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  1. OK, I have the list compiled and updated on the Stella webpage: https://stella-emu.github.io/credits.html Please let me know if someone has been left out, some detail is incorrect, etc. There were so many people involved with this fundraiser that it is very easy to forget some detail. So if you think you should be mentioned, by all means, SPEAK UP. For all you've done, the very least I can do is correctly add you to this list. Overall, the experience was much bigger and more successful than I could have imagined. Certainly much more money was raised than I ever thought was possible, and I believe James also mentioned that he got the highest-ever attendance for that particular stream. So that really goes to show the interest in Stella, and in a 40+ year old console. Amazing really. I don't think some of the other consoles out there will have the legs that the 2600 has. I've gotten the funding straightened away (for the most part; there were some minor issues with Paypal and GoFundMe that are now fixed). Now in the process of dividing the spoils. At least one of the Stella team is already looking for new Atari hardware to help with testing So realize that this support goes a long way, and ultimately helps everyone using Stella too. So, thanks again, from all members of the Stella team: Steve A. @stephena Thomas Jentzsch @Thomas Jentzsch Christian Speckner @DirtyHairy
  2. Sorry for the belated reply. Just wanted to shout out a huge THANK YOU to all involved in the 2019 Stella-thon! I've been contacting contributors and compiling the info for the Credits list, and hope to have that ready to post tomorrow. And of course I had to sneak in some time to actually work on Stella I will give an update again tomorrow when I get the final list compiled. Thanks again to everyone, Steve A. Stella maintainer
  3. Is this ROM the absolute final, so I can add an entry in the Stella properties database? And if so, please forward the info you want included.
  4. Confirmed. Holding 'reset' on startup is giving PAL scanline patterns, but Stella is still interpreting this as NTSC. I have created a Stella Github issue: https://github.com/stella-emu/stella/issues/501 In the future, please report all bugs in Stella to us, so we can attempt to fix them. I just happened upon this post; otherwise we would never know about this.
  5. Most of the procedure here is what we want to get Stella to do automatically (that's what computers are for, right?) The process definitely works, but it's obviously a manual process and very laborious. Hopefully we can get Stella to do some (all?) of it automatically.
  6. If you're asking about the Stella 6 firmware, then there's no limit to the number of ROMs. It has the same interface as Stella, so it contains a list view of the ROMs. You can separate into directories for better organization, or have it in one big list. I've test 3000+ ROMs in Stella on Linux/Windows/etc. I guess the only real limitation is if the SD card supports a certain number of files in a directory. From the POV of Stella, there is no limit.
  7. Great; go ahead and create an issue at your convenience. The 20KHz value is a constant in CartDPC; perhaps just changing it there can get the effect we want?? EDIT: Confirmed. Change the 20000.0 to 15700.0 in CartDPC, and the music plays at a different rate.
  8. Just adding to the last comment on if it ever happens again. If it does, I think hearing from Christian Speckner / @DirtyHairy (the other member of the Stella team that we didn't hear from) would be a nice addition too.
  9. Oh, and thanks to all involved (organizers, interviewees, people that donated and/or bid). Went much smoother than I expected, given that 12 hours is a long haul. I was able to stay for 8.5 hours, but had to go to bed after that (it was after 1PM local time). Particularly enjoyed the interviews, and the 'war stories'. My only issue honestly was with my own interview. I don't like being on video or audio, so perhaps something was lost in the text (my fault, not James'). When I'm writing I tend to get technical and it sometimes comes out somewhat boring. One major thing I missed was Thomas' interview; will definitely have to follow up on Youtube to hear his voice So thanks again to everyone ...
  10. I worked at a local KFC after high school, about 27 years ago now. I can agree that even in a different country with a completely different set of mannerisms, KFC (in particular) and retail (in general) sucks.
  11. I guess that means the latest Stella is coming to Steam too. We're in the process of getting Stella 6.1 working with libretro. I'd say it's already 90% there at this point.
  12. If that's all the problem is (width needs to be 32-bit aligned), then we can probably do that in Stella directly, at a lower level, and have it 'just work' for libretro.
  13. Just wondering what the end time will be? Are these for 12 hours only, or going for a few days, etc?
  14. And now for something completely different: a shameless plug. There is a Stella fundraiser (dubbed 'Stella-thon') happening tomorrow, July 12. Info is available at Please consider a donation or making a bid on an item.
  15. And now for something completely different: a shameless plug. There is a Stella fundraiser (dubbed 'Stella-thon') happening tomorrow, July 12. Info is available at Please consider a donation or making a bid on an item.
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