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  1. Well i've been trying to make this TOS 4.04 Eprom with no success, i'm using Hitachi erasable HN27C4096CC-12 EPROMs Using a Willem PCB50 programmer I load the file (512K) (Downloaded from this thread) into the Willen PCB50 I can see the first word starts 602e The EPROM is blank, the programmer copies and verifies the image I insert the EPROM into the Falcon and all i get on a low res colour monitor is a black screen with red lines, no boot Re install the original rom and all is well so there's nothing up with the Falcon Can anyone help?
  2. OK So i see from these files that there are 2 x U44 files (U44.LCR and U44.JED) So which file do i use? and how do i get them onto the IC? obviously i have an eprom programmer I just want to make sure i program the chip correctly as don't want to damage the Falcon!
  3. Yes i know i could make something but ultimately i'd like the original part :0)
  4. I'm after one of the small blocks used to mount the Serial port on the rear of the Mega STE / TT (see pic) If anyone can help let me know thanks
  5. Can i use HN27C4096CC-10 or does the rom need to be a -12 or -15 ? Thanks
  6. Thanks So do i need to do anything to this image or can i simply burn that file onto a rom?
  7. Can anyone point me in the right direction of a working Falcon TOS 4.04 rom image please so i can burn my own TOS rom Thanks
  8. OK so i used a phone camera to check the LEDs on an STM1 i have that doesn't move left/right And sure enough i can see all 4 LEDS emitting a purple coloured light So does this mean the LEDS are ok? and there is something else causing the lack of left/right movement? On this particular mouse i have changed the cable and caps and still the issue, no broken solders or tracks What else to look at apart from changing the chip and testing resistors?!
  9. Thanks for this Is it also possible to save the data on a working Gal/Pal into the rom burner and then burn back the data to a new chip?
  10. These chips - U62, U63, U67, U68 Chips C30283(0/1/2/3)-001 PAl/GAL/IC And the longer U44 chip
  11. Does anyone know where i could find the gal / pal images for the 5 small chips on the Falcon?
  12. How do you use a cell phone to test the wheel emitter?
  13. I have a logic probe. Ok so i will check as you say around A3 area... Thanks for your help
  14. I'm just going on what is stated in the Falcon service manual for testing CPU, "check data and address lines to see if they are toggling" it says when test cartridge fitted on initial power up The manual doesn't specify which data and address lines to check so do i assume any of them??!!
  15. OK so there isn't 1 x data line or address line but many data and address lines!
  16. I have the PDF of the Falcon CPU with pinout of the pins but none are marked as Data or Address How do i find out these 2 lines? Thanks 68030 QFP.pdf
  17. Can a logic probe be used for checking CPU clocks and Halt lines? I'm ultimately new to this so want something simple to understand and use
  18. Thanks for your replies Ultimately i just want the scope for Atari ST / Falcon repairs Checking clock signals to and from chips and Halt lines as per the Atari service manuals Would this Pico scope be ok for this?
  19. Can anyone recommend a scope for fault finding a dead Falcon? ultimately one of these small LCD types would be good as found on ebay Any help appreciated thanks
  20. Any chance you could let me know the part number of the main PCB on your USA model please? The number is located front bottom corner. Opposite side to the rotary swtches My UK part number is P/N 111 - 704A Thanks
  21. Thankyou so much! i think that's all my picture requests now I will test it soon.........
  22. If it is possible i wouldn't mind seeing there 2 x orange wires on the back of the rotary power switch :0)
  23. Thanks so much, this is really helpful Could you also confirm regarding the red and blue wire that plugs into the PSU at the far end (mains in) Which colour goes to live and neutral on the 3 pin input plug on the back of the monitor And that's all! thanks :0)
  24. This seems to be how USA PSU's work as i have also a 117V USA Falcon PSU and that is wired the same with just the live wire across the switch which has 2 x terminals (compared the the UK 4 x terminals) and the neutral wire goes straight to the PSU, capacitors across the power port
  25. Ok so how do i do that? I can take pics of the PCB I'm looking for a USA PSU schematic but can't find one
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