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  1. Check out this site if you haven't already. http://www.guimp.com They've got a bunch of games including a kind of space invaders and pong.
  2. Actually an Aunt of mine did that tootsie pop thing a long time ago. She sent her results to Tootsie, and they sent her a bunch of tootsie pops and a little trophy.
  3. killah5000


    Actually, I've found my own answer to that question. When you look up the game in the Rarity Guide click on the link in the "label" category column. From there it will take you to a list of minor label variations.
  4. killah5000


    When I looked up Joust in the Rarity Guide all it had was a listing for the "Orange logo" joust, I have that one, but I also have one that has a Yellow "Joust" logo are these just considered the same because there isn't much of a real difference? On a related subject, I also have two Video Pinball carts, in the Rarity Guide it lists one with an upper case end label. My carts both have upper case end labels but one has a lower case face label and the other has an upper case face label. [ 04-08-2002: Message edited by: killah5000 ]
  5. If you keep reading the auction it says that the Atari that is in the picture was opened for display purposes and the one that the winning bidder will recieve is still sealed.
  6. Great list guys, thanks a bunch for all the posts.
  7. I could use a little help in compiling a list of movie based games from the 2600. I plan on trying to get as many boxed carts, manuals, and whatever else I can find( like tip manuals and promos) to use as decoration in my Atari room or home theater room. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. I've had a little luck recently. My local Salvation Army usually just stuffs a box with a bunch of gaming stuff when they get them in. I got a NES w/ controller, SNES controller, Sega controller, Sega light gun( broken), 2600 Vader system w/2 controllers, 2 powerpacks and a labelless Death Star Battle all for $2.50 [ 03-09-2002: Message edited by: killah5000 ]
  9. Yep the patch letter looks just like your Explorer's club letter. As does the picture tips letter. Guess I don't have to scan them after all.
  10. I would gladly scan it for the records at this site but I am having trouble getting my scanner to work. Everything I scan comes out in only yellow.
  11. I haven't really though about selling or trading the letters. I usually just pick up new Atari stuff when it becomes available locally, or maybe an occasional ebay auction just for stuff that I don't see locally, like game cases. I really wouldn't know what I'd want in trade for them, or if I would even want to get rid of them. I'd have to think about it.
  12. I recently bought a box of Atari stuff at my local Salvation Army. Pretty good deal I got a Sears Video Arcade II with both controllers and connectors, about 14 games including one with a rarity rating of 6, and two cartrige holders. All for $4.50. While I was going throught the manuals and cutouts from the cartrige boxes I found two letters from Activision to the previous owner of the games. One was regarding a question that he had sent them about taking a picture of the screen to send a score in to get a patch, the other was a congratulation letter that must have accompanied a patch for high score on Pitfall. Just though that it was kind of interesting that the letters survived. Is this a fairly common thing to find with Atari lots?
  13. Are the ratings that are listed for just the game cartrige in good condition. If so would an increase in rating apply for games that are, say, still in the original box, or has the original paperwork?
  14. Thanks for the help, this will give me something to look for.
  15. Hello, I'm new to the board, but I've used the site for info for a little while now after getting back into Atari. Would anyone have a list of games like Atlantis II and Space Chase, games that are usually common but some are rare versions. I like the fact that some of these common games may actually be very rare, and it adds a little bit of exitement when you're searching for games in "the wild".
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