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  1. WRT the SDL/window manager issue, note the bullet point from the R77 webpage: SDL1 has been replaced with a version of SDL2 that has been patched to support hardware acceleration on Mali / framebuffer In particular, note the commits that start on Feb. 9, 2019 here: https://github.com/DirtyHairy/SDL/commits/8ae8d74a4569171634316304672980d07f756351 We essentially have a Mali port of SDL2 that talks directly to the device, bypassing the window manager completely.
  2. This is the biggest difference. On R77, we use a version of SDL that bypasses 'X' and window managers completely. In fact, there is no 'X' installed on R77 at all. IIRC, going through X was too slow on this class of hardware. It wasn't a Stella issue per-se, just that X is not optimized for this use case.
  3. The price of cycle-exact emulation, and more demanding ARM emulation. That one is based on Stella 3.x, which is over a decade old. So it's no surprise that it runs fine on decade-old hardware. The reason it doesn't run all games correctly is because it isn't cycle-exact for TIA video and audio, nor the RIOT and other stuff too. Hence why we added cycle-exact emulation, and with that a corresponding increase in hardware required to run it.
  4. Stella passes a full 16-bit 'uInt16' parameter for the addresses, which are masked down to 13-bit in the various subsystems. It should be easy enough to modify the masks to suit your needs.
  5. Many reasons: To fix bugs; to accommodate for changes in the OS, or bugs in Stella itself To add features; self-explanatory To add new bankswitching schemes; it's kind of hard to emulate a scheme that hasn't been invented yet
  6. It's not a 'Stella' thing. It's a 'using space for fire with other keys for direction gives a keyboard issue' thing. If you use the Left Control key in Stella to fire (like in z26), then it will probably act the same way.
  7. It almost definitely won't work out of the box, since I don't think we compile NFS support into the kernel. And Samba definitely isn't there at all. Perhaps using the kernel CIFS filesystem, and mounting the share that way will work? You can definitely connect to the R77 using SSH. That's how we do testing for the most part. File sharing is another matter, though. Technically not impossible, but will require work on the kernel in the R77. And the kernel is a 3.x series, so I don't know if that's recent enough to do what you want. Personally, I'd try first with CIFS, so you can get a mount without needing to run daemons (like normal NFS or Samba would require).
  8. Yeah, it actually is called PlusROM in the Stella code; I just had a brain fart. Memory is not always the best ...
  9. Not yet. We hope to have PlusCart support in the next release of Stella.
  10. stephena

    RetroN 77

    I think we can bypass udev, and just modify the kernel driver to always eliminate the deadzone. That's all that app is doing anyway; calling a kernel function to zero out the deadzone area.
  11. stephena

    RetroN 77

    I should say first of all that I'm not entirely sure this is the problem. But it seems very likely. We will need to do a little research. The deadzone can affect various paddles games differently, since some games use more of the range of motion (and some less), and hit the deadzone (or not).
  12. stephena

    RetroN 77

    This happens in Linux due to the way analog controllers are set up by the OS. As the R77 is based on Linux, I suspect it is the same situation. I helped develop a solution for this at https://stella-emu.github.io/evdev-joystick.tar.xz, but this is only for standalone Linux. I guess we should see if we can integrate that functionality into the R77 port.
  13. Time for another bugfix release for the 6.5 series of Stella (I expect the next release will be 6.6). Changelog as follows: Added context-sensitive help. Improved support of multiple monitors with different resolutions. Improved analog input reading (Paddles, Keyboards...). Fixed QuadTari support for controller types other than Joysticks. Fixed palette and TV effects saving for Retron77. Fixed immediate disassembling when switching options in debugger. This fixes a few bugs reported in this thread. Specifically, paddle and keypad support is now more correctly emulated at a lower level (fixes a bug with "Alpha Beam" prototype). Also fixed is certain settings not being saved when rebooting the Retron77. New features include better support for multi-monitor setups, particularly those running at different resolutions. And a nice new UI feature; context-sensitive help in the UI. Click the '?' button or press F1 (Linux/Windows) or Shift-Cmd-/ (Mac) on almost any UI element, and you will be redirected to the Stella documentation specific to that item. Hopefully that means we get less questions, since you can read the manual yourself As usual, Stella can be downloaded from https://stella-emu.github.io/downloads.html, and donations are welcome at https://stella-emu.github.io/donations.html. Bugs can be reported here, or ideally at https://github.com/stella-emu/stella/issues.
  14. Except for an extension forcing a specific scheme, or a TV format embedded in the name. I'm assuming that it's properly autodetecting the SB scheme, but I can't say for sure, as I don't have access to the ROM.
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