only ask as a curiosity. The Torah I don't need an English translation of as I can reference the Old Testament of the Bible, and I already understand the Hebrew faith and people, from studying the Bible and of course I am of the Christian faith, so I already also understand Christians. I was just curious about these texts in software on the Atari, I can borrow "Holy" texts in standard book form from my older brother who followed my father's footsteps and inherited all my father's religious texts when he died.
  4. It's a bit more of a unique situation though, if you get my meaning, not some old game or application. I bet he would be happy to help if he still has a copy.
  5. Ok, so I have the Super SDX cartridge from @Dropcheck, currently upgraded to 4.8, planning to upgrade it top 4.9 soon, and I have the reproduction Diamond 3.0 from @kenames99 with his upgraded GAL logic. So will I be able to use these concurrently? Also, assuming they will work together, do I plug Diamond cart into the pass-thru of SDX cart, or vice-versa? (I made a custom case by modifying my original The!Cart case I had on hand as I had moved The!Cart into an original 800 style cart shell I also modified) I'll also planning on using my MyIDE II CF card drive with both, currently sitting atop the SSDX cart and working well with FJC's boot driver for SDX & MyIDE II. Has anyone yet tried a MyIDE II or SiDE 2/3 or other SD card cart drive with Diamond 3.0 cart and SDX cart all together yet? Has anyone else made labels for Diamond GOS 3.0 carts yet? My 1200XL currently isn't working, so I haven't been able to test any of this on my own yet, so I just thought I'd ask. I'll have my 1200XL running again in the near future and have been thinking about getting it all working together. @kenames99's cart PCB for Diamond is so short I cut The!Cart cart case nearly in half to make it work, and it's completely hidden inside the 1200XL's cart slot! Of course if I have to plug Diamond into SDX, then all three carts will be showing...
  6. It's just the Bible, but of course on many disks. It was a decade or two after it's release before an entire Bible could be put on one disk. I wonder if the Hebrew Torah or Islamic Quran were ever done for the Atari 8-bit. Anyone know? Of course the Torah is basically the same thing as the Old Testament of the Bible, just translated to various languages of the "Gentiles" (what everyone else is in the world that is not Jewish) since Christianity stemmed from the Hebrew religion. The New Testament is the real meat of Christianity, the Old Testament is more for the sake of history and continuity of faith for Christians in the Judeo/Christian world view. But I don't know if everything from the Torah made it into the Christian Old testament. My father would have known (R.I.P) as he was a professor of theology and new these three major religions like the back of his hand, because he taught them! But I was never interested enough when he was alive to learn from him.
  7. Fantastic images! I do believe you are better with facial/portrait conversions than I.
  8. My guess is also Fort Apocalypse, but I'm pretty sure I finished the game back in the day and don't recall any flooding... http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-fort-apocalypse_2054.html
  9. IIRC, there are one or two other conversions of R-Type in this thread.
  10. I certainly agree with that sentiment, in as much as those who make the photoshop conversions aren't doing art and the conversions are soul-less. It's really no different though than us making Rasta conversions of art for the Atari. And that's part of the reason why I don't attach my name to them. But the background and foreground auto art was done by some artist and that soul is never lost, you just now have the "composite soul" of two or more artists on display. And this is the first version I've seen, and I like it.
  11. You might have seen this car with different backgrounds by way of Photoshop, but this is the original composition. If this same exact artist painted car has been extracted and used with other backgrounds, it should be easy to spot the false compared to this real one, by the reflection of the ground on the car's door/side.
  12. For who converted them is pretty common knowledge at this point, I still won't be adding my name to them. But he wants to be able to differentiate Rasta .xex's from all other game and app and demo .xex's. And I can sympathize since I've been trying to organize all my Atari files by partition, directory, file type, alphabetical and if I didn't know all my conversions when I see the file names myself, I'd have a hard time distinguishing myself as I already do just between games and demos and music .xex's But this is my own fault by not putting downloaded files in their proper folder immediately and instead let them sit in the downloads folder until there are dozens and dozens and then when moving from there I again am too lazy to find the proper sub-directory and folder and just "select all" and move it all and it all ends up in the main directory of the general Atari 8-bit folder that I have to sort into the sub-folders contained within too. And too many duplicates in different directories I have to clean out too, because I forgot I already downloaded something and it was tossed in some odd directory. All just to have organized genre files I can then move onto my flash cards with a different APT partition with SDX for each genre and so on. So I'm trying to get organized and break these bad habits of mine.
  13. I forgot to mention, some of those I think are cartridge .rom or .bin files, like the OSS languages, but there are custom builds out there for storing and loading them with different flash devices like MyIDE II, SiDE 1/2/3, AVG, Atarimax flash carts, Ultimate cart, etc. As well as using with other devices like SDX cart, U1MB w/SDX, Ingcognito, etc. too.
  14. I'll start adding an RC to the beginning of mine.
  15. Actually, that is an ability even a single Pokey has had all along and was often used on the Atari 8-bit computers (mostly with music apps and demos, but few games too): 4, 8-bit voices or 2 combined 16-bit voices or 2, 8-bit voices with 1, 16-bit combined voice.. With dual Pokey's you have double that and more varied mix of 8 and 16-bit channels. With Quad Pokey you have 16 8-bit channels or 8 16-bit combined, or several 8 and 16-bit voices. There are a couple of popular (back in the day) Music composition apps on the Atari (they were released on C64 and others as well), Activision's Music Studio and Electronic Art's Music Construction Set. On the Atari 8-bit versions, Music Studio used 4 8-bit voices at the usual 3.5 octaves. Music Construction Set allowed you to choose 4 8-bit voices at 3.5 octaves, or 3 voices with up to 7 octaves (one voice was 16-bit combined 8-bit voices which doubles the octaves on that voice), maybe 2 16-bit voice option as well, I don't recall, but I can find out easily. This was back around '84/85 these apps were released. One Pokey, mono sound.
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