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  1. Cricket! While that sounds ridiculous to start with I actually think something similar to stick cricket on mobile a few years back would work really well on Lynx in terms of gameplay or even Graham Gooch cricket from the Atari ST… man I broke multiple joysticks when I was younger playing that - you had to waggle it left and right as fast as you could to bowl fast! (Could translate to alpine games style Lynx button mashing!)
  2. 104 in 13:43 why do I run out of moves? From pressing on stuff that isn’t valid?
  3. Certainly not a good score, but it’s a score…! 165880
  4. On the buzzer. Now I really am not playing this game again for a long time!! 71638
  5. I tried building out little ‘peninsulas’ to then make it easier to race across the screen and grab larger areas. Work ok, but then I’d quite often get stuck and zapped by the things that come round the edge?!
  6. Gahhh damn you!!! Now I’m going to lose another evening 😜
  7. Mr.JT

    Serial numbers

    I have the strange early revision Lynx 2 (the one with the lynx 1 chipset on its motherboard). I noticed the other day that the unit doesn’t have a serial number on the back case. There’s a smooth bit of plastic there and “serial number:”, but no serial etched and certainly no sticker has ever been there either. Is this normal? Wondering whether this revision was some kind of test unit or something? When I received it years ago it was boxed and unused in perfect condition - which makes it extra odd there’s not a serial number - it couldn’t have worn off JT
  8. LCD in… SD cart arrived… time to play! Basically scored 0 for my first few attempts trying to work out what on earth was going on! But lucked out on one attempt. (Hard game!?) 42912
  9. Is the originally referenced hack what this is? https://www.ebay.ca/itm/393372792651?hash=item5b96d8774b:g:5~UAAOSwQKJgtgBm
  10. Mr.JT

    IGN's VCS Review

    https://www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2021/06/27/the-atari-vcs-console-actually-came-out-and-surprise-its-bad/?sh=47e5df4d19c9 Why are there so many ‘reviews’ like this from people who haven’t even seen the console or played it?! I get that on a random blog, but this is Forbes?!
  11. Mr.JT

    Team Tap

    Many many years on I finally got another team tap... and can confirm that the original (somehow??!) was faulty. New one works fine! Thought I’d leave this here just in case it drives anyone else mad in the future! (Although perhaps I had the only fault team tap... it was like it was wired up wrong inside!?)
  12. Interesting idea... I’ve asked Ben if there’s a mod to make it work... if not I’ll give the above a go anyway Seeing as it doesn’t work already, can’t really make it worse! Will update here...
  13. Yep that’s the one 😖 is there a mod to make the lcd work? (Given its designed for a ‘proper’ Lynx 2)...
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