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  1. The left joystick is "P0", the right joystick is "P1". When you change mappings for "P1", you're actually changing them for the second player (aka, the right controller) And in a single-player game, the right controller is never used, so you don't actually make use of the mappings in that case.
  2. The black plane indicates that the game is in 2-player mode (player 1 is yellow, player 2 is black). And if the stick only works on player 2 mode, then it might be that it's mapped to player 2 only. You may have to go into the 'Event Remapping' options and change the settings, so that the stick maps to player 1 instead. This is supposed to happen automatically for a new joystick, but if you've been playing with the settings already, something may have become messed up. So either follow the suggestion above, or reset the mappings to defaults and (hopefully) let Stella find that joystick again.
  3. Stella has supported USB controllers for well over a decade, probably approaching two decades at this point. What specific problems are you having??
  4. The good news is that I'm fairly certain that Stella 6 can be made to run on this, since it's not terribly different to the R77. The bad news is it might not be fast enough. But even if the hardware isn't fast enough in the current iteration, it may be in next years version or the year after. So there's still some benefit to getting Stella 6 on this device.
  5. If this is using RetroArch, try the 'stella' core (note that stella2014 is the old 3.x version, while stella is the 6.1-beta version). At least you'll see if it can run. If will definitely use more resources, though.
  6. Try playing the 'Meltdown' demo. If the spheres aren't drawn correctly, then it's Stella 4 or less. Then try E.T. If the sounds are harsh during the landing screen, then it's Stella 5 or less. Otherwise it's Stella 6.
  7. At the link I mentioned is a Mali driver that's for Linux framebuffer, not X. So I know it can definitely be done. However, without X you lose mouse pointer, etc, so if the current UI depends on it, then I don't know what to say. For the R77 we just went with Stella UI directly, and one of the reasons for that is it can be used without requiring a mouse. I guess it depends on how the UI works on the Flashback devices. I don't have one (haven't used one since v2), so I can't offer any further advice there.
  8. TIA interpolation is currently being worked on. Support for the remaining esoteric controllers is something I want to see done eventually. Sure, it only affects 3 or 4 games, but the completionist in me wants to see it finished.
  9. There's also a port of Stella 6 (currently in beta) for RetroArch, so that may be helpful too.
  10. I don't think that's ever been suggested before. Feel free to leave an enhancement issue at https://github.com/stella-emu/stella/issues. It will be seen by the other developers there.
  11. For the R77, we ran into all the issues mentioned above (SDL, Mali, X, etc). The solution was a customized kernel, SDL, and Mali driver that didn't use X at all. This can be found at https://github.com/DirtyHairy/r77-firmware-ng. Note that while the port needed all the performance it could get, that was mostly only for the most demanding ROMs (mostly those that emulated an ARM CPU too). 'Normal' ROMs may work fine on a lesser system. But I think running X is out of the question; it's just too heavy for such hardware.
  12. He's using an older version of Stella, where flicker is much more noticeable. On newer versions, oftentimes leaving phosphor mode off is sufficient. I've responded in a few of his videos that he really should upgrade. BTW, I know it's an older version since the scrollbar has 3 horizontal lines in it. That was discontinued a few versions ago
  13. With the internal build of Stella, the SaveKey is autodetected in this case. We really need to get the 6.1 release done.
  14. https://github.com/stella-emu/stella/blob/master/src/emucore/CartWD.hxx https://github.com/stella-emu/stella/blob/master/src/emucore/CartWD.cxx
  15. I was about to suggest the same thing. Savestates are somewhat obsolete when you can use TM.
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