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  1. This 'double mapping' is something we're also looking into.
  2. Assuming that the only thing on the drive, and snapshots average 8.5KB, somewhere north of 1.7 billion images. And assuming every 2 seconds, about 112 years. And that's assuming you don't quit Stella and restart it 😈
  3. It's an option that intentionally can't be saved, so when you exit and restart Stella, it is disabled again. I suppose we could add an option to stop after a certain (user specified) number of snapshots have been taken. Performance would be terrible if the snapshots were large, but I guess if you have 1x snapshot mode turned on, they would be 10K or less. And otherwise not noticeable. But that being said, I wonder how useful that feature is. If nobody is using it, I would remove it completely. Perhaps time for a poll. Or if anyone here in this thread is actively using this, let me know.
  4. Yes, Alt+s enables this functionality. I guess you may have hit it by mistake. By default, when turned on it generates snapshots every 2 seconds.
  5. Yep, this is a very quick way to at least tell if it's a heat issue. And that alone could point us in the right direction.
  6. Hmm, are we sure multi-threading is enabled for R77 here? Because if one core is at 100% and the rest not loaded, perhaps multi-threading can help. Of course, if it's one part of the code that is loading the core (like the ARM emulation), and that doesn't support threading, then there's not much more to do. Maybe in the future we can have a threaded implementation of the ARM emulation, but honestly it's NOT something I am qualified to do.
  7. I would suggest also trying this on a PC, to see if similar slowdowns occur. We would need to determine if it's related to the QuadTari handling itself, or moreso with the R77. I will say that the R77 port is marginal on certain games. That is, it's operating close to the limits of what the hardware can do, and just a little more processing would cause noticeable slowdowns. And your ROMs are using ARM and are quite advanced, so it's possible that the processing of the QuadTari on top of the ARM emulation is bringing the hardware to its knees.
  8. Thanks for the words of encouragement. I'm sure this will help us find and fix bugs, and generally feel better about all the work we put into the project.
  9. Because only certain values are supported, and if we allow arbitrary values, we need to deal with the possibility of invalid input. Easier to restrict to what we know will work.
  10. I guess you could edit the code to use 64 byte or even 32 byte samples. The lower you go, the lesser the lag. But most non-realtime systems can't keep up at extremely low fragment sizes, and other issues pop up. I just tried modifying the code, and could get down to 16! At that point I didn't see any lag. Tried 8, but Stella locked up. But 32/64 may be possible on some systems. Perhaps we'll add an option to go lower than 128.
  11. Also, in the sound settings, try 'Custom' and then set 'Fragment size' as low as possible, before you start getting crackling in the sound. I can get down to 256 on my system, and sometimes 128 depending on the ROM (Linux, KDE Neon 20.04 with pretty fast hardware). But on other systems, 256 is too low, and I have to increase it.
  12. There will always be some lag; it's unavoidable due to how emulation works. But it shouldn't be noticeable in most cases. Certainly if you hook up stuff to some measuring equipment (scope, etc) you will see it is there. But in practice is shouldn't be too bad. But I suppose it could depend on hardware/settings, and how sensitive you are to such issues.
  13. I would like to do a new release of the HarmonyCart software. There hasn't been a new release since 2013 (!!), and there are some significant updates since then. Perhaps they will even fix issues reported here. The code is at https://github.com/sa666666/harmonycart. However, I'd like to get the various Harmony pages updated to point to this link. @batari, please respond if you see this. I would like to get the next release done soon.
  14. Yep, it's likely these glitches were on long phrases being cut off, since Stella wasn't handling flow control (and was basically continuously sending data, even when the AVox couldn't process it).
  15. I guess you could (ab)use the `basedir` commandline argument to have Stella look in different folders for different INI files. It wasn't the intent of the feature, but it can be used that way. It will all have to be done on the commandline though, or perhaps through the app icon. There's nothing in the UI that will allow this directly.
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