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  1. Here a couple of mock cartridges to keep me entertained until the rom is fully done
  2. Side note: the first thought in my mind was how pissed off would you be if you had a collection like that and you wnet away to uni or something and your piss-ant little relative sold it off on eBay for a couple hundred bucks...let's just say I'd make sure he couldn't pass on his genes
  3. What can I say, I like crappy horror movies. There's something about the really black labels that appeal to me for scary movies although I can only think of Activision making comprable ones (Kung-Fu, Rampage). So while these are not traditional Atari, I'd buy the game if it looked like that! Another good cartridge would be the Excorcist if you got to control the girl...swirl the joystick to spin her head and press the button to vomit, the objective is to scare away the priests before they splash to much holy water onto you. Or Psycho, where the button controls the stabbing and you have to kill the girl in the shower before someone hears her screaming...some many possibilities *NOTE: these are not atari maker labels as the site is down, these are just good old photoshop on one of your labels as a base!
  4. I've been thinking today about making my own cartridges for the Atari 2600, but I have no idea where to start (beyond the programming). I've looked all over and can find no help as to how to construct a cartridge (it's getting the progam ONTO the cartridge that has me stymied). Can anyone help me with this? Yes I could just use Stella, but having my game on the actual Atari is what I fancy! Thanks! edit: Oh, and I don't really like the krocadile carts, maxicarts, or the like as they have the sticky out bits at the top and that really ruins the look of the cart. Eprom programmers are a little expensive for the handful of games I'd make, which adds to the problem. I'd heard of someone who would program the carts for you for $10 each but I have not been able to see anymore than a few vague posts about them on this forum...any ideas?
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