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  1. Holy crap! Feel better @CPUWIZ
  2. Propane13

    One Question

    I would like to learn more about this. Would you have any resources you can share? Specifically, I understand how to strobe different registers and make all of the boops and the beeps. But there are interesting things happening in these compositions, like echo effects, vibrato, and glissandos/slides. There's a major difference here between say, listening to Ballblazer on the 7800 vs. the VVVVVV original soundtrack. I'd be very interested in reading up / learning how to generate these effects, but it's something I have zero familiarity with, so I'm curious if you would have any beginner resources available. Seems like if mastered, you can do some pretty powerful stuff, music-wise. Thanks!
  3. Glad to see you got your old account back! Also, really looking forward to seeing those old reviews-- it's been a long time, and they were fun to read. Since it has been awhile, I'm wondering if you've changed your mind on any games you have played over time. That may be interesting.
  4. For what it's worth, thank you all for what you did, even if it doesn't go anywhere.
  5. Wait what? There are secret levels in the Apple 2 Marble Madness?
  6. Still on my list (and I still do still lurk at atariage on occasion). I have got one other project on my queue before I come back into it. I did actually jump in softly about 3-6 months back and realized it's going to be a dedicated commitment to finish the few outstanding items. On the plus side, it is still very compilable and my source code is backed up. Regards, -John
  7. I haven't played this game in many years, and decided to give it a go. I never realized how many good things there are about this cart: 1) Music at the beginning 2) The sound effects are soft and not annoying 3) No HMOVE lines on the left, which is rare for a non-Activision game 4) Rapid gameplay. The games can be very short, but very satisfying. 5) The ability to have 2 enemies on screen at the same time-- and they can collide 6) Detailed mountain graphics 7) You have a high-def tank 8) That explosion graphic is amazing-- did you ever notice that it fades in slowly? Even the flying saucers give a fun little extra to the game to be like "well, should I waste one more shot on this thing? I mean, I really could be shot from behind". I'm just surprised to have this good of gameplay and graphics for a 1983 Atari release. I put in Robot Tank after the fact, and, it honestly felt like "more is less". Oddly, Battlezone seems to be really good at what it is. I'll admit that I'm surprised. It would be really fun to play this head-to-head on 2 TVs.
  8. Welcome back! I just got back into the site myself after a few years. Funny thing-- I still look at web.archive.org for your old webpages / reviews / walkthroughs of Atari 7800 content. Have you thought about re-hosting them somewhere to give them some new life?
  9. I could swear that somebody made an arcade-style hack and that some source code was available, but I can't find it through Search. Any ideas? Maybe it was just a final binary that was shared?
  10. Wow, that's awesome! I got through the debugger re-translating this morning, and split my project into individual pages in case people wanted to cross-check them against the original source. I only got through page 1 of the main source code, but the equates / debugger / symbol table should all be pretty close to complete and formatting-wise pretty accurate to the original doc. Note that there are still likely typos, as I was doing a lot of it by hand; not compiling anything (yet). I can let the project go dormant for now if there's already a completed product. But, if anything there I've put together that is of value, feel free to take it: https://github.com/johnkharvey/2600_checkers_source Definitely a good weekend exercise.
  11. That's much better than the one generated on the archive.org website. Good stuff!
  12. Update: Variables at the top are done, and the symbol table at the bottom is complete. I got the first page of "real" source code entered, but I think my next focus will be the 7 pages of "debugger" code at the end, just to get all of the bookends complete before hitting the main program. I'm likely going to call it a day on this for now since my eyes are tired; however, if people want to collaborate, I would welcome it, so feel free to help out. Even if it's just a page comparison to the PDF to find mistakes I may have made, it would be appreciated.
  13. I've got through page 7 done. At this point, it's all variable names, so not much useful stuff there, but hey, I thought I'd let people know if they want to look for errors.
  14. All right, so I've decided to start transcribing and got page 1 and 2 done. I figured this would be smart to do as an open-source project, so if anyone wants to help (especially with validation against the printed source), that would be appreciated. Here's the link: https://github.com/johnkharvey/2600_checkers_source I'll try to hack on it in my spare time a little each day.
  15. So, Rev.A is a pre-release version? It'd be VERY interesting if someone could convert these to text so we could compare differences.
  16. Hello! Is this project still active? Is there a way to play on other platforms (such as Mac)? Just asking-- I can always dig out a Windows machine. Thanks!
  17. I seem to recall a few years back that somebody made a Pitfall 2 "sequel". I believe it was written in Flash. I have no idea what it was called, or where to find it. Does this ring any bells? I realize this is a little off-topic for the 2600 channel, but I figured this is where most hardcore Pitfall II fans would reside. Thanks!
  18. I always thought Star Raiders with the lights down and volume up in a quiet room at night could get downright creepy. Your only music is those 3 lone, sad, tones. And then, off you go. On the harder modes, an unskilled player will quickly lose the Starbase, at which point-- they're coming after you. During the final battle, it can be really easy to get distracted from your fuel/energy level and spend your focus on blowing up the Krylons. If in that moment of distraction you happen to explode, then the whole screen goes nuts and the sound can be jarring. Then it's followed by those same 3 lone, sad tones. I still remember having that experience when I was younger, and I think it can still hold up to this day.
  19. According to the first page of the below topic, Survival Island for the Supercharger is ranked second-to-last. I was curious about why it's so bad in comparison to the other games. I haven't played it much, but I liked the little that I tried. I was curious if there were flaws that I'm just unaware of. It seemed like there was a large maze element to it that looked promising.
  20. I'd definitely like to know more about this. It might be fun to have a cart of Escape from the Mindmaster, Dragonstomper, and Survival Island. Survival Island seems to be low on people's like list-- I'm a bit curious why that is (granted, I never got that far, but I believe there's a large maze/mapping element at the end).
  21. How do all of the reloads work with the cartridge-based version?
  22. Hello! I was recently playing Keystone Kapers, and I had 2 strategy thoughts. I figured I'd check in here with the experts. 1. After timing things out a bit, I think I reached the conclusion that you should ALWAYS take the elevator from the first floor to the second floor. Even if you "just miss it", I'm not sure that taking the bottom left escalator ever beats waiting for the elevator to come back. Is that a correct assumption? 2. Based on item 1, the elevator always starts in the place where it ended last round. So, in theory, it may make sense to delay catching the robber for a little bit at the end, in order to give you a more favorable elevator placement in the subsequent round. Are those valid? Or, am I missing something. If item 1 is true, it does make me a bit sad that the game simply becomes formulatic. It does make me wish that perhaps every 5 malls was a different layout.
  23. Note that the timing of the encryption code finding is kind of fascinating for me. August 2001 lines up with my "internal" release of my old color demo that I had finished on August 4, 2001. It's funny how around that time, the "real" fix was almost available. It changed everything going forward. In the spirit of archiving things, here is the (now public) source code for my Color demo from 2001: https://github.com/johnkharvey/color7800 You can see how much it leverages from backdoor's source code. It definitely helped me get my start. Also, it's funny to me how there's a video of it available: Would it be possible to add a link to the source code repo under "Color (Demo) | Nov 07, 2009 | Done"? I think it may be nice to have for archive purposes, just to be complete. Regards, -John
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