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  1. please disregard previous question on Analogue NT...seems to work upon retry..thx
  2. Hey folks - Analogue NT Mini QQ - and I'm really sorry if I missed it but...is there any secret / process to cut-over to HDMI on an Analogue NT Mini, that's been predominately RGB/Analogue output -->> to HDMI? For some reason the HDMI plug in and setup on a separate system is not starting up. Any suggestions?
  3. Yeah the IPS Patch for VS Duck Hunt for LCD/HDTVs is where I learned someone had patched the Vs DuckHunt for regular NES...since I use a CRT, I was just gonna play it there...but found out it doesn't work on NT Mini (the original hardware topic of this thread)
  4. Ahh snap...thanks for checking - huh, I was talking to the developer of the original patch - I wonder if there is anything I can pass along for why it may be failing. I believe NT Mini firmware dev is no longer active (or on hold)
  5. Thanks...yeah I have a CRT and everdrive and the built in sd card load via jailbroken firmware., so I can take the everdrive out of the equation too...dont have another Nintendo I can test currently. The nt mini has been my goto...I dont even think the game is registering any input from the gun (ie no flash). Real curious if anyone can successfully run and play this game on NT Mini. Thanks
  6. Hey all - long time, I need to catch up on this thread Had a question about Nt Mini - playing Vs. Duck Hunt , the patched arcade rom that allows you to play it on NES systems (Similar to what was being sold here: https://www.retrousb.com/product_info.php?cPath=29&products_id=96) I'm just trying rom images at this point, both on Everdrive and the NT Mini SD card - I can't get the gun to register at all and get stuck at "shoot to select 1 or 2 player" - Has anyone or could anyone try running this? My NT Mini plays regular duck hunt and other gun games fine. I'm trying to rule out if its a NT Mini issue. Any info appreciated - thanks!!
  7. Thanks man!! I'm 'back in the game", haha...so I noticed the volume control for cartridge sound and the FDS/DISK (which is also enabled) seem to not be controlled by the volume adjustment. Do you have a recommended 'balanced' volume setting for the FDS sound?
  8. Oh - that's interesting...I'm running an FDS stick and Ram cart, and attempting to run Zelda, and the bonus sound isn't working. But I'm running Firmware 1.6, due to having issues with Video output for Atari 7800 on the latest firmwares beyond 1.7. Maybe that's the problem. I'm also running audio/video from the NT mini via analogue. Are you using via HDMI? Also I appear to be having an issue with the FDS stick switching disk sides...I thought I read FDS stick still had issues? Curious how you've gotten yours to work Thanks,
  9. Hey all - anyone know if FDS audio support was fixed, or is that an outstanding issue/item? Is there a work around to get it to work on the Nt Mini? Thanks,
  10. I'm not sure about 5x multiplier - as I don't think it works well if you intend to use scanlines...I think some people suggest it looks better allowing a 1080p upscale. 64 Sprite mode, that's should be nice...imagine playing Gradius III and Super R Type sans the god awful slowness
  11. ok, so good article from Polygon https://www.polygon.com/2017/10/16/16481824/super-nt-super-nintendo-analogue Totally kevtris, ha, good stuff! am curious about SD2SNES compatibilty, as well as FX, may have to order!
  12. I was wondering if Kevtris is even involved in this model? looks like Analogue is getting the price right
  13. I'm going to guess something changed that also tweaked the analogue resolution settings for 7800 around this time too. (seems like it stretched the overall resolution). For me, i'm staying on ver 1.7. Works great for me currently but holding out for the intellivision core too. As it stands, this system is so the epitome of so many games, so little time.
  14. [email protected]! I forgot to check the SD card after I figured out how to enable save...and there it is...thanks Kevtris and thanks NE146...Killersquirrel too!.
  15. Cool, thanks for digging up...it's not terribly easy to search through threads, so appreciate your effort. Still curious on what happens to RAM saves on the NT, when they are at risk of being erased, etc. And any way to transfer them off the NT
  16. ok so an Everdrive could be a computer? Also any idea where RAM saves are going? Just curious how 'at risk' they are of being lost due to firmware update or , extended time w/out power to the NT
  17. So I am a bit curious - where then is game save data going to? Can it be saved to the flash drive? Then I wonder how far off the ablity to do save states may be..I seem to remember Kevtris addressing this , saying it wouldn't be possible.
  18. ***EDIT*** - figured it out, had to set the core to auto save always...then when I was done with the game, hit down and select (then the core 'saves ram') All good...would be nice if save states could be supported but I guess that's a wish list item Hi thanks - was "Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru (For the frog the bell tolls)" I went through the first couple of minutes, and got the save book. Made two saves, but lost them after I restarted. Is there anything special we're supposed to do? Not seeing any written files to the SD card related to keeping the game save
  19. Hi - does anyone know the the current status of game saves (actual in game saves) with the GB core? I thought this was working, but apparently not after playing an RPG. Was it something that's not currently an option? thanks,
  20. Thanks for the update Kevtris - Just to be clear - the concern I noted was post the 1.5 update - something changed in the 7800 core where the displayed output changed. If I run 7800 from version 1.5 I don't have the 'odd screen stretch' issue, but anything after it gets out of whack. I posted some pictures earlier for reference. I can repost if you want. I'm curious if anyone else experienced the same issue or noted it.
  21. Hi, Not seeing a normal "Friday" update - from sir Kevtris Is it safe to conclude this "wraps" the regular weekly jailbrake updates for the NT Mini? I'd really like to see the 7800 resolution issue fixed for analogue/15 khz output, since 1.5. Did anyone else have the issue I mentioned? really tweaked my PVM running 7800 Ok - totally understood on the change in frequency of updates due to Kevtris's other priorities...just curious if there's any formal feedback/tracking of exceptions/issues. BTW - the Nintendo Classic has been discontinued....long live the new flesh (aka the NT Mini)
  22. That was only a matter of time - many of us on the Analogue bandwagon have benefited greatly. Still holding out for the Intellivision core. Also - not sure you caught it, but I mentioned a page or so back, regarding an issue with 7800 over analogue. Seems the resolution changed drastically - wondered if this was reported? I'll be keeping core 1.5 for the time being.
  23. all this Atarivox discussion - I remember when I tried to get one a couple of years ago, they were hard to come by / not available online. I traveled from Sacramento to Portland Retro Gaming expo most specifically to grab one as Albert had a few he was selling at show only. not sure if they're more readily available. BTW, only game I have good Atarivox action on is Juno First - any others?
  24. ya think? I definitely tried the latest and had the same problem. "Analogue out to CRT (PVM) with Firmwares after update 1.5- for the 7800 core . . ."
  25. Issue report - Analogue out to CRT (PVM) with Firmwares after update 1.5- for the 7800 core - I'm noticing some significant 'bowing' happening on my display. Almost as if it's running a unique type of resolution that is making my PVM struggle. Here's a couple of screen shots. Note the Green line at the bottom right, and on the second screen - the title is off /over-stretched cutting off the right side of the title screen. I attempted several OSD adjustments but couldn't get anything that looked 'proper' https://app.box.com/s/mz9x7x9f8e1z6mehv4h3k2e3fqrlkqyj https://app.box.com/s/q9t96owyy4o3koqpcnvbcucv5e08i2hk Here's the same game looking proper when i reverted to Firmware 1.5 https://app.box.com/s/auas7pzu1t4vlmf98jal7l5zqxc7magn I noted there was an update on version 1.7 to address 7800 core S-Vid and Compsite outs. I'm wondering if this may have negatively affected RGB out for 7800 core? ok - let me know if you have any questions. Thank you
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